extract-streetview - extract street view spherical images and depth information

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A command-line tool to extract high-res spherical images and other data from Google StreetView.This tool uses Electron for proper interaction with the Google API, so it is fairly heavy (~100mb). Install with latest npm.



awesome-streetview : ^1.4.2
devtool : ^1.7.1
electron-canvas-to-buffer : ^1.0.3
google-panorama-by-id : ^2.1.0
google-panorama-by-location : ^4.1.1
google-panorama-equirectangular : ^1.2.0
minimist : ^1.2.0



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OpenSceneGraph glsl samples


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postgresql-metrics - Tool that extracts and provides metrics on your PostgreSQL database

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Service to extract and provide metrics on your PostgreSQL database.This tool is a CLI (command line) tool that can be called to extract statistics and create metrics regarding your PostgreSQL database cluster. CLI is runnable in long running process mode, which will periodically send the gathered metrics forward.

Faster-High-Res-Neural-Inpainting - High-Resolution Image Inpainting using Multi-Scale Neural Patch Synthesis

  •    Lua

[update 10/10/2017] Example of photo editing using inpainting at the project website. [update 9/30/2017] We shared the inpainting result of 200 ImageNet images and 100 Paris StreetView Images at the project website.


  •    C++

[2017/11/12] - Added simple tessellation shader sample. Fixed misc issues with pipeline setup for tessellation. [2017/11/10] - Added ChessSet demo. Added geometry shader sample. Fixes to depth stencil handling. [2017/11/10] - Added TexturedCube sample. Updated depth attachment handling on swapchain render pass. Switched out lc_image for stb_image. Added DXC shader build script. [2017/05/27] - Fixed some annoying buffer state transitions. Added build script for shaders. Updated shader naming convention to be more exact. Added OpaqueArgs and PassingArrays for investigation. [2017/05/20] - Updated Append/Consume sample for Vulkan. Requires latest glslang. ConstantBuffer also works for both platforms. [2017/05/13] - Added Linux support. Moved to project files to cmake. Moved glsl shaders to glsl sub directory - forcing HLSL for now. [2017/04/30] - Clarified shader usage in some sample programs to point out which source they're coming from. [2017/04/27] - Added ConstantBuffer sample (D3D12 only for now). Updated Vulkan samples to use negative viewport height. [2017/04/25] - Updated SimpleCompute and StructuredBuffer to work on Vulkan. [2017/04/24] - Added compute samples (D3D12 only for now). One for simple compute and another for structured buffers.

extract-text-webpack-plugin - Extracts text from bundle into a file

  •    Javascript

Extract text from a bundle, or bundles, into a separate file. ⚠️ Since webpack v4 the extract-text-webpack-plugin should not be used for css. Use mini-css-extract-plugin instead.

Google Maps Workshop

  •    Javascript

This project implements the Google Maps API and the open source GeoNames project to provide an interactive geocode workshop. You can move the map, enter addresses, etc., and generate a long/lat-based Google Maps link, as well as download a GPS POI file.