red-moon - An android screen filter app for night time phone use

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Blue light may suppress the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Red Moon filters out blue light and dims your screen below the normal minimum, so you can use your phone comfortably at night. Screenshots are slightly out of date.



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Sun Cult


Display Sun amp; Moon Properties in a Mozilla Extension

dns66 - DNS-based Host Blocker (and lightweight ad blocker) for Android

  •    Java

This is a DNS-based host blocker for Android. In the default configuration, several widely-respected host files are used to block ads, malware, and other weird stuff. You can either install it via F-Droid, using the official F-Droid repository, or you can use my personal repository at which gets updates ASAP.

FolioReader-Android - A Java ePub reader and parser framework for Android.

  •    Java

FolioReader-Android is an ePub reader written in Java. Starting with Android 9.0 (API level 28), cleartext support is disabled by default.

MagicaSakura - MagicaSakura 是 Android 多主题框架。~ is an Android multi theme library which supporting both daily colorful theme and night theme

  •    Java

MagicaSakura is an Android multi theme library which supporting both daily colorful theme and night theme. You can download the lastest sample apk from Google Play.

moon - 🌙 The minimal & fast UI library

  •    Javascript

The minimal & fast UI library. Moon is a JavaScript library with a minimal API and fast view compiler. It splits up a web application into two parts: the view and the data. The view is responsible for displaying the data to the user. Moon compiles the view into a JavaScript program running on a 3kb runtime capable of creating, updating, and destroying the view. The data is a simple object with access to the Moon API for updating itself.

redshift - Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings

  •    C

Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings. This may help your eyes hurt less if you are working in front of the screen at night. Run redshift -h for help on command line options. You can run the program as redshift-gtk instead of redshift for a graphical status icon.

Shifty - ☀️ A macOS menu bar app that gives you more control over Night Shift.

  •    Swift

Shifty is customizable! Make it easier to toggle Night Shift with Quick Toggle or set dark mode based on the schedule. For common Shifty actions, you can set global keyboard shortcuts. If you'd like to help translate Shifty into other languages, you can contribute here.

NightNight - Elegant way to integrate night mode to swift projects

  •    Swift

NightNight makes it easy to integrate night mode. It provides multiple APIs which all contain keyword mixed.

SwiftTheme - 🎨 Powerful theme/skin manager for iOS 8+ 主题/换肤, 夜间模式

  •    Swift

As part of our project requirement, we need to add night mode to our app 节操精选. It's not as simple as just changing brightness or alpha on the top-level view—in fact, it needs an entirely new interface: different colors, different alpha, different image cuts. More accurately, "night mode" is a theme/skinning feature that can switch between bright theme and dark themes. So how do we achieve this? Maybe we can set a global variable that represents the currently selected theme, and use different background colors or image cuts based on the variable during the controller's initialization. But then how do we deal with views that have already been initialized? Yes, we could use notifications to change their colors or image cuts, but this leads to controllers unnecessarily full of notification register/unregister, if...else and UI updating code. Worse, if you forget to unregister the notifications, your app may crash.

composer - Reactive Android Instrumentation Test Runner.

  •    Kotlin

Problem 1: Our UI tests are stable, but we saw a lot of UI tests build failures. About ~50% of our CI builds were failing. All such failures of UI tests came from Spoon not being able to run tests on one or more emulators (device is red in the report and error message is …work/emulator-5554/result.json (No such file or directory), basically it timed out on installing the apk on a device, increasing adb timeout did not help, all emulators responded to adb commands and mouse/keyboard interactions, we suppose problem is in in ddmlib used by Spoon.Solution: Composer does not use ddmlib and talks to emulators/devices by invoking adb binary.

android-support-23.2-sample - Sample Project for Android Support Library 23.2

  •    Java

Using BottomSheetDialog in day-night mode.

Android-CleanArchitecture-Kotlin - This is a movies sample app in Kotlin, which is part of a serie of blog posts I have written about architecting android application using different approaches

  •    Kotlin

The purpose of this repo is to follow up Clean Architecture principles by bringing them to Android. It is worth saying that the idea is to take advantage of the Kotlin Programming Language features plus also pull in lessons learned and ideas from other interesting aproaches like Functional Programming. There is another Android Clean Architecture repository written in Java: with really nice discussions: Article, lessons learned and some more material coming up. Check the following known bugs and TODO list.

Virtual Moon Atlas

  •    Pascal

Software for Moon observation and survey. Let you visualize the real Moon aspect at every time. Also help to study any lunar formations using feature database and pictures library.

gkrellm Moon Clock

  •    C

gkrellmoon is a gkrellm plugin that shows the moon. *Gotta* have a Moon Clock!

virtualagc - Virtual Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) software

  •    Assembly

The Apollo spacecraft used for lunar missions in the late 1960's and early 1970's was really two different spacecraft, the Command Module (CM) and the Lunar Module (LM). The CM was used to get the three astronauts to the moon, and back again. The LM was used to land two of the astronauts on the moon while the third astronaut remained in the CM, in orbit around the moon. Each of the spacecraft needed to be able to navigate through space, with or without the assistance of the astronauts, and therefore needed to have a "guidance system". The guidance system was developed by MIT's Instrumentation Lab, now an independent company known as the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory.

SurvivalManual - Libre Survival Manual for Android with offline in mind

  •    Kotlin

This is a survival manual/guide based on the public domain US Army Survival Field Manual. It can function fully offline, which is important in a case of a catastrophe. The content list is curated in this wiki.

LEETheme - 优雅的主题管理库- 一行代码完成多样式切换

  •    Objective-C

优点:直观 清晰, 编码时可随初始化控件编写完成, 不影响编码思路. 缺点:每个主题的设置固定, 不支持新主题的设置.

Pale Moon - Goanna-based web browser

  •    C

Pale Moon is an Open Source, Goanna-based web browser available for Microsoft Windows and Linux (with other operating systems in development), focusing on efficiency and customization. Make sure to get the most out of your browser.

WeChatLuckyMoney - :money_with_wings: WeChat's lucky money helper (微信抢红包插件) by Zhongyi Tong

  •    Java

:money_with_wings: WeChat's lucky money helper (微信抢红包插件) by Zhongyi Tong. An Android app that helps you snatch red packets in WeChat groups.