jdf - 🛠️京东前端自动化构建工具

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acorn : ^4.0.4
atropa-jslint : 0.1.2
autoprefixer : ^6.5.2
axios : ^0.17.0
babel-core : ^6.18.0
babel-preset-env : ^1.7.0
browser-sync : 2.21.0
bs-html-injector : ^3.0.3
cheerio : ^0.22.0
clean-css : 2.1.8
commander : ^2.9.0
csslint : 0.10.0
escape-string-regexp : ^1.0.5
escodegen : ^1.8.1
fs-extra : ^1.0.0
glob : ^7.1.1
html-minifier : 0.6.9
htmllint : 0.0.7
iconv-lite : ^0.4.10
jdf-css-sprite : ^1.1.6
jdf-img-minify : 0.1.0
jdf-log : ^0.0.4
jdf-upload : ^0.2.0
jdf-utils : ^1.1.3
js-beautify : 1.5.4
jsmart : ^2.14.0
less : ^2.7.1
lodash : ^4.17.2
minimatch : ^3.0.3
node-sass : latest
node-watch : ^0.5.3
postcss : ^5.2.5
shelljs : ^0.7.5
socket.io : ^2.0.4
socket.io-client : ^2.0.4
strip-json-comments : ^2.0.1
uglify-es : ^3.1.3
uglify-js : 2.6.0
uuid : ^3.0.0
velocityjs : 0.4.3



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jdf - Jingdong front-end integrated solution

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Jingdong front-end integrated solution

sku - Front-end development toolkit, powered by Webpack, Babel, CSS Modules, Less, ESLint and Jest.

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Front-end development toolkit, powered by Webpack, Babel, CSS Modules, Less, ESLint and Jest. Quickly get up and running with a zero-config development environment, or optionally add minimal config when needed. Designed for usage with seek-style-guide, although this isn't a requirement.

ice - :rocket: (邀请公测)赋能中后台建设 - 海量可复用物料,通过 GUI 工具极速构建中后台应用

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:rocket: (邀请公测)赋能中后台建设 - 海量可复用物料,通过 GUI 工具极速构建中后台应用

cooking - 👨‍🍳 更易上手的前端构建工具

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Hit Gitter if you come across any problem while using cooking. Issues are only for bug reports and feature requests.

mpvue - 基于 Vue.js 的小程序开发框架,从底层支持 Vue.js 语法和构建工具体系。

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基于 Vue.js 的小程序开发框架,从底层支持 Vue.js 语法和构建工具体系。

front-end-handbook - Front-end Developer HandBook

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这是任何人都可以用来学习前端的实践手册, 它概述并讨论了前端工程的实践: 该如何学习以及实践时该使用什么工具. 撰写该手册的目的有两个: 一是为潜在以及正在实践的前端开发人员提供一个包括学习资料和开发工具的专业资源; 二是该手册可以被管理者, CTO, 讲师和猎头用来作为洞察前端开发的实践.

RAP - Web接口管理工具,开源免费,接口自动化,MOCK数据自动生成,自动化测试,企业级管理。阿里妈妈MUX团队出品!阿里巴巴都在用!1000+公司的选择!RAP2已发布请移步至https://github

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RAP is a web tool that allows web applcation developers to rapidly define and document web APIs that are used in typical RESTful-API based web applications. RAP can also be used to generate API mock data and run API services to enable front-end developers in writing and testing their front-end code that makes consumpiont of the predefined web API loaded with mock data, hence reducing the dependency from the backend development work. Meanwhile, backend developers can implement their backend code according to the defintion of API on their own pace to meet the quality and timeline requirements. With RAP, you can really do more with less. belerweb, xinglie, nunnly, x03570227, jokefaker, etc.

asteroid - An alternative client for a Meteor backend

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A javascript client (node) for a Meteor backend. Meteor is an awesome framework for building real-time APIs. Its canonical front-end framework however is not very flexible. Adopting other front-ends comes with the cost of having to work around the limitations of meteor's build tool, which makes it very difficult, for instance, to use other tools like webpack, or to manage dependencies via npm.

Fluent JDF


Fluent JDF contains everything you need to quickly add JDF capabilities to any .NET client application. It includes powerful tools that allow you to easily author, parse and send JDF from your client applications.

build-a-hn-front-page - Learn React & Webpack by building a hacker news front page


这是一篇给初学者的教程, 在这篇教程中我们将通过构建一个 Hacker News 的前端页面来学习 React 与 Webpack. 它不会覆盖所有的技术细节, 因此它不会使一个初学者变成大师, 但希望能给初学者一个大致印象. 在此之前你应该已经安装了 node.js.

nebular - Nebular is a set of essential modules for your next Angular application.

  •    TypeScript

Nebular is a great toolkit if you build a Rich UI application based on Angular, and don't want to spend your time on painful project setup. It provides you with a unified approach for managing styles for various components (3rd party including), pure components tightly connect to Angular and authentication layer easily configurable for your API.There are a lot of awesome front-end frameworks out there these days. They provide a massive quantity of useful features making our lives more comfortable. Our intention is not to create a new one as we are pretty much aware of the complexity and amount of work developers put on their creations. But as developers, we feel that nowadays front-end development is disjointed. You have to search for libraries, go through the different installation process, everything looks different, and sometimes it's just annoying that you can't just sit and start going. That's why we are on a mission to assemble together the most usefule modules and libraries, join them with a unified application and graphical interface creating a great toolkit for easier setup.

Front-End-Performance-Checklist - 🎮 The only Front-End Performance Checklist that runs faster than the others


Performance is a huge subject, but it's not always a "back-end" or an "admin" subject: it's a Front-End responsibility too. The Front-End Performance Checklist is an exhaustive list of elements you should check or at least be aware of, as a Front-End developer and apply to your project (personal and professional). For each rule, you will have a paragraph explaining why this rule is important and how you can fix it. For more deep information, you should find links that will point to 🛠 tools, 📖 articles or 📹 medias that can complete the checklist.

star - A STock Analysis and Research tool for terminal(cli) users. 技术控和命令行爱好者的 A 股辅助分析工具。

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A STock Analysis and Research tool for terminal(cli) users. 技术控和命令行爱好者的 A 股辅助分析工具。

JX - JX(Javascript eXtension tools) 是腾讯AlloyTeam推出的模块化、非侵入式Web前端框架,适合构建和组织工业级大规模、高效率的 Web App

  •    Javascript

JX(Javascript eXtension tools) 是腾讯AlloyTeam推出的模块化、非侵入式Web前端框架,适合构建和组织工业级大规模、高效率的 Web App

airpal - Web UI for PrestoDB.

  •    Java

Airpal is a web-based, query execution tool which leverages Facebook's PrestoDB to make authoring queries and retrieving results simple for users. Airpal provides the ability to find tables, see metadata, browse sample rows, write and edit queries, then submit queries all in a web interface. Once queries are running, users can track query progress and when finished, get the results back through the browser as a CSV (download it or share it with friends). The results of a query can be used to generate a new Hive table for subsequent analysis, and Airpal maintains a searchable history of all queries run within the tool.We'll be using Gradle to build the back-end Java code and a Node.js-based build pipeline (Browserify and Gulp) to build the front-end Javascript code.

vue-design-system - An open source tool for building UI Design Systems with Vue.js

  •    Javascript

Vue Design System is an open source tool for building UI Design Systems with Vue.js. It provides you and your team a set of organized tools, patterns & practices that work as the foundation for your application development. The tool is built on top of Vue.js, Vue Styleguidist, Webpack, and Theo and is aimed for designers and front-end developers who have at least basic knowledge of component based workflows + HTML, SCSS & JavaScript.