Kinect Toolbox

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Kinect Toolbox is a set of useful tools for developing with Kinect for Windows SDK (1.7). It includes helpers for gestures, postures, replay and drawing.



Related Projects

prepose - Scripting Language for Kinect v2 Gestures

With the rise of sensors such as the Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion, and hand motion sensors in phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, natural user interface (NUI) has become practical. NUI raises two key challenges for the developer: first, developers must create new code to recognize new gestures, which is a time consuming process. Second, to recognize these gestures, applications must have access to depth and video of the user, raising privacy problems. We address both problems with Prepose, a novel domainspecific language (DSL) for easily building gesture recognizers, combined with a system architecture that protects user privacy against untrusted applications by running Prepose code in a trusted core, and only interacting with applications via gesture events.Prepose lowers the cost of developing new gesture recognizers by exposing a range of primitives to developers that can capture many different gestures. Further, Prepose is designed to enable static analysis using SMT solvers, allowing the system to check security and privacy properties before running a gesture recognizer. We demonstrate that Prepose is expressive by creating novel gesture recognizers for 28 gestures in three representative domains: physical therapy, tai-chi, and ballet. We further show that matching user motions against Prepose gestures is efficient, by measuring on traces obtained from Microsoft Kinect runs.

Kinect Gestures for Mayhem

Kinect Gesture for Mayhem is a module written for Mayhem. It implements hand gestures as events.

Kinect Gesture Detector

The Kinect Gesture Detector Toolset can be used for recognizing gestures and developing your own ones with the Microsoft Kinect SDK.

kinect-gestures - Gesture recongition with the Kinect

Gesture recongition with the Kinect

Kinect Recognizer

Kinect Recognizer is a fully reusable component that implements gesture recognition for Microsoft Kinect sensor. The trivial and yet flexible configuration plus the extensible design will allow you to reuse this component with minimum development efforts.

Kinesthesia (Kinect-based MIDI controller)

A simple yet highly configurable Kinect-based MIDI controller with MIDI playback, gesture recognition and voice control.

Kinect SDK Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) Gesture Recognition

This project allows developers to include fast, reliable and highly customisable gesture recognition in Microsoft Kinect SDK C# projects. It uses skeletal tracking and currently supports 2D vectors. Included is a gesture recorder, recogniser and sample gestures. You can sa...

Gestures-Samples - Project Prague Code Samples

This repository contains C# code samples demonstrating how to use the Project Prague hand gestures SDK. For a quick introduction to programming with our SDK, please visit our overview page on In order to build and run the code samples provided in this repository, you must first set up Project Prague on your machine. Note that you will need either an Intel® RealSense™ SR300 camera or a Kinect for Windows v2 camera to enable our gesture detection runtime.This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

Gesture-TV - Control your Google TV with Kinect gestures

Control your Google TV with Kinect gestures

Kinect Gesture Mouse

Use gestures to perform standard mouse operations and navigate the Windows 7 desktop.

Kinect for Silverlight

In this project you will find a Silverlight 5 library for the Kinect. This is made possible by using the Silverlight P/Invoke feature which will call the native Kinect SDK v1.0 API. Along with this library, we also made an event system for the most common gestures.


With improved UI, it includes a gesture recorder, recogniser and sample gestures. You can save your gestures to file. It uses skeletal tracking and supports 2D vectors. This project is inspired by

Kinect-Gestures - Kinect Gestures - Interface Technologies

Kinect Gestures - Interface Technologies

kinect-gestures - Kinect Gestures detection using Neural Networks

Kinect Gestures detection using Neural Networks

kinect-ripple - Kinect Ripple is a dual projection based infotainment system that comes with fully customizable interactive floor and screen

Kinect-Ripple is a dual projection based infotainment system that comes with fully customizable interactive floor and screen. With Ripple, the user can interact with the system using body gestures as with XBOX and in addition to it, the user is provided with a set of live tiles on the floor which are activated depending on the position of the user. Named ‘Ripple’, the system is aimed to open a plethora of opportunities in the space of entertainment, social, education, fitness and business scenarios. ‘Ripple’ has the power to create new waves by integrating multiple and unique experiences in a single set-up through ‘gamification of knowledge’.The system is portable and robust with quick setup (msi), auto-calibration of hardware with software and SDK, and easy customization with Content Editor. Kinect-Ripple's simple content editor allows you to quickly add, edit and build integrated experiences on top of it without even writing a single line of code. For developes, it provides a interface to develope interactive apps using HTML5 and javascript.

test - Experimenting with gestures, poses and movements using Kinect

Experimenting with gestures, poses and movements using Kinect