Light Sql Compare Tool

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A simple tool to compare sql query result data



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Unit tests framework for Progress | OpenEdge

SQL Server Store Procedure Generator


This application lets create basic store procedures from existing database tables.



SPCreate auto store procedure creator. It's developed in c#. SpCreate as output ADO.NET Class (C# or VB.Net) and SQL Server or MS Access Store procedures.


  •    Java

Avro is a data serialization system. It is a subproject of Apache Hadoop.

Parliamentary procedure helper

  •    Python

We are developing a parliamentary procedure helper that will help people keep track of what is going on, and which motions are allowed, at each step of a meeting which is governed by some procedure such as Robert's Rules. The rules used can be customized


  •    DotNet

Comparer makes it easier for Directories and file changes to user group. You'll no longer have to compare two open. It's developed in C#. Comparer was develop to make your life easier with compare directories/subdirectories. I am open to any suggestions

DbDiff: Database Diff and Database Scripting


Compare MSSql database structures. (Sql 2005, Sql 2008, Sql 2008R2, Sql Denali ) Features: - compare database structures - scripting without dmo or smo - commandline scripting, commandline compare - standalone dll-s for referencing

Arianne RPG

  •    Java

Arianne is an engine to develop multiplayer online games like Stendhal



Yamfinder makes it easier for linquists to collect, store and compare words from different languages within a single area. It is intended to help with university research in this field but is not directly affiliated to any university. It's developed in ASP.Net MVC with Razor.

list_of_recommender_systems - A List of Recommender Systems and Resources


Recommender systems (or recommendation engines) are useful and interesting pieces of software. I wanted to compare recommender systems to each other but could not find a decent list, so here is the one I created. Please help me keep this post up-to-date by submitting corrections and additions via pull-request, or tweet me @grahamjenson. SaaS Recommender systems have many challenges to their development including having to handle multi-tenancy, store and process a massive amount of data and other softer concerns like keeping a clients sensitive data safe on remote servers.


  •    CSharp

DotDiff is a small Xml Compare Library, allowing the developer to compare 2 Xml files. It supports mearging of any differences into a single file, or the generation of a diff gram. Comes with a small test UI

CSS Compare


CSS Compare is a utility to compare two CSS files and output unique styles. It's useful for exporting customizations and managing stylesheet versions. Unlike traditional text comparison tools, CSS Compare evaluates individual CSS styles instead of pure text blocks, allowin...



ObjectComparer is a small Microsoft .Net 2.0 library containing classes to run the following Microsoft .Net Reflection based operations on Microsoft .Net objects. 1. Create snapshots of objects 2. Compare snapshots of objects and compare objects 3. Create deep copy of obj...



IQ.DbA is a light weight database management tool. - Easily browse through your table's data, run queries. - Compare schema / meta data. - Compare & synchronize table data (schema must be the same). - Create, Backup & Restore Db. - View & kill connections. - Added, sync...

SqlDiffFramework-A Visual Differencing Engine for Dissimilar Data Sources


Unique in database comparison, SDF lets you compare live data--or saved snapshots--from any combination of SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, or ODBC data sources (Access, Excel, CSV files, etc.). Compare like-named or dissimilar tables or fields--now you can compare apples to oranges!

go-web-framework-benchmark - :zap: Go web framework benchmark

  •    Go

This benchmark suite aims to compare the performance of Go web frameworks. It is inspired by Go HTTP Router Benchmark but this benchmark suite is different with that. Go HTTP Router Benchmark suit aims to compare the performance of routers but this Benchmark suit aims to compare whole HTTP request processing.


  •    PHP

Schema-compare is a PHP script that will compare two database schema's and show the differences side-by-side. It will also generate sql statements that will alter the old database to match the schema of the new database.

SQL Server Stored Procedure best practices


This SQL Server stored procedure best practice guide contains documentations of best practices and helper tools to enhance further match with the best practices.

SharePoint Execute Stored Procedure Workflow Activity


This workflow allows you to execute SQL stored procedure from the workflow. It allows you to pass parameters as literals and can be bind to varables or columns in sharepoint list.



Command line application that: 1) extracts xml returned by a stored procedure to a file and 2) passes xml contained in a file to a stored procedure (which can use it for inserts & updates for example)