gdx-pay - A libGDX cross-platform API for InApp purchasing.

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This project aims to provide a cross-platform API for InApp purchasing. The gdx-pay project is a libGDX extension. Current release version is 0.11.1. Please use at least libGDX v1.9.6, robovm 2.3.0 or multi-os-engine v1.3.6.The purchasing API comes in two parts.



Related Projects

in-app-purchase - A Node.js module for in-App-Purchase for iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows.

  •    Javascript

A node.js module for in-app purchase (in-app billing) and subscription for Apple, Google Play, Amazon Store, Roku, and Windows. NOTE Unity receipt supports the following: Apple, Google Play, and Amazon.

react-native-iap - react-native native module for In App Purchase.

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This is a react-native link library project for in-app purchase for both Android and iOS platforms. The goal for this project is to have similar experience between the two platforms for in-app-purchase. Basically, android platform has more functions for in-app-purchase and is not our specific interests for this project.

gdx-ai - Artificial Intelligence framework for games based on libGDX or not

  •    Java

An artificial intelligence framework, entirely written in Java, for game development with libGDX.The gdxAI project is a libGDX extension living under the libGDX umbrella. However it does not force you to use that specific framework if you do not wish to do so. The libGDX jar remains an essential requirement, mostly due to the use of libGDX collections which are optimized for mobile platforms by limiting garbage creation and supporting primitive types directly, so avoiding boxing and unboxing.

Shiny - Iridescent Effect View (inspired by Apple Pay Cash) ✨

  •    Swift

Shiny is an iOS library that generates an iridescent effect view matched to the gyroscope, similar to the Apple Pay Cash card in the Wallet app. You must call startUpdates() for the instance to observe motion changes. Calling stopUpdates() on the instance will stop motion updates.

gdx-skins - :octocat: Free LibGDX Scene2D GUI skins.


LibGDX comes with a cool Scene2D module, which allows you to easily create your GUIs and customize them with Skin instances. However, most beginners struggle with a problem: there is no default skin attached. Not even a simple one. One could argue that it's the right approach, as it keeps framework's core jar smaller - but when you're trying to learn a new thing, something is generally better than nothing.

react-native-payments - Accept Payments with Apple Pay and Android Pay using the Payment Request API

  •    Objective-C

This project is currently in beta and APIs are subject to change. Accept Payments with Apple Pay and Android Pay using the Payment Request API.

SwiftyStoreKit - Lightweight In App Purchases Swift framework for iOS 8

  •    Swift

SwiftyStoreKit is a lightweight In App Purchases framework for iOS 8.0+, tvOS 9.0+ and macOS 10.10+. I started Coding with Flutter, a YouTube video series on building apps with Flutter. Interested? Subscribe here.

EBPurchase - Simple In-App Purchase for iOS

  •    Objective-C

EBPurchase adds simple In-App Purchase functionality to your iOS app. It wraps all of the necessary code for interacting with the StoreKit framework into a convenient little class, and provides you with easy-to-use methods. EBPurchase is non-ARC and has been tested to work with iOS 4.3 and higher. IMPORTANT NOTE: EBPurchase was NOT created to be an "everything but the kitchen sink" solution. This class provides very simple In-App Purchase and Restore functionality, and was designed for developers with basic In-App Purchase needs and beginners interested in learning how to use the StoreKit framework. If you require additional features like checking the status of auto-renewable subscriptions or processing multiple product purchases, then please feel free to extend/modify this open source code for your own specific needs.


  •    C

The cocos2d-x flavor of The Open Code Project for In App Purchasing. This is an example project that uses android-store and ios-store IAP plugins. Shows how to create a unified c++ API that makes IAP as easy as it should be.

rails-3_0-tutorial - A free Rails 3.0 tutorial/manual


While the book is still free for online viewing, you can also purchase the e-book for a pay-what-you-want fee as a way of showing your support. Proceeds will go towards the updated versions of this manual and the other books I'm planning to write in the future. Computer Science teachers have it easy. Every time a new semester rolls in, they can simply reuse the material they've been using for years.

ios-library - Urban Airship iOS Products (In-App Purchase, Push, Rich Push, Subscriptions)

  •    Objective-C

Urban Airship iOS Products (In-App Purchase, Push, Rich Push, Subscriptions)

quasar-play - Quasar Framework Showcase App

  •    Vue

Quasar Framework Showcase webiste/app; Used on official documentation too. Currently only on Google Play BUT way outdated (uses very old Quasar v0.13). Requiring funding to pay fees on Apple Store and release the iOS counterpart too. Help here.


  •    Java

The Open Source Computer Vision Library has gt;2500 algorithms, extensive documentation and sample code for real-time computer vision. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. Homepage: Qamp;A forum: Documentation: Please pay special attention to our tutorials! Books about the OpenCV are described here:

libgdx - Desktop/Android/HTML5/iOS Java game development framework

  •    Java

Libgdx is a Java game development framework that provides a unified API that works across all supported platforms. The framework provides an environment for rapid prototyping and fast iterations. Instead of deploying to Android/iOS/Javascript after each code change, you can run and debug your game on the desktop, natively. Desktop JVM features like code hotswapping reduce your iteration times considerably.

android-checkout - Library for Android In-App Billing (Version 3+)

  •    Java

Checkout is an implementation of Android In-App Billing API (v3+). Its main goal is to make integration of in-app products as simple and straightforward as possible: developers should not spend much time on implementing boring In-App Billing API but should focus on more important things - their apps. With this in mind, the library was designed to be fast, flexible and secure. Conflict with dependency ''. Resolved versions for app (a.b.c) and test app (x.y.z) differ.

create-dmg - Create a good-looking DMG for your macOS app in seconds

  •    Javascript

Imagine you have finished a macOS app, exported it from Xcode, and now want to distribute it to users. The most common way of distributing an app outside the Mac App Store is by putting it in a .dmg file. These are hard to create, especially good-looking ones. You can either pay for a GUI app where you have to customize an existing design or you can run some homebrewed Bash script and you still have to design it. This tool does everything for you, so you can play with your 🐈 instead.Discuss it on Product Hunt and Twitter.