LEEAlert - 优雅的可自定义 Alert ActionSheet

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无论是Alert还是ActionSheet 这里我把它们内部的控件分为两类 一: 功能项类型 (Item) 二: 动作类型 (Action). 按照apple的风格设计 弹框分为上下两个部分 其中功能项的位置为 Header 既 头部, 而Action则在下部分.




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LGAlertView - Customizable implementation of UIAlertViewController, UIAlertView and UIActionSheet

  •    Objective-C

Customizable implementation of UIAlertViewController, UIAlertView and UIActionSheet. All in one. You can customize every detail. Make AlertView of your dream! :)

AlertTransition - AlertTransition is a extensible library for making view controller transitions, especially for alert transitions

  •    Swift

AlertTransition is a extensible library for making view controller transitions, especially for alert transitions. AlertTransition is a super class, make basic structure, and no default animation realized.

TYAlertController - Powerful, Easy to use alert view or popup view on controller and window, support blur effects,custom view and animation,for objective-c,support iphone, ipad

  •    Objective-C

Powerful, Easy to use alertView or popupView on controller and window, support blur effect, custom view and custom animation, use aotolayout.support iphone, ipad . 1.copy TYAlertController Folder to your project, if you want to have blur effect ,you need copy Blur Effects Folder to your project. 2. #import "UIView+TYAlertView.h", when you use it, if you want use blur effect, #import "TYAlertController+BlurEffects.h". 3. you can use TYAlertController show in controller, or use TYShowAlertView show in window, or use Category UIView+TYAlertView convenient show alertview. 4. check Demo,it have more usefull usage and example.

react-native-actionsheet - An elegant ActionSheet component for React Native.

  •    Javascript

Cross platform ActionSheet. This component implements a custom ActionSheet and provides the same way to drawing it on the defferent platforms(iOS and Android). Actually, In order to keep the best effect, it still uses the ActionSheetIOS on iOS. The style of ActionSheet is defined in lib/styles.js. We can pass the styles prop to cover default style. See Example .

CDAlertView - Highly customizable alertview and alert/notification/success/error/alarm popup written in Swift

  •    Swift

CDAlertView is highly customizable alert popup written in Swift. Usage is similar to UIAlertController. NOTE: You can use it without buttons. Touch outside of the popup or move it will disappear it if there is no action button. If there is an action button, only pressing button will disappear it.

FCAlertView - FCAlertView is a Flat Customizable AlertView for iOS (Written in Objective C)

  •    Objective-C

For the swift version of FCAlertView, Click Here. Credits to Kris Penney for writing the swift library. Clone or Download this Repo. Then simply drag the folder FCAlertView to your Xcode project. Please make sure to drag the whole folder, which includes assets needed for some alert types.

SCLAlertView - Beautiful animated Alert View. Written in Objective-C

  •    Objective-C

Animated Alert View written in Swift but ported to Objective-C, which can be used as a UIAlertView or UIAlertController replacement. I tried to build an easy to use API, while beeing flexible enough for multiple variations, but I'm sure there are ways of improving and adding more features, so feel free to collaborate with ideas, issues and/or pull requests.

zhPopupController - Popup your custom view is easy, support custom mask style, transition effects and gesture to drag

  •    Objective-C

Popup your custom view is easy, support custom mask style, transition effects and gesture to drag. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

SimpleAlert - Customizable simple Alert and simple ActionSheet for Swift

  •    Swift

It is simple and easily customizable alert. Can be used as UIAlertController. backgroundColor of AlertContentView will be reflected in the overall backgroundColor.

ios-custom-alertview - Custom UIAlertView. Continue adding images and UIViews to dialogs in iOS7+

  •    Objective-C

The addSubview is not available in UIAlertView since iOS7. The view hierarchy for this class is private and must not be modified. As a solution, this class creates an iOS-style dialog which you can extend with any UIViews or buttons. The animations and the looks are copied too and no images or other resources are needed.

CFNotify - A customizable framework to create draggable views

  •    Swift

Please read CHANGELOG.md. There is an example project inside the source code. You are suggested to have a look first and get familiar with this framework.

ActionSheetPicker - Quickly reproduce the dropdown UIPickerView / ActionSheet functionality from Safari on iPhone/ iOS / CocoaTouch

  •    Objective-C

This repo is outdated. You can find new version of ActionSheetPicker (iOS 8 compatible alredy) here: ActionSheetPicker-3.0. I try to resolve a lot of pull requests and issues in this repo by time, but new updates will be appeared in https://github.com/skywinder/ActionSheetPicker-3.0. I forked from this repo and implement a bunch of fixes.

UniversalProject - 基于MVC架构的iOS轻量级框架,封装了基类、基于猿题库YTKNetwork的网络服务、工具库,NavigationController转场动画/瀑布流/粒子动画/小demo,已适配iOS11 & iPhone X。欢迎Star🌟

  •    Objective-C

基于MVC架构的iOS轻量级框架,封装了基类、基于猿题库YTKNetwork的网络服务、工具库,NavigationController转场动画/瀑布流/粒子动画/小demo,已适配iOS11 & iPhone X。欢迎Star🌟

Presentr - Swift wrapper for custom ViewController presentations on iOS

  •    Swift

Presentr is a simple customizable wrapper for the Custom View Controller Presentation API introduced in iOS 8.iOS let's you modally present any view controller, but if you want the presented view controller to not cover the whole screen or modify anything about its presentation or transition you have to use the Custom View Controller Presentation API's.

AlertOnboarding - A simple and attractive AlertView to onboard your users in your amazing world.

  •    Swift

A simple and attractive AlertView to onboard your users in your amazing world. This AlertOnboarding was inspired by this amazing dribbble. It will help you to maximise, simply, onboarding process on your app.

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