LastTry - :deciduous_tree: LastTry is open-source game written in Java, using LibGDX library and inspired by Terraria :deciduous_tree:

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LastTry is open-source game written in Java, using LibGDX library and inspired by Terraria. You should end up with a jar, placed in desktop/build/libs/. Run it.



Related Projects

Terraria Save Game Editor


TSGE, Terraria Save Game Editor, allows users to modify save game files for the popular game, Terraria. TSGE is written in C# using WPF.


  •    CSharp

TEdit - Terraria Map Editor - TEdit is a stand alone, open source map editor for Terraria. It lets you edit maps just like (almost) paint! It also lets you change world settings (time, bosses downed etc), edit chests and change sign, make epic dungeons, castles, cities, and add rewards for your adventurers!

Terraria in Visual basic


This is my first real game I made. It is a clone of terraria made in Visual Basic. It isn't finished yet.

MoreTerra (Terraria World Viewer)


This program will allow you to create a full view of your Terraria world. It's possible to highlight elements like Chests, Shadow Orbs, as well as ores like Gold, Diamond, and many more. It supports command line arguments, for servers to periodically generate a new map withou...

Terraria ServerSaver


Terraria ServerSaver is a little C# application that lets you save a list of your favorite Terraria online servers and automatically connect to them and start playing. It also has an integrated browser for easily finding online and running servers.

Terraria World Creator


This program is a modified version of the Terraria World Viewer, made by Frank Perks. This program allows users to create a png image file and convert it into a Terraria World File.

TerrariaClone - 🔥 An incomprehensible hellscape of spaghetti code.

  •    Java

Back when I was first learning to program in Java, I decided to try to make a clone of the excellent PC game Terraria. Of course, I was convinced that my version would have many more features than the official one. Blocks and items, among many other things, are represented by magic numbers instead of enums. There are 417 lines of block comments at the top of that serve as manual translation tables.



This is a game Just so you know "Minecraft" and "Terraria" are games we want to be like! But different objects etc. etc. But keeping the blocky graphics

Terraria Map Generator


This tool will generate the map tiles and data needed to display a terraria world using the google maps api.



Currently, TerrariViewer allows you to edit your players Name, HP, Mana, Hair, Character colors, Armor & Accessories. This project is used with the game Terraria that is available on Steam for $10.

DiligentEngine - Master repository for Diligent Engine project

  •    C++

Diligent Engine is a lightweight cross-platform abstraction layer between the application and the platform-specific graphics API designed to take advantages of next-generation APIs such as Direct3D12 and Vulkan, while providing support for older platforms via Direct3D11, OpenGL and OpenGLES. Diligent Engine exposes common front-end for all supported platforms and provides interoperability with underlying native API. Shader source code converter allows HLSL shaders to be used on all supported platforms and rendering backends. The engine is intended to be used as a graphics subsystem in a game engine or any other 3D application, and supports integration with Unity. Diligent Engine is distributed under Apache 2.0 license and is free to use. Alternatively, you can get master repository fisrt, and then individually clone all submodules into the engine's root folder.



A project for loading an unloading Terraria server plugins during runtime.


  •    CSharp

A Terraria Server administration modification that runs on the open source TerrariaAPI

Terraria-s-Dedicated-Server-Mod - Terraria's Dedicated Server Mod - Windows/Mono(Linux,Mac)

  •    CSharp

Terraria's Dedicated Server Mod - Windows/Mono(Linux,Mac)

entt - Gaming meets modern C++ - a fast and reliable entity-component system (ECS) and much more

  •    C++

Consider it a work in progress. The whole API is also fully documented in-code for those who are brave enough to read it. Currently, EnTT is tested on Linux, Microsoft Windows and OS X. It has proven to work also on both Android and iOS. Most likely it will not be problematic on other systems as well, but has not been sufficiently tested so far.

Entitas-CSharp - Entitas is a super fast Entity Component System (ECS) Framework specifically made for C# and Unity

  •    CSharp

Entitas is a super fast Entity Component System Framework (ECS) specifically made for C# and Unity. Internal caching and blazing fast component access makes it second to none. Several design decisions have been made to work optimal in a garbage collected environment and to go easy on the garbage collector. Entitas comes with an optional code generator which radically reduces the amount of code you have to write and makes your code read like well written prose. The optional code generator lets you write code that is super fast, safe and literally screams its intent.

melonJS - a fresh & lightweight javascript game engine

  •    CSS

Note that due to the cross-origin request policy implemented in most browsers (that prevents from accessing local files), you will need to either disable this security check (see the tutorial), or better use a "personal" local web server like the grunt connect task that is used for building melonJS (see below for building melonJS).

pixel - A hand-crafted 2D game library in Go

  •    Go

A hand-crafted 2D game library in Go. Take a look into the features to see what it can do.See requirements for the list of libraries necessary for compilation.

spine-runtimes - 2D skeletal animation runtimes for Spine.

  •    Javascript

This GitHub project hosts the Spine Runtimes which are needed to use Spine 2D skeletal animation data with various game toolkits. The Spine Runtimes may only be used for personal or internal use, typically to evaluate Spine before purchasing. If you would like to incorporate the Spine Runtimes into your applications, distribute software containing the Spine Runtimes, or modify the Spine Runtimes, then you will need a valid Spine license. Please see the Spine Runtimes Software License for detailed information.

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