nerdtree-execute - Plugin for NERD Tree that provides an execute menu item, that executes system default application for file or directory

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When navigating in NERDTree, select file or directory, press 'm' key, and NERDTree menu will appear. Press 'x' then to execute system default application for selected file/directory, using this plugin. You can open your favourite image editor for images, pdf reader for pdfs etc. If you like this project, please follow the repository on GitHub and vote for it on Also, you might consider visiting my blog and following me on Twitter and Github.



Related Projects

nerdtree-git-plugin - A plugin of NERDTree showing git status

  •    Vim

A plugin of NERDTree showing git status flags. Works with the LATEST version of NERDTree. The original project git-nerdtree will not be maintained any longer.

vim-nerdtree-tabs - NERDTree and tabs together in Vim, painlessly

  •    Vim

I'm no longer using vim-nerdtree-tabs and i'm no longer maintaining it actively. In case you forked it and moved the code forward, e.g. by fixing a considerable chunk of the reported issues, let me know and i'll link your fork here.

nerdtree - A tree explorer plugin for vim.

  •    Vim

The NERDTree is a file system explorer for the Vim editor. Using this plugin, users can visually browse complex directory hierarchies, quickly open files for reading or editing, and perform basic file system operations. This plugin can also be extended with custom mappings using a special API. The details of this API and of other NERDTree features are described in the included documentation.

vim-signature - Plugin to toggle, display and navigate marks

  •    Vim

Changed the default value of g:SignatureForceRemoveGlobal to 0 since using :wviminfo!/:wshada! is a very heavy hammer and because it goes against a *vim default. Signature used to have a mapping conflict with NERDTree as both try to map the m key. To get around this, I used to delete maps whenever I detected someone entering the NERDTree pane and recreate the maps upon exit. However, this had a lot of issues and as of cfa6452 I've decided to remove any code that was intended to work around this since it wasn't working anyways. Refer to the discussion here for more details. Sorry for any inconvenience. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know.

emacs-neotree - A emacs tree plugin like NerdTree for Vim.

  •    Emacs

A Emacs tree plugin like NerdTree for Vim. You can install the plugin using the packages on melpa.

vim - My Vim configuration more Python, Javascript, Vue

  •    Vim

You can use Docker to try it. Or use the GitLab registry, where the image is automatically built weekly and all dependent packages are updated.

dotvim - An attempt at The Ultimate Vim Configuration™ with focus on Rails development

  •    VimL

NOTE: this project is no longer supported. The development moved to the Dotvim v2. Beta testers and contributions are welcome. All the right plugins are in. Nerdtree, CtrlP, you name it.


  •    Emacs

If you’ve previously used a different explorer like NeoTree or NerdTree - or an earlier version of treemacs for that matter - you are probably used to a display system wherein you see exactly a single file tree whose exact root you can arbitrarily change. This system makes it difficult to work on and switch between multiple projects. Treemacs used to (and still does) remedy that limitation by making every treemacs buffer unique to its frame, but it has now been redesigned to be able to display multiple file trees - projects - at once. In treemacs a workspace is simply a (named) collection of projects, while a project consists of 2 things: its location in the file system and its display name. This is the info that you need to provide when you want to add a new project to your workspace. In the future it should be possible to switch between various workspaces and use different workspaces for different frames’ buffers, but as of now there exists only the global default workspace.

syntastic - Syntax checking hacks for vim

  •    Vim

Syntastic is a syntax checking plugin for Vim created by Martin Grenfell. It runs files through external syntax checkers and displays any resulting errors to the user. This can be done on demand, or automatically as files are saved. If syntax errors are detected, the user is notified and is happy because they didn't have to compile their code or execute their script to find them. At the time of this writing, syntastic has checking plugins for ACPI Source Language, ActionScript, Ada, Ansible configurations, API Blueprint, AppleScript, AsciiDoc, Assembly languages, BEMHTML, Bro, Bourne shell, C, C++, C#, Cabal, Chef, CMake, CoffeeScript, Coco, Coq, CSS, Cucumber, CUDA, D, Dart, DocBook, Dockerfile, Dust, Elixir, Erlang, eRuby, Fortran, Gentoo metadata, GLSL, Go, Haml, Haskell, Haxe, Handlebars, HSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSON, JSX, Julia, LESS, Lex, Limbo, LISP, LLVM intermediate language, Lua, Markdown, MATLAB, Mercury, NASM, Nix, Objective-C, Objective-C++, OCaml, Perl, Perl 6, Perl POD, PHP, gettext Portable Object, OS X and iOS property lists, Pug (formerly Jade), Puppet, Python, QML, R, Racket, RDF TriG, RDF Turtle, Relax NG, reStructuredText, RPM spec, Ruby, SASS/SCSS, Scala, Slim, SML, Solidity, Sphinx, SQL, Stylus, Tcl, TeX, Texinfo, Twig, TypeScript, Vala, Verilog, VHDL, Vim help, VimL, Vue.js, xHtml, XML, XSLT, XQuery, YACC, YAML, YANG data models, YARA rules, z80, Zope page templates, and Zsh. See the manual for details about the corresponding supported checkers (:help syntastic-checkers in Vim).

vim-php-cs-fixer - Use FriendsOfPHP/PHP-CS-Fixer

  •    Vim

Integrate php-cs-fixer. This plugin will execute the php-cs-fixer command on the directory or file (depends on which command you call). See options to know how to customize that.

nushell - A modern shell written in Rust

  •    Rust

This project has reached a minimum-viable product level of quality. While contributors dogfood it as their daily driver, it may be unstable for some commands. Future releases will work fill out missing features and improve stability. Its design is also subject to change as it matures. Nu comes with a set of built-in commands (listed below). If a command is unknown, the command will shell-out and execute it (using cmd on Windows or bash on Linux and MacOS), correctly passing through stdin, stdout and stderr, so things like your daily git workflows and even vim will work just fine.

space-vim - :four_leaf_clover: Lean & mean spacemacs-ish Vim distribution

  •    Vim

space-vim is a vim distribution for vim plugins and resources, compatible with Vim and NeoVim. It is inspired by spacemacs and mimics spacemacs in a high level, especially in the whole architecture, key bindings and GUI. if have ever tried spacemacs, you will find space-vim is very similar to it in user experience.

vim-which-key - :tulip: Vim plugin that shows keybindings in popup

  •    Vim

vim-which-key is vim port of emacs-which-key that displays available keybindings in popup. emacs-which-key started as a rewrite of guide-key, very likely, vim-which-key heavily rewrote vim-leader-guide with a goal of going further in vim world. The features of vim-which-key has evolved a lot since then.

ale - Asynchronous linting/fixing for Vim and Language Server Protocol (LSP) integration

  •    Vim

ALE (Asynchronous Lint Engine) is a plugin for providing linting in NeoVim 0.2.0+ and Vim 8 while you edit your text files, and acts as a Vim Language Server Protocol client. ALE makes use of NeoVim and Vim 8 job control functions and timers to run linters on the contents of text buffers and return errors as text is changed in Vim. This allows for displaying warnings and errors in files being edited in Vim before files have been saved back to a filesystem.

vim-gotham - Code never sleeps in Gotham City.

  •    Vim

Gotham is a very dark vim colorscheme. It works on GUI vim (MacVim or gVim) and on terminal vim. For terminal vim, there's support for a lot of terminal emulators in the gotham-contrib repository.If you don't use a plugin manager just copy the content of vim/colors/ to ~/.vim/colors.

vim-go-tutorial - Tutorial for vim-go

  •    Vim

Tutorial for vim-go. A simple tutorial on how to install and use vim-go.We're going to use vim-plug to install vim-go. Feel free to use other plugin managers instead. We will create a minimal ~/.vimrc, and add to it as we go along.

EverVim - A Modern, Powerful & Modular Vim Distribution

  •    Vim

EverVim is the ultimate vim distribution that supports NeoVim, Vim, GVim and MacVim. It ships with tons of powerful features through vim plugins, which makes it easy to get started for both newcomers and experienced users. The distribution is completely customizable using a ~/.EverVim.vimrc Vim config files.

Web Job Executer


Most of the time you will have a requirement for enabling users to execute a scheduled job in SQL Agent manually. You could not expect business key users to login to production and execute jobs out-of-schedule. So i builded a small ASP.NET web site to allow users execute th...