JSkin C# WinForms Skin Library

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jSkin is .NET Winforms Skin Library that allows you to decorate your Formborder with custom style.




Related Projects

Windows Ribbon for WinForms


Windows Ribbon for WinForms is a .NET wrapper for Windows 7 Ribbon control. It will allow WinForms developers to use Microsoft Windows 7 Ribbon control in their WinForms applications.

Silverlight Modal Window

  •    Silverlight

Modal UserControl that "wraps" a hosted UserControl inside a window frame which provides for resizing, moving, maximizing, and many of the other features enjoyed with traditional modal Windows forms.

XamlAspNetMvc - Xaml + ASP.NET MVC Experiments


XamlAspNetMvc is aimed at exploring how to use Xaml with ASP.NET MVC In this current check in, 1 - There is an XamlAsyncController that'll help you render Xaml usercontrol as an image 2 - You can also bind your usercontrol with a viewmodel/viewdata

ASP.NET Linked List Boxes UserControl

  •    DotNet

This ASP.NET UserControl displays two ListBoxes and allows the user to select items by moving them from the source ListBox to the destination ListBox.

Gauge Dial Custom UserControl

  •    DotNet

This is a vb2008 custom usercontrol that displays information like a speedometer or fuel gauge. It has a custom function "AccelerateTo(x)" to make the dial move its needle like a real gauge.

Spell Check Winforms TextBox.


WinForms TextBox with spell checking. This WinForms control encapsulates the WPF textbox which has in built spell-checking. Only uses .net framework so you should be able to use this control without installing any extra libraries.

WinForms Shape Control

  •    DotNet

A simple WinForms control that will display a shape (rectange, triangle, star, curve, polygon, etc.) with a number of different fill and outline effects, including text. Nice for spicing up a form.

WinForms Group Controls

  •    DotNet

WinForms controls that display multiple sub-controls without creating a unique window handle for each child. Instead each child is drawn using the default renderers and its space and status are managed by the parent. Currently a RadioButtonList and a CheckBoxList are implemented.



ShutterNotifier is like notification-area on the web: a non-blocking, intuitve, skinable component for WinForms projects. Ideal as MessageBox() replacement. It's developed in C#/.NET 3.5.

MaterialSkin - Theming .NET WinForms, C# or VB.Net, to Google's Material Design Principles.

  •    CSharp

Theming .NET WinForms, C# or VB.Net, to Google's Material Design Principles.High quality images can be found at the bottom of this page.

Android-skin-support - Android-skin-support is an easy to use dynamic skin framework for Android, Only one line of code to integrate it

  •    Java

Android-skin-support: 一款用心去做的Android 换肤框架, 极低的学习成本, 极好的用户体验. 就这么简单, 你的APK已经拥有了强大的换肤功能, 当然现在是拥有了换肤功能, 别忘了制作皮肤包.

BootstrapCK-Skin - The BootstrapCK-Skin is a skin for CKEditor based on Twitter Bootstrap styles.

  •    Javascript

The BootstrapCK-Skin is a skin for CKEditor based on Twitter Bootstrap styles.

Ultimate Dotnetnuke Skin Object

  •    Javascript

Ultimate Skin Object is a Dotnetnuke 5.4.2+ extension that will allow you to easily change your skins doc type, remove unneeded css files, inject extra css files, inject extra javascript files & load JQuery in your skin quickly & easily ;)

40FINGERS DotNetNuke / DNN Skin Objects, Skins & Demos


A collection of DotNetNuke skinning related projects that you can use for your DotNetNuke Skin / Container. Skins, Containers, Skin objects, examples, etc.

Free DotNetNuke MultiFunction Skin


MultiFunction is the world's best free skin for DotNetNuke, it provides an XHTML compliant skin using the DNNMenu with an Unordered list. It has a predefined color scheme which can easily be changed utilizing CSS and the included PSD files (included in the source package)

DotNetNuke® Skin ModernBiz


A DotNetNuke Design Challenge skin package submitted to the "Modern Business" category by allsnnskins. This simple and unaffected company skin uses curves throughout the entire design, making the entire picture look lively and elegant. Uses the DNNJDMenu skin object.

DotNetNuke® Skin Agility


A DotNetNuke Design Challenge skin package submitted to the "Smartphone Ready" category by John Wurzbacher. An animated jQuery skin optimized for mobile performance, it uses an XHTML 1.0 Transitional doctype. Skin and container layouts created completely using XHTML and CSS.

DNN Future Gravity


This revised skin is a slightly updated version of the skin that comes with DNN v7.

DotNetNuke® Skin Profound


A DotNetNuke Design Challenge skin package submitted to the "Modern Business" category by WhNuke Technology. This skin is simple and clean and the design is very integrated. Uses the DNNJDMenu skin object.

DNN Metro7 style Skin package


Enhanced Metro 7 style Skin Package for DotNetNuke. This skin is based on the skin of Ali Nawaz Metro7 and was converted to a Visual Studio project with revisions for use in DotNetNuke 6.x.