tips - CSS tooltips!

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Tooltips shouldn't be complicated and they shouldn't do more than what's absolutely necessary. If your tooltips need to do more than just supply a small snippet of info then consider your design or consider using something like a popover component instead maybe. ##No JavaScript required! Tooltips should be simple and as such, so is this implementation.



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Over last year or so I have started using Gradle as my primary build tool for JVM based projects. Before using Gradle I was an Apache Maven user. Gradle takes best from both Apache Maven and Apache Ant providing you best of both worlds. Gradle borrows flexibility from Ant and convention over configuration, dependency management and plugins from Maven. Gradle treats task as first class citizen just like Ant. A Gradle build has three distinct phases - initialization, configuration, and execution. The initialization phase determine which all projects will take part in the build process and create a Project instance for each of the project. During configuration phase, it execute build scripts of all the project that are taking part in build process. Finally, during the execution phase all the tasks configured during the configuration phase are executed.

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git tips의 한국어 버전 문서입니다. 참고로 모든 명령어는 다음 버전에서 테스트 되었습니다: git version 2.7.4 (Apple Git-66).

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The course is structured according to a linear progression and uses the Haskell programming language to learn programming concepts pertaining to functional programming. Exercises are annotated with a comment containing the word "Exercise." The existing code compiles, however answers have been replaced with a call to the Haskell error function and so the code will throw an exception if it is run. Some exercises contain tips, which are annotated with a preceding "Tip:". It is not necessary to adhere to tips. Tips are provided for potential guidance, which may be discarded if you prefer a different path to a solution.

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Code reviews can inspire dread in both reviewer and reviewee. Having your code analyzed can feel as invasive as being screened by the TSA as you go off to your vacation. Even worse, reviewing other people's code can feel like a painful and ambiguous exercise, searching for problems and not even knowing where to begin. This project aims to provide some solid tips for how to review the code that you and your team write. All examples are written in JavaScript, but the advice should be applicable to any project of any language. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully this will help you catch as many bugs as possible long before users ever see your feature.

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This is an awesome list of tips for android. If you are a beginner, this list will be the first choice for you when you have a difficult time.