Islamicsoft All in One Quran, Hadith,Prayer and Azkar

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Easy to use and fully compatible with the operating systems ????? ?? ????????? ? ????? ??? ?? ????? ??????? Account prayer times for 252 countries and 9511 City ???? ????? ?????? ?? 252 ??? ? 9511 ????? Equations for calculating accurate prayer times and take full control...



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Standalone SQL Agent

The Standalone SQL Agent provides SQL Express users with the ability to use the SQL Server Agent features of the database system even though Microsoft has decided to remove the SQL Agent from the SQL Express product. This project is developed using Visual Basic.NET 2008.

Fulltext Management for SQL Server (Express)

This Addin for SQL Server Management Studio allows you to manage your fulltext catalogs easily. It even works for SQL Server Express editions, so now you can use a nice GUI instead of unhandy SQL commands.


ExpressProfiler is a simple but good enough replacement for SQL Server Profiler. Can be used with 2005/2008/2008r2/2012/LocalDb, either express or standard

Sql2008 PerfMonCounter Fix

Small console application to Fix the SQL 2008 Express Edition installation error: Pequena aplicação para Corrigir o seguinte erro de Instalação do SQL server 2008 express edition Rule Name PerfMonCounterNotCorruptedCheck Rule Description Checks if existing performance ...

Venatek SQL Server File Archive - Watched Folder Saves Files to Database

One or more watched folders are defined. Each folder is given a category. A Windows service watches the folders. When a file is dropped into a folder, the system inserts it into a SQL Server table. Admin is done via a Windows forms app written using Developer Express controls. C#

railway-SQLFORM - Simple Sql Form generator module for express-on-railway NodeJS MVC framework.

Simple Sql Form generator module for express-on-railway NodeJS MVC framework.

NHibernate-Photography - basic NHibernate example using sql express

basic NHibernate example using sql express

NetSqlAzMan - .NET SQL Authorization Manager

.NET Sql Authorization Manager is an authorization manager for .NET Framework 4.0 developed applications (smart?client/web). The authorizations storage is on MS Sql Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/Express/Compact. NetSqlAzMan has been developed with LINQ to SQL.

islamic-prayer-time - Utilities and tools for Islamic prayer times

Utilities and tools for Islamic prayer times

Java Islamic Tools Library

JITL is a java port of the Islamic Tools Library (ITL). It provides a plethora of useful Islamic tools and applications as well as a comprehensive feature-full Islam-centric library (prayer time calculation, Qibla calculation, Hijri calendar)

Sabily - Operating System for Muslims

Sabily is a open source operating system designed by and for Muslims. It is based on the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution and has pre-installed packages for the Arabic language. With Sabily, Muslim users have “out of the box” Islamic software and tools like Islamic calendar, Quran viewer, Islamic prayer times application and lot more.

Holy Quran Browser

A system for search and browsing Holy Quran text and translations. this is designed to develop with : - MVC 2.0 - Sql server 2008 - Visual Studio 2010 (C#)

Forum PAF - The Open Source .Net Forum - From Viet Nam - By Thomas John (jntpaf)

The Open Source .Net Forum - From Viet Nam ------------------------- Các ph?n m?m c?n thi?t ?? ch?y Forum PAF: 1. .Net Framework 2.0 (tr? lên) 2. Ajax Extension 1.0 (tr? lên) 3. Sql Server 2005 (Sql Server Express 2005, Sql Server 2008...) Cái này Google nhé! :D Nhi?u l?m ?ó.

AngJobs - Job board based on

The single page app code(javascript+css) is located in ~/Assets/appTo run the web app on Windows you need [Visual Studio]( [Sql Server Express]( both are free tools by Microsoft Run tests==To run unit tests use this command at your command prompt:AngJobs\AngJobs>**karma start test/karma.conf.js**![](https://dl.dropboxuse


EstSearchDialogs is a Delphi component set to create powerful search functionality in your application by building a SQL statement and visualy configuring how your user may search on the query result. Use BDE, DB Express, ADO, IB Express, Zeos or custom.


???? QQ????117046975 ?????IIS6.0(7.0?7.5)+SQL Server 2008(express)+Asp.Net MVC 3.0 ?????VS2010(express)


A web-based bug or issue tracker written using ASP.NET, C#, and SQL Server (SQL Server Express too). Probably has all the features you need. Easy to setup. Power and flexibility when you need it. Learn more at

NET2CsExportData -To export data quickly(SQL Server 2000/2005, Access,Xml,Excel)

supports : - Microsoft Access (2003 - *.mdb) - Microsoft Sql Server 2000 - 2005 and Express(*.mdf) - XML (*.xml) - Excel (*.xls)


BugTracker.NET is a free, open-source, web-based bug or customer support issue tracker written using ASP.NET, C#, and Microsoft SQL Server (or its free cousin SQL Server Express). It is in daily use by thousands of development and support teams around the world. BugTracker.NE...


Simple Quick Script Runner allows an administrator to run T-SQL Scripts against one or more servers with common characteristics. For example, an maintenance script might be targeted at a list of mirrored servers, or a list of computers running SQL Express.