java-manta - Java Manta Client SDK

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Java Manta SDK.





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manta - Manta, Triton’s object storage and converged analytics solutions, is a HTTP-based object store that uses OS containers to allow compute on data at rest

  •    Makefile

Joyent operates a public-facing production Manta service, but all the pieces required to deploy and operate your own Manta are open source. This repo provides documentation for the overall Manta project and pointers to the other repositories that make up a complete Manta deployment.The fastest way to get started with Manta depends on what exactly one wishes to do.

triton - Joyent Triton DataCenter: a cloud management platform with first class support for containers

  •    Makefile

Triton DataCenter (just "Triton" for short, formerly "SmartDataCenter" and "SDC") is an open-source cloud management platform that delivers next generation, container-based, service-oriented infrastructure across one or more data centers. With an emphasis on ease of installation and operation, Triton is proven at scale: Triton powers the Triton Cloud and private data centers (Triton Enterprise worldwide.This repository provides documentation for the overall Triton project and pointers to the other repositories that make up a complete Triton deployment. See the repository list.

node-workflow - Task orchestration, creation and running using NodeJS

  •    Javascript

This repository is part of the Joyent Triton project. See the contribution guidelines -- Triton does not use GitHub PRs -- and general documentation at the main Triton project page.If you are building a completely new system composed of many discrete API applications, each of them with a clearly defined area of responsibility, or if you are trying to assemble a collaboration channel between a heterogeneous set of unrelated API applications, you need a means to orchestrate interactions between these applications.

Packer - Build Automated Machine Images

  •    Go

Packer is a tool for building identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration. It is lightweight, runs on every major operating system, and is highly performant, creating machine images for multiple platforms in parallel.

manta - Dotabuff's Dota 2 Source 2 Replay Parser in Go

  •    Go

Manta is a fully functional Dota 2 replay parser written in Go, targeting the Source 2 (Dota 2 Reborn) game engine. Manta is a low-level replay parser, meaning that it will provide you access to the raw data in the replay, but doesn't provide any opinion on how that data should be structured for your use case. You'll need to create callback functions, inspect the raw data, and decide how you're going to use it.

Manta - 🎉 Flexible invoicing desktop app with beautiful & customizable templates.

  •    Javascript

A desktop application for creating invoices with beautiful and customizable templates. If you're interested in translating Manta, please see the detailed instruction here. The following languages are currently being translated, if you would like to Manta to support another language, please submit your request here.

containerpilot - A service for autodiscovery and configuration of applications running in containers

  •    Go

An init system for cloud-native distributed applications that automates the process of service discovery, configuration, and lifecycle management inside the container, so you can focus on your apps.We can write our new applications to do that, but existing apps will need some help. We can wrap each application in a shell script that registers itself with the discovery service easily enough, but watching for changes to that service and ensuring that health checks are being made is more complicated. We can put a second process in the container, but as soon as we do that we need an init system running inside the container as well.

Manta Library


Manta is an open source .NET library featuring classes for dealing with reparse points, junctions, symbolic links, RSS feeds, phpBB posts, URLs and a wide variety of other useful tasks.



Manta is an ASP.NET web application and WCF Windows Service that provides full administration capabilities for the hMailServer product. In addition, the project will expand to provide a web based interface for end users to compose and manage their email.


  •    C

ManTa is an equational specification language and tools to support it: theorem prover, code generators (C and Ocaml), frontends.

cache2k – High Performance Java Caching

  •    Java

cache2k focuses on providing a well engineered in-memory object cache implementation for Java applications.

Microstream - High Performance Java-Native Object Graph Persistence

  •    Java

MicroStream is a Java-native object graph persistence engine for storing any complex Java object graph or any single subgraph and restoring it in RAM at any time by using a fundamentally new serialization concept designed from scratch. With MicroStream, not only the entire object graph, but also partial subgraphs, or only single objects can be restored in RAM on demand. Beyond serialization, MicroStream is ACID transaction safe, can handle your class changes, provides a garbage collector for the storage, multi-threaded IO, and connectors for various data storages.

Proyecto Mammut


Este es un proyecto cuyo objetivo es georeferenciar la oferta commercial de la ciudad de Manta,Ecuador mediante puntos de referencias basados en T. Público.

gosu-lang - The Gosu programming language

  •    Gosu

Gosu is a pragmatic programming language for the JVM. It has been designed with Java developers in mind by providing a set of features that allow them to be more productive without sacrificing the benefits of static typing. Gosu is an object oriented language with a sprinkle of functional programming features. It was nominated Language of the Month in a Dr Dobb's article in 2011. You need Java JDK 1.8 and Maven 3.x to build Gosu. Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to JDK 1.8's home.


  •    Javascript

evented I/O for v8 javascript

node-convergence-archive - Archive for node/io.js convergence work pre-3.0.0

  •    Javascript

This repository is the working repository for the proposed convergence of the and projects under the Node.js Foundation.This project is operating with the oversight of the joint Node.js and io.js core technical teams.

node-zk-browser - A zookeeper web administrator in node.js

  •    Javascript

A zookeeper web administrator in node.js. It's based on express.js and node-zookeeper.It will display zookeeper's data as a lazy loading tree,and display every path's stat info and data;and you can create,edit or delete path if you logon. You must install node.js 0.8.x from and npm.

thor - The WebSocket god of thunder

  •    Javascript

Thor is WebSocket benchmarking/load generator. There are a lot of benchmarking tools for HTTP servers. You've got ab, siege, wrk and more. But all these tools only work with plain ol HTTP and have no support for WebSockets - even if they did they wouldn't be suitable, as they would be testing short running HTTP requests instead of long running HTTP requests with a lot of messaging traffic. Thor fixes all of this. Thor requires Node.js to be installed on your system. If you don't have Node.js installed you can download it from or build it from the github source repository:

node-continuation-local-storage - implementation of

  •    Javascript

Continuation-local storage works like thread-local storage in threaded programming, but is based on chains of Node-style callbacks instead of threads. The standard Node convention of functions calling functions is very similar to something called "continuation-passing style" in functional programming, and the name comes from the way this module allows you to set and get values that are scoped to the lifetime of these chains of function calls. When you set values in continuation-local storage, those values are accessible until all functions called from the original function – synchronously or asynchronously – have finished executing. This includes callbacks passed to process.nextTick and the timer functions (setImmediate, setTimeout, and setInterval), as well as callbacks passed to asynchronous functions that call native functions (such as those exported from the fs, dns, zlib and crypto modules).

jamm - Java Agent for Memory Measurements

  •    Java

Jamm provides MemoryMeter, a java agent to measure actual object memory use including JVM overhead.

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