InBrief - InBrief is a personal briefing app and dashboard powered by Electron and React

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InBrief is a personal briefing app and dashboard powered by Electron and React. In one screen, InBrief provides an overview of your top RSS feeds, Twitter lists, local weather, email unread and flagged status, todos, and schedule. This app is meant to be the homepage and daily starting place for its users.



asana : ^0.15.0
autoprefixer : 7.1.6
babel-core : 6.26.0
babel-eslint : 7.2.3
babel-jest : 20.0.3
babel-loader : 7.1.2
babel-preset-react-app : ^3.1.0
babel-runtime : 6.26.0
case-sensitive-paths-webpack-plugin : 2.1.1
chalk : 1.1.3
css-loader : 0.28.7
dotenv : 4.0.0
electron-settings : ^3.1.4
eslint-config-react-app : ^2.0.1
eslint-loader : 1.9.0
eslint-plugin-flowtype : 2.39.1
eslint-plugin-import : 2.8.0
eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y : 5.1.1
eslint-plugin-node : ^5.2.1
eslint-plugin-react : 7.4.0
ews-javascript-api : ^0.9.2
express : ^4.16.2
extract-text-webpack-plugin : 3.0.2
feedparser : ^2.2.7
file-loader : 1.1.5
fs-extra : ^3.0.1
html-webpack-plugin : 2.29.0
httpntlm : ^1.7.5
ical : ^0.5.0
imap : ^0.8.19
jest : 20.0.4
lodash : ^4.17.4
morgan : ^1.9.0
node-sass : ^4.7.2
object-assign : 4.1.1
postcss-flexbugs-fixes : 3.2.0
postcss-loader : 2.0.8
promise : 8.0.1
promise-queue : ^2.2.3
prop-types : ^15.6.0
raf : 3.4.0
react : ^16.2.0
react-dev-utils : ^4.2.1
react-dom : ^16.2.0
react-grid-layout : ^0.16.2
react-redux : ^5.0.6
redux : ^3.7.2
redux-logger : ^3.0.6
redux-thunk : ^2.2.0
request : ^2.83.0
request-promise-native : ^1.0.5
sass-loader : ^6.0.6
style-loader : 0.19.0
sw-precache-webpack-plugin : 0.11.4
twitter : ^1.7.1
url-loader : 0.6.2
webpack : 3.8.1
webpack-dev-server : 2.9.4
webpack-manifest-plugin : 1.3.2
whatwg-fetch : 2.0.3



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