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jQCalendarPart is a JS application which when added to a CEWP in SP 2010 will display a jQuery Calendar control with the upcoming events from the Calendar list.




Related Projects

MiniCalendar Web Part

A webpart displaying a small calendar populated with events from a list calendar in the current web or site. Its look&feel and information can be customized too

SharePoint 2010 Print List Ribbon Button

SharePoint 2010 Print List button on Top Ribbon for Calendar list

The Expert Calendar

The Expert Calendar is a MOSS 2007 webpart which allows to connect to a Event Item List and display event items in a small design customizable calendar with links to the events. Handy for a "quick-win" event display.

SharePoint 2010 Google Maps V3 WebPart

This versatile SharePoint 2010 webpart allows you to display geographical points using Google Maps. It can get name, description and coordinates of each point from connected list webpart, configured list or directly from URL. It supports coordinates in many formats.

Print list view button on SharePoint 2010 Ribbon

SP feature with new functionality where you can add "Print Button" on each type of SharePoint lists, even if it is SharePoint Calendar list,Document libraries

SharePoint Enhanced Calendar by ArtfulBits

This WSS feature enhance SharePoint calendar and provides "AJAX-like" functionality for On-the-Fly features of adding, deleting, dragging, resizing, editing appointments and events in Outlook 2007 like style.

Global SharePoint Calendar for SharePoint 2010

Runs through all the sites of the siteCollection add all your events in a global calendar. Authors: Adrià Tous & Ramon Torras. http://www.ibetania.es

SharePoint Check Calendar Availability Custom Column (Beta)

The SharePoint Check Calendar Availability Custom Column is a custom column which can be added to a Calendar which allows the user to check for duplicate bookings based on the current item they are entering.

Calendar-List - Release history of Calendar-List

Release history of Calendar-List

calendar-list - A simple application for managing a list based calendar

A simple application for managing a list based calendar

Animated Jquery Multilevel Menu for Sharepoint 2010

We have created an easy to use Jquery multilevel animated menu for Sharepoint 2010. Useful for front-end sites and intranets and fully customizable. It supports multilanguaje in Sharepoint Foundation and Entreprise based on a custom list. It adapts to any default C...

EventCalendar for Wordpress

Event Calendar plugin for Wordpress. Use Wordpress to manage future events as an online calendar. Display upcoming events in a dynamic calendar, on a listings page, or as a list in the sidebar. You can subscribe to the calendar from iCal or Sunbird.

TQ Sharepoint 2010 list quick search

A webpart that uses Sharepoint 2010 client object model javascript/ecmascript to search on a list and auto-suggest on what you type on the searchbox. This makes looking up on a list much faster than doing a filter.

cakephp-calendar-helper - helper that can turn a list of events into a nice, tableized calendar

helper that can turn a list of events into a nice, tableized calendar

Org Chart in SharePoint 2010 using Google API.

Organization Chart webpart for SharePoint 2010 using Google API and SharePoint list as the data source. Good for small organizations with no AD hierarchy.

SharePoint Google Sync

Allows you to sync the SharePoint Calendar with your Google Calendar.

SharePoint Exchange Calendar

a jQuery based calendar web part for displaying Exchange calendars within SharePoint.