plugins - Run a value through a plugin stack.

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Run a value through a plugin stack. See the examples.



Related Projects

jekyll-scholar - jekyll extensions for the blogging scholar

Jekyll-Scholar is for all the academic bloggers out there. It is a set of extensions to Jekyll, the awesome, blog aware, static site generator; it formats your bibliographies and reading lists for the web and gives your blog posts citation super-powers. Note that it is not possible to use this plugin with the default Github pages workflow. Github does not allow any but a few select plugins to run for security reasons, and Jekyll-Scholar is not among them. You will have to generate your site locally and push the results to the master resp. gh-pages branch of your site repository. You can keep sources, configuration and plugins in a separate branch; see e.g. here for details.

vinyl-source-stream - :cyclone: Use conventional text streams at the start of your gulp or vinyl pipelines

Use conventional text streams at the start of your gulp or vinyl pipelines, making for nicer interoperability with the existing npm stream ecosystem.Take, for example, browserify. There are the gulp-browserify and gulpify plugins, which you can use in combination with gulp to get browserify working in your build. Unfortunately, these plugins come with additional overhead: an extra GitHub repository, npm module, maintainer, tests, semantics, etc. It's much simpler in this case to use the original module directly where you can, which is what vinyl-source-stream handles for you.

plugins - Plugins for Flutter, including FlutterFire, maintained by the Flutter team

This repo is a companion repo to the main flutter repo. It contains the source code for Flutter first-party plugins (i.e., plugins developed by the core Flutter team). Check the packages directory for all plugins. Flutter plugins enable access to platform-specific APIs. For more information about plugins, and how to use them, see

Eric - Python and Ruby editor and IDE

Eric is a full featured Python and Ruby editor and IDE, written in python. It is based on the cross platform Qt gui toolkit, integrating the highly flexible Scintilla editor control. It is designed to be usable as everdays quick and dirty editor as well as being usable as a professional project management tool integrating many advanced features Python offers the professional coder.

Metasploit-Plugins - Plugins for Metasploit Framework

Plugins for Metasploit Framework. Currently only the Pentest plugin is being maintained do to changes in Metasploit Framework that limit what gems can be loaded when the framework starts. Copy the plugin you wish to use in to your .msf4/plugin folder in your home folder for your current user. To test that the plugin was properly install you can use the load command to load the plugin.

plugins - The gulp plugin search website

This app is a simple client-side app that allows one to browse and search gulp plugins. It fetches data from npmsearch with the keywords gulpplugin and gulpfriendly. npmsearch also provides rankings for plugins(so we don't have to). To maintain quality in the plugin ecosystem, we sometimes "blacklist" plugins. Being blacklisted means we won't offer support for issues concerning the module and we will not recommend that people use it. You are free to publish anything you want on NPM, but our official plugin list is subject to filtering.

vim-plugins-profile - :clock4: Profile Vim's Plugins, Generate Awesome Statistics and Optimize Vim Startup Time

Here is a screenshot to have a quick look at what this is all about. If you use vim-plug (or other amazing plugin manager of your choice) to install your vim (gvim or macvim) plugins, then chances are high that it gets addictive. You will find yourself with several dozens of useful plugins.

asyncrun.vim - Run Async Shell Commands in Vim 8.0 / NeoVim and Output to Quickfix Window

If that doesn't excite you, then perhaps this GIF screen capture below will change your mind. Copy asyncrun.vim to your ~/.vim/plugin or use Vundle to install it from skywind3000/asyncrun.vim .

git-extra-commands - A collection of useful extra git scripts I've discovered or written, packaged for ease of use with shell frameworks

A zsh plugin that packages some extra git helper scripts I've found. I only wrote a few of these scripts, and the ones I didn't each have whatever licensing is included in the file. This collection doesn't actually require ZSH, but packaging it as a ZSH plugin makes it more convenient for people using a ZSH framework to use this collection.

architect - A simple yet powerful plugin system for large-scale node applications

Architect is a simple but powerful structure for Node.js applications. Using Architect, you set up a simple configuration and tell Architect which plugins you want to load. Each plugin registers itself with Architect, so other plugins can use its functions. Plugins can be maintained as NPM packages so they can be dropped in to other Architect apps. Each plugin is a node module complete with a package.json file. It need not actually be in npm, it can be a simple folder in the code tree.

WPF Extensions

Some extensions for the WPF framework. Controls, attached behaviours, helper classes, etc. For example: Zoom Control, DragBehavior, Thread-safe observable collection, etc...


TGM Plugin Activation is a PHP library that allows you to easily require or recommend plugins for your WordPress themes (and plugins). It allows your users to install and even automatically activate plugins in singular or bulk fashion using native WordPress classes, functions and interfaces. You can reference pre-packaged plugins, plugins from the WordPress Plugin Repository or even plugins hosted elsewhere on the internet.

vim-maktaba - Consistent Vimscript

Maktaba advocates a plugin structure that, when adhered to, gives the plugin access to many powerful tools such as configuration flags. Within Google, these conventions standardize behavior across a wide variety of plugins.Maktaba plugins can be installed using any plugin manager. However, maktaba plugins make heavy use of dependency management, so it's recommended to use a plugin manager with dependency management capabilities, like VAM.

gentleman - Full-featured, plugin-oriented, composable HTTP client toolkit for Go

Full-featured, plugin-driven, middleware-oriented toolkit to easily create rich, versatile and composable HTTP clients in Go.gentleman embraces extensibility and composition principles in order to provide a flexible way to easily create featured HTTP client layers based on built-in or third-party plugins that you can register and reuse across HTTP clients.

gephi-plugins - Repository for Gephi Plugins maintained by the team. Each plugin has it's branch.

This repository is an out-of-the-box development environment for Gephi plugins. Gephi plugins are implemented in Java and can extend Gephi in many different ways, adding or improving features. Getting started is easy with this repository but also checkout the Bootcamp for examples of plugins you can create. The process in which plugins are developed and submitted had an overhaul when Gephi 0.9 was released. Details can be read on this article: Plugin development gets new tools and opens-up to the community.

redux-pack - Sensible promise handling and middleware for redux

redux-pack is a library that introduces promise-based middleware that allows async actions based on the lifecycle of a promise to be declarative. Async actions in redux are often done using redux-thunk or other middlewares. The problem with this approach is that it makes it too easy to use dispatch sequentially, and dispatch multiple "actions" as the result of the same interaction/event, where they probably should have just been a single action dispatch.

python-munin - Python framework for building Munin plugins (also includes some plugins prebuilt).

This library provides helper classes for writing plugins for the server monitoring tool Munin. It also comes with some prebuilt plugins for various services including PostgreSQL, Memcached, and Nginx.

cinch - The IRC Bot Building Framework

Cinch is an IRC Bot Building Framework for quickly creating IRC bots in Ruby with minimal effort. It provides a simple interface based on plugins and rules. It's as easy as creating a plugin, defining a rule, and watching your profits flourish. Cinch will do all of the hard work for you, so you can spend time creating cool plugins and extensions to wow your internet peers.

Dash-Plugin-for-Xcode - Plugin for Xcode to integrate the Dash documentation viewer app

This plugin does not work with Xcode 8 or newer. The new Xcode 8 extensions API is unreliable and extremely lacking. An Xcode 8 extension will not be released as it would not add any functionality that isn't there already. The recommended workaround is to set up a Search using selected text shortcut in Dash's Preferences > General. If you absolutely must use an extension in Xcode 8+, the Xcode Search and xTextHandler extensions support Dash. I don't recommend this, as extensions don't do anything more than what the Search using selected text keyboard shortcut does.

babel-react-optimize - :rocket: A Babel preset and plugins for optimizing React code.

A Babel preset and plugins for optimizing React code. Note: You should use this with babel-runtime and babel-transform-runtime to avoid duplicating the helper code in every file.