Fritter - A free, open-source Twitter/Nitter client for Android and iOS

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Fritter is a free, open-source Twitter/Nitter client for Android and iOS. It supports Viewing profiles, Viewing tweets and replies, Viewing pictures, videos and GIFs in tweets, Searching for tweets and users.



Related Projects

Buzzbird - Live, Tweet, Breathe, Open Source

  •    Javascript

Buzzbird is a full featured, multi-platform, multi-account desktop Twitter client that does not require any third-party support applications (like Adobe AIR or JavaFX). Buzzbird is a twitter client built on Mozilla’s XUL platform, the same technology that is used in the Firefox Web Browser.

go-twitter - Go Twitter REST and Streaming API v1.1

  •    Go

go-twitter is a Go client library for the Twitter API. Check the usage section or try the examples to see how to access the Twitter API.The twitter package provides a Client for accessing the Twitter API. Here are some example requests.

MyTwits - A rich Twitter client for Windows powered by WPF

  •    WPF

MyTwits is a free Twitter client for Windows XP/Vista/7 powered by WPF which gives you freedom to twit right from your desktop. You can do almost all things that you do at, get a new twits notification and update your status instantly.

twit - Twitter API Client for node (REST & Streaming API)

  •    Javascript

Twitter API Client for node (REST & Streaming API)

Choqok - Micro-blogging client by the KDE community

  •    C

Choqok is a Free/Open Source micro-blogging client by the KDE community. It currently features Twitter, Pump.IO micro-blogging service, GNU Social websites, Friendica websites, Support for send and receive direct messages, KWallet integration.Flickr, ImageShack, Twitpic, Twitgoo, Mobypicture and Posterous photo uploading and lot more.

Tweety - Twitter Client

  •    CSharp

A simple twitter client designed to be quick and easy to use.

N-Twill Twitter Client for VB.NET


Proyecto de cliente twitter hecho con la libreria TwitterVB2 y hecho en 2008.

rtweet - 🐦 R client for interacting with Twitter's [stream and REST] APIs

  •    R

R client for accessing Twitter’s REST and stream APIs. Check out the rtweet package documentation website. All users must be authorized to interact with Twitter’s APIs. To become authorized, follow the instructions below to (1) make a Twitter app and (2) create and save your access token (using one of the two authorization methods described below).

talon-for-twitter-android - The Material Design version of my popular Android Talon for Twitter app, 100% open-source

  •    Java

This is the complete version of the Twitter client that I created for Android. It is 100% open source, the only thing that you will have to do plug in is your own API keys. I am lucky enough to say that, as a paid app, Talon has perched itself at the top of the top paid social apps list since it's release in 2014. It has amassed 100,000+ downloads while holding a 4.6 star rating on the Play Store. This app is one of the more successful apps I have ever made and I am open sourcing it as a "thank you" to everyone that has supported my work over the years! It works great and I'm proud to say that it can probably be considered one of the most popular third party Twitter apps.

Threeter, lightweight Twitter client

  •    DotNet

Lightweight, fast and simple Twitter client with multi account and built in URL shortening. Compiled in .NET 4.0. The application stays at the system tray and can be activated using a hotkey combination. Press the hotkey, enter your message, press enter. Available in multiple ...

Hosebird client - A Java HTTP client for consuming Twitter's Streaming API

  •    Java

A Java HTTP client for consuming Twitter's Streaming API. It has GZip support, OAuth support, Partitioning support, Automatic reconnections with appropriate backfill counts, Access to raw bytes payload, Proper backoffs/retry schemes, Relevant statistics/events, Control stream support for sitestreams.

Nocturn - Multi-platform Twitter Client built with React, Redux and Electron

  •    Javascript

Multi-platform Twitter Client built with React, Redux and Electron. For all platforms, you can download an archive from following link.


  •    CSharp

Twillo is a .Net Twitter Client written using the Twitterizer Library.

anaconda - A Go client library for the Twitter 1.1 API

  •    Go

Anaconda is a simple, transparent Go package for accessing version 1.1 of the Twitter API.Successful API queries return native Go structs that can be used immediately, with no need for type assertions.

twitter-stream - Twitter realtime API client

  •    Ruby

Simple Ruby client library for twitter streaming API. Uses EventMachine for connection handling. Adheres to twitter's reconnection guidline. JSON format only.

WPF Twitter Viewer

  •    WPF

WPF Twitter is a free Twitter client. This is the initial version that serves more as scaffolding then the final application. Please feel free to use this and extend it as you want.


  •    WPF

digiTweet is an open source desktop Twitter client for Windows. DigiTweet provides Twitter functionalities with rich user interface through Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

TwitterJSClient - Twitter client written in JavaScript packaged as a node module

  •    Javascript

A Twitter Node Module to authenticate and interact with the Twitter REST API from NodeJS. You need to create a Twitter app to use the API.

twitteR - R based twitter client

  •    R

twitteR is an R package which provides access to the Twitter API. Most functionality of the API is supported, with a bias towards API calls that are more useful in data analysis as opposed to daily interaction.

rtweet - 🐦 R client for interacting with Twitter's [stream and REST] APIs

  •    R

Use twitter from R. Get started by reading vignette("rtweet"). All users must be authenticated to interact with Twitter’s APIs. The easiest way to authenticate is to use your personal twitter account - this will happen automatically (via a browser popup) the first time you use an rtweet function. See auth_setup_default() for details. Using your personal account is fine for casual use, but if you are trying to collect a lot of data it’s a good idea to authentication with your own Twitter “app”. See vignette("auth", package = "rtweet") for details.

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