trpl-zh-cn - Rust 程序设计语言(第二版)

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Rust 程序设计语言(第二版)



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Chinese (zh-cn) translation of the Keras documentation.

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All the documentation is covered by the CC0 license (do whatever you want with it - public domain). To the extent possible under law, Fractal has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

nndl - Another Chinese Translation of Neural Networks and Deep Learning

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This is another (work in progress) Chinese translation of Michael Nielsen's Neural Networks and Deep Learning, originally my learning notes of this free online book. It's written in LaTeX for better look and cross-referencing of math equations and plots. And I borrowed some finished work from To compile the source code to a PDF file, please make sure you have a latest TeX system installed. You can download and install a TeX distribution for your platform from

Learning-Go-zh-cn - 一本学习 Go 语言的免费电子书。

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一本学习 Go 语言的免费电子书。

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Front-end knowledge hierarchy (zh-CN)

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node.js 中文化 & 中文社区

trpl-ebook - "The Rust Programming Language" as ebook

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This repository contains stuff to convert this book to HTML, EPUB and PDF. There are some CLI arguments that you can use to compile books other than the default (trpl). E.g., this repository also include the Rustonomicon.

iojs-cn - io.js ??? & ????

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- [io.js 官方网站翻译]( [官方 io.js Tweets 的转å?‘]( [io.js CHANGELOG]( [翻译]( [io.js Weekly]( [翻译]( [io.js 相关文章翻译]( [æ›´å

rust-zh - Rust中文社区开源项目:Rust编程语言官方文档中文化



opentracing-specification-zh - OpenTracing标准(中文版) `zh` (Chinese) translation of the opentracing/specification


OpenTracing标准官方页面为: 基于"OpenTracing官方标准"发布途径等历史原因, 原有1.0翻译版本通过翻译opentracing.io提供, 网页地址, 下载地址.

feature-engineering-for-ml-zh - :book: [译] 面向机器学习的特征工程

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:book: [译] 面向机器学习的特征工程

eloquent-js-3e-zh - :book: [译] JavaScript 编程精解 中文第三版

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:book: [译] JavaScript 编程精解 中文第三版

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:book: 【译】笨办法学C

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:book: [译] 笨办法学 Linux

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:book:【译】UCB CS61a SICP Python

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:book: [译] 数据结构思维