php-initial-avatar-generator - Generate avatars with initials from user names.

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Ever seen those avatars (basically everywhere) that has your initials — mine would be LR; Lasse Rafn — well this package allows you to generate those, in a simple manner. Rad, and long, package name.. huh? Sorry. I'm not very good with names.



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react-avatar-editor - Avatar & profile picture component editor

  •    Javascript

Facebook like, avatar / profile picture component. Resize, crop and rotate your uploaded image using a clear user interface. The resulting image will have the same resolution as the original image, regardless of the editor's size. If you want the image sized in the dimensions of the canvas you can use getImageScaledToCanvas.

initials-avatar - Initials avatar for golang

  •    Go

Generate an avatar image from a user's initials. Image background color depends on name hashes(consistent hashing). You may switch to heroku-branch to see how to deploy to heroku.

avatar - Plug n play avatar, turn name, email, and any other string into beautiful avatar, effortless

  •    PHP

Display unique avatar for any user based on their (initials) name. This package originally built for Laravel, but can also be used in any PHP project.

avatar-view - Avatar ImageView with user's name first letter Drawable placeholder

  •    Java

Avatar View library was implemented based on Matt Precious's Don’t Fear the Canvas lecture. I decided to create this library in order to achieve an ImageView which can smoothly display user's profile image or his username/name initial letter (in the case when the image was not provided). This library can be used in two ways: using standard Android methods and using Android Data Binding.

govatar - Avatar generator library for GO language

  •    Go

Binary packages are available for Mac, Linux and Windows.

vue-avatar - An avatar component for vue.js

  •    Javascript

An avatar component for vue.js. This component display an avatar image and if none is provided fallback to the user initials. This component is highly inspired from react-user-avatar.

react-avatar - Universal avatar makes it possible to fetch/generate an avatar based on the information you have about that user

  •    Javascript

Universal avatar makes it possible to fetch/generate an avatar based on the information you have about that user. We use a fallback system that if for example an invalid Facebook ID is used it will try Google, and so on. The fallbacks are in the same order as the list above were Facebook has the highest priority.

sigil - Identicon generator

  •    Go

Sigil is a deterministic identicon generator. Sigil creates a recognizable* identicon for each user that can be consistently used across many sites when a user-uploaded avatar or Gravatar is unavailable or unwanted. Sigils can be generated by any app or service using this application or other implementation of the Sigil protocol. Sites can also use Sigil generation services.

Outlook Social Network Connector - Avatar


Avatar ??????MS Outlook???????????Outlook 2010????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????C#? .NET 4.0 ???API ??????OAuth ??? (Avatar is an open-source Outlook addin. Douban( users could view friends' activities in Outlook 2010 - .NET 4.0/OAuth)

jekyll-theme-prologue - A Jekyll version of the "Prologue" theme by HTML5 UP

  •    CSS

This is Prologue, a simple, single page responsive site template from HTML5 UP, now available as a blog-aware Jekyll theme from Chris Bobbe. It features a clean, minimalistic design and a sticky sidebar with navigation-linked scrolling. Next, make sure that url and base_url are set for your own website in _config.yml. For local testing, make them both blank. Add a photo avatar to your project, then set avatar: path/to/your/avatar.jpg in _config.yml; for example, avatar: assets/images/avatar.jpg (48x48 pixels works best). Poke around the sample _config.yml file to see how you can add your social profiles.

android-combination-avatar - Imitation QQ discussion group Avatar 模仿QQ讨论组头像

  •    Java

Imitation QQ discussion group Avatar 模仿QQ讨论组头像

SteamAuthentication - A simple PHP Authentication that enables steam users to log into their steam account to access content!

  •    PHP

SteamAuthentication is a basic set of PHP files that enable users to login using their steam account to view protected content on your website. it creates a session using their steamid as the sessionID and checks for the session when a user visits the page. It also includes a file which allows you to use their profile information such as their avatar and online status. I nor Steam condone the use of this library for the purpose of gambling sites. Any sites that use this library for this purpose violates their API agreement and will receive notices from Steam to cease operations.

django-siteuser - Register, Login, OAuth2, Upload avatar...

  •    Python

Register, Login, OAuth2, Upload avatar...

photobooth-js - A widget that allows users to take their avatar pictures on your site

  •    Javascript

A html5 widget that allows users to take their avatar pictures on your site.

MultiImageView - Android library to display a few images in one ImageView like avatar of group chat

  •    Kotlin

Need iOS and Android apps, MVP development or prototyping? Contact us via We develop software since 2009, and we're known experts in this field. Check out our portfolio and see more libraries from stfalcon-studio. For setting shape of MultiImageView use method setShape(MultiImageView.Shape shape).

LoginCritter - An animated avatar that responds to text field interactions

  •    Swift

Inspired by the amazing work done by other designers and developers, specifically Darin Senneff's amazing work. 🎩🌟 I wanted to try and create a similar animated "Login avatar" in Swift. The Login Critter uses several UIPropertyAnimator. The head rotation is controlled by updating the fractionComplete property for an animator. As the user types, the animator's fraction complete is calculated by text width / text field width.

generator-assets - Generator Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CC that helps users export image assets

  •    Javascript

This repository contains a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CC's Generator extensibility layer. This plug-in makes it easier for users to export image assets from their Photoshop files. Users simply enable image asset generation for a document and name layers (or layer groups, or smart objects) they want exported using a filename-like syntax. Generator then watches these layers, and any time they change, automatically updates the corresponding assets on disk. To learn more about Generator and creating your own Generator plug-ins, please visit the Generator Core repo.

kpg - Knitting Pattern Generator


kpg - Knitting Pattern Generator takes in an image and create a knitting pattern. Generates a html document with clear instructions on how to knit a piece that will look like the picture it is based on.

panther - Discover artists through an infinite node graph

  •    Javascript

Panther is a full-stack React/Redux/Node web app that uses the Spotify API to make suggestions based on an initial user-specified artist. It uses a graph consisting of vertices and edges to represent the data. At the center, the user's currently-selected artist, along with the artist's avatar and some audio samples of the artist's top tracks. To the left is a vertex representing the previous artist, and to the right are 3 suggestions. By clicking on the vertices, users can move forwards and backwards through their suggestion tree, (hopefully) discovering a bunch of awesome new music.