ioBroker.javascript - Script engine for JavaScript and Blockly

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Executes Javascript, Typescript and Coffescript Scripts. Here you can find description of blockly.


@types/node : ^8.10.29
@types/request : ^2.47.0
coffee-compiler : ^0.3.2
coffee-script : >=1.12.3
node-schedule : 1.3.0
request : ^2.85.0
suncalc : ^1.8.0
typescript : >=2.9.1
virtual-tsc : ^0.4.6
wake_on_lan : 0.0.4



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ioBroker - Automate your life!

  •    Javascript

ioBroker is an integration platform for the Internet of Things, focused on Building Automation, Smart Metering, Ambient Assisted Living, Process Automation, Visualization and Data Logging. It like a software f.e. fhem, OpenHAB or the thing system. ioBroker is not just an application, it's more of a a concept, a database schema, and offers a very easy way for systems to interoperate. ioBroker defines some common rules for a pair of databases used to exchange data and publish events between different systems.

Openhab - The OSGi-based Open Home Automation Bus

  •    Java

The open Home Automation Bus (openHAB) project aims at providing a universal integration platform for all things around home automation. It is an open-source solution based on the Eclipse SmartHome framework. openHAB brings together different bus systems, hardware devices and interface protocols by dedicated bindings. These bindings send and receive commands and status updates on the openHAB event bus.

awesome-home-assistant - A curated list of amazingly awesome Home Assistant resources.

  •    Shell

Home Assistant is an open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. Powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts. Perfect to run on a Raspberry Pi or a local server. Awesome Home Assistant is a curated list of awesome Home Assistant resources. Additional software, tutorials, custom components, Hassio add-ons, custom Lovelace panels, cookbooks, example setups, and much more.



A Home Automation project to interact with INSTEON devices, the idea is to have a web service accessible from multiple devices (apps) to turn on/off lights, appliances etc in a home powered by INSTEON hardware.

GAJavaScript - Library to simplify working with JavaScript and UIWebView.

  •    Objective-C

JavaScript is accessed from Cocoa Touch using UIWebView. GAJavaScript has the concept of a "script engine", which provides the primary interface to the JavaScript runtime inside the UIWebView. Essentially, the UIWebView is an implementation detail of this library, but you may want to manage the UIWebView instance used by the script engine. This class is the main interface to the library. It takes or creates a UIWebView and prepares it for use with the library. It implements UIWebViewDelegate so that it can load the library's JavaScript file when the WebView is loaded, and it implements support for calling Objective-C methods from JavaScript. It also adds methods to create new objects, either a simple "new Object" or using a constructor function. When you create a new object this way, it's lifetime is tied to the lifetime of the GAScriptObject that is returned, unless you assign the object as a property of another object.

Script Engine by C# and regular expression

  •    CSharp

The script engine is a lightweigth and simple one, which is implemented by pure C# and regular expression. It's samll and with good performance and external data and functions can be embedded in at run time. The grammer is decided and designed by yourself!

Jint - Javascript Interpreter for .NET

  •    Javascript

Jint is a script engine based on the Javascript language. Using Jint, developers can provide fully scriptable applications, execute .NET code without compiling, or create external configuration logic, using the most used script language.

SimpleBrowser - A flexible and intuitive web browser engine designed for automation tasks

  •    CSharp

SimpleBrowser is a lightweight, yet highly capable browser automation engine designed for automation and testing scenarios. It provides an intuitive API that makes it simple to quickly extract specific elements of a page using a variety of matching techniques, and then interact with those elements with methods such as Click(), SubmitForm() and many more. SimpleBrowser does not support JavaScript, but allows for manual manipulation of the user agent, referrer, request headers, form values and other values before submission or navigation.

jsvu - JavaScript (engine) Version Updater

  •    Javascript

jsvu is the JavaScript (engine) Version Updater. jsvu makes it easy to install recent versions of various JavaScript engines without having to compile them from source.

scriptish - The greatest user script engine on the Internet (a fork of Greasemonkey).

  •    Javascript

The greatest user script engine on the Internet (a fork of Greasemonkey).



PythonEngine is an engine for building and executing python scripts from a web application. It includes: 1. script datasource & database schema; 2. script engine, with an in-memory cache of compiled code; 3. controls to add script from web applications. It was used, in an ...

Win10-Initial-Setup-Script - PowerShell script for automation of routine tasks done after fresh installations of Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016

  •    PowerShell

This is a PowerShell script for automation of routine tasks done after fresh installations of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. This is by no means any complete set of all existing Windows tweaks and neither is it another "antispying" type of script. It's simply a setting which I like to use and which in my opinion make the system less obtrusive. If you just want to run the script with default preset, simply right click on the Win10.ps1 file, choose Run with PowerShell, and confirm execution policy change. Make sure your account is a member of Administrators group as the script attempts to run with elevated privileges.

Smart Home

  •    Assembly

SmartHome - Software which allows easy management and complete control of an home automation system. The software will handle remote requests and also have a monitoring service to respond to external events such as drop in temparature, etc

lpmsserv - an http server based on elpmis

  •    DotNet

an http server based on elpmis script language with localization / storage <storoom> supported can setup http server without any c++ / / c# code change support save & refresh, can get response changed without even restart server

Forth Script - web scripting engine


Forth Script is a server-side web scripting engine based on FORTH language. It may work as CGI-application under any web-server and lets you create dynamic web-pages using Forth language, HTML patterns and database's data. Example:

Emendatio Script Engine


Script engine influenced by C++, Pascal, and BASIC. Currently being planned.

Autoload eCommerce Shopping Cart Script

  •    PHP

osCommerce based shopping cart script.

mIRC Script Engine

  •    Java

Java based mIRC script engine that is completely focused on interpreting mIRC scripts (as much as possible with Java). Basic GUI included. Mostly for IRC bot developers and anyone wanting to develope an IRC client GUI.

PHP/Java Bridge

  •    Java

The PHP script engine for Java. --- Run PHP applications within any J2EE server or servlet engine and/or connect script engines like PHP with Java or .NET back ends efficiently.