scxml-test-framework - A set of SCXML tests, and an HTTP client test runner for testing against SCXML HTTP test servers

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This test script indicates that after SCXML document basic/basic1.scxml is loaded into the SCXML interpreter, the expected initial configuration of the state machine will be a single state with id "a". Next, an event with name "t" and no data will be dispatched on the state machine, and the resulting state machine configuration will be a single state with id "b". Note that the "initialConfiguration" and "nextConfiguration" properties should only contain the ids of expected basic states, which is to say "initialConfiguration" and "nextConfiguration" specify a "basic configuration", or a configuration of basic states. As a "full configuration", or a configuration composed of both basic and non-basic states, can be derived from a basic configuration, specifying only basic configurations in the test script can be done without leading to a loss of safety or generality.


cli-table : ^0.3.1
github : ^2.4.1
grunt : ^1.0.1
grunt-release : ^0.14.0
load-grunt-tasks : ^3.5.2
node-static : ^0.7.8
nopt : ^3.0.6
request : ^2.74.0
underscore : ^1.8.3



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