xhook - Easily intercept and modify XHR request and response

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Modifying any property of the request object will modify the underlying XHR before it is sent.




Related Projects

xHook - 🔥 A PLT hook library for Android native ELF (executable and shared libraries)

  •    C

xhook is a PLT (Procedure Linkage Table) hook library for Android native ELF (executable and shared libraries). xhook has been keeping optimized for stability and compatibility.

atomic - Ajax/XHR module with chained success/error callbacks and JSON parsing, IE6+

  •    Javascript

Ajax/XHR module with chained success/error callbacks and JSON parsing, IE6+

ajax - Ajax module in Vanilla JS

  •    Javascript

You may use a CDN to get the latest version.

pjax - Easily enable fast Ajax navigation on any website (using pushState + xhr)

  •    Javascript

. Pjax is a standalone JavaScript module that uses AJAX (XmlHttpRequest) and pushState() to deliver a fast browsing experience.

atomic - A tiny, Promise-based vanilla JS Ajax/HTTP plugin with great browser support.

  •    Javascript

A tiny, Promise-based vanilla JS Ajax/HTTP plugin with great browser support. Compiled and production-ready code can be found in the dist directory. The src directory contains development code.

qwest - Ajax library with XHR2, promises and request limit

  •    Javascript

Qwest is a simple ajax library based on promises and that supports XmlHttpRequest2 special data like ArrayBuffer, Blob and FormData. The method is either get, post, put or delete. The data parameter can be a multi-dimensional array or object, a string, an ArrayBuffer, a Blob, etc... If you don't want to pass any data but specify some options, set data to null.

bootstrap-fileinput - An enhanced HTML 5 file input for Bootstrap 3

  •    Javascript

An enhanced HTML 5 file input for Bootstrap 3.x and 4.x with file preview for various files, offers multiple selection, and more. The plugin allows you a simple way to setup an advanced file picker/upload control built to work specially with Bootstrap CSS3 styles. It enhances the file input functionality further, by offering support to preview a wide variety of files i.e. images, text, html, video, audio, flash, and objects. In addition, it includes AJAX based uploads, dragging & dropping files, viewing upload progress, and selectively previewing, adding, or deleting files. NOTE: An alternative new Krajee Explorer Theme (preview shown below) for bootstrap-fileinput has been released and available since v4.3.7. For more theming options and suggestions refer the theming demos.

hooker - Hooker is an opensource project for dynamic analyses of Android applications

  •    Python

Hooker is an opensource project for dynamic analyses of Android applications. This project provides various tools and applications that can be use to automatically intercept and modify any API calls made by a targeted application. It leverages Android Substrate framework to intercept these calls and aggregate all their contextual information (parameters, returned values, ...). Collected information can either be stored in a ElasticSearch or in JSON files.

BadIntent - Intercept, modify, repeat and attack Android's Binder transactions using Burp Suite

  •    Java

BadIntent is the missing link between the Burp Suite and the core Android's IPC/Messaging-system. BadIntent consists of two parts, an Xposed-based module running on Android and a Burp-plugin. Based on this interplay, it is possible to use the Burp's common workflow and all involved tools and extensions, since the intercept and repeater functionality is provided. BadIntent hooks deeply into the Android system, performs various method redirections in Parcels and adds additional services to provide the described features. Most notably, BadIntent works system-wide (experimental) and is not restricted to individual user apps. The most handy approach is to install BadIntent Android from the Xposed Module Repository and BadIntent Burp from the Burp’s BApp Store. Both are made available/submitted before the Arsenal presentation of BadIntent in Black Hat Las Vegas 2017.

fluidvids - Fluid width (responsive) videos module, 1KB, custom players, dynamic elements/XHR support

  •    Javascript

Fluidvids is a 1KB standalone module that provides a fluid solution for video embeds. Fluidvids has the ability for custom players to be added as well as support for dynamically injected (XHR/Ajax/createElement) videos.Live demo of fluidvids.

xr - Ultra-lightweight wrapper around XMLHttpRequest

  •    TypeScript

Really simple wrapper around XHR that provides a few bits of nice functionality, exposes the XHR object wherever relevant, and returns an ES6 Promise (or whatever Promise is set to globally, if you want to use something else). The idea was to make a pragmatic library that's pre-configured for the 90% use case, but override-able for anyone that wants to do anything a bit off the beaten track.

flask-sockets - Elegant WebSockets for your Flask apps.

  •    Python

Elegant WebSockets for your Flask apps. Combining WebSockets with Ajax (XHR) endpoints also comes handy with the support of session handling built-in to sockets as well. As an example you could use an Ajax login call which would create a new session and accordingly set a secure HttpOnly cookie to the browser. After authorization, you can connect to the WebSocket endpoint and reuse the session handling from Flask there as well (as shown here: https://pythonhosted.org/Flask-Session/). Access to other custom cookies is also possible via Flasks request.cookies property.

aja.js - Ajax without XML : Asynchronous JavaScript and JavaScript/JSON(P)

  •    Javascript

More options using the fluent api, terrific REST client. You need grunt >= 0.4 as well as node and npm installed and running on your system.

Mini Proxy - a light-weight local proxy


a light-weight proxy written in C# (around 200 lines in total), it allows intercept HTTP traffic and hook custom code. Its initial scenario is to capture Http headers sent from a HttpWebRequest object. Limitations: Http 1.0 proxy Range header not forwarded

Deviare2 - Deviare API Hook

  •    C

Deviare is a professional hooking engine for instrumenting arbitrary Win32 functions, COM objects, and functions whose symbols are located in program databases (PDBs). It can intercept unmanaged code in 32-bit and 64-bit applications. It is implemented as a COM component, so it can be integrated with all the programming languages which support COM, such as C/C++, VB, C#, Delphi, and Python. Several Fortune 500 companies are using Deviare technology for application virtualization, packaging, and troubleshooting, and for computer security. Computer science researchers are also using Deviare to conduct malware and reverse engineering studies. Our blog articles contain a vast quantity of code samples to get you started easily.

xhr - A small xhr wrapper

  •    Javascript

A small XMLHttpRequest wrapper. Designed for use with browserify, webpack etc. API is a subset of request so you can write code that works in both node.js and the browser by using require('request') in your code and telling your browser bundler to load xhr instead of request.


  •    Ruby

RubyDNS is a tool that allows you to intercept and modify DNS requests. It can provide most typical DNS server functionality, including the ability to pull DNS records from any data source.

amxmodx - AMX Mod X - Half-Life 1 Scripting and Administration

  •    C

AMX Mod X is a Metamod plugin for Half-Life 1. It provides comprehensive scripting for the game engine and its mods. Scripts can intercept network messages, log events, commands, client commands, set cvars, modify entities, and more. AMX Mod X also has a system for extending native scripting through modules, leading to outside support for things like MySQL and Sockets.

Polly.JS - Record, Replay, and Stub HTTP Interactions

  •    Javascript

Polly.JS is a standalone, framework-agnostic JavaScript library that enables recording, replaying, and stubbing of HTTP interactions. By tapping into multiple request APIs across both Node & the browser, Polly.JS is able to mock requests and responses with little to no configuration while giving you the ability to take full control of each request with a simple, powerful, and intuitive API.

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