disco.chat - Add real-time ephemeral chat to any webpage.

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Add anonymous ephemeral real-time chat to any webpage. disco.chat adds anonymous ephemeral real-time chat to any webpage. It's a mashup of Twitch's chat and Intercom's customer service chat widget.



@types/body-parser : ^1.16.5
@types/express : ^4.0.38
@types/helmet : ^0.0.36
@types/hpp : ^0.2.0
@types/lodash : ^4.14.77
@types/mongoose : ^4.7.23
@types/morgan : ^1.7.33
@types/node : ^8.0.34
@types/socket.io : ^1.4.31
@types/throng : ^4.0.1
body-parser : ^1.18.2
cors : ^2.8.4
docusaurus : *
dotenv : ^4.0.0
express : ^4.16.1
helmet : ^3.9.0
hpp : ^0.2.2
joi : ^13.0.1
lanes : ^1.1.0
lodash : ^4.17.4
mongoose : ^4.12.1
monk : ^6.0.5
morgan : ^1.9.0
nodemon : ^1.12.1
socket.io : ^2.0.3
socket.io-redis : ^5.2.0
throng : ^4.0.0
tslint : ^5.7.0
typescript : ^2.5.3



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