WWDC - The unofficial WWDC app for macOS

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WWDC for macOS allows both attendees and non-attendees to access WWDC livestreams, videos and sessions during the conference and as a year-round resource. ⬇️ If you just want to download the latest release, go to the website.




Related Projects

iOS8-day-by-day - Selection of projects accompanying the iOS8-Day-by-Day blog series http://www

  •    Swift

Apple delivered iOS 8 to the developer world at WWDC in June 2014, before launching it at the wider world in September of the same year. The iOS 8 SDK was somewhat over-shadowed by the simultaneous announcement of a new programming language in the form of Swift, however this didn't mean that the core OS had been overlooked at all. Quite the opposite - a huge number of new APIs had been introduced, powering tons of new functionality. iOS8: Day-by-Day is a review of the most important of these. Busy developers don't have time to trawl the WWDC videos and Apple documentation. Instead they'd like to get a high-level summary of the new possibilities, alongside some working sample code. This is exactly what iOS8: Day-by-Day provides. It started out as a blog series, and these blog posts now form the basis of the book.

iOS9-day-by-day - Selection of projects accompanying the iOS9 Day-by-Day blog series.

  •    Swift

Apple delivered iOS 9 to the developer world at WWDC in June 2015, before launching it to the public in September. The iOS 9 SDK introduced some big changes to the user, such as iPad multitasking and search and Siri enhancements. The majority of the new features were focused on optimization and performance enhancements. A large number of new APIs were introduced, and iOS9 Day-by-Day is a review of the most important of these. The motivation behind this is that busy developers don't have time to trawl the WWDC videos and Apple documentation. Instead, they'd like to get a high-level summary of the new possibilities, alongside some working sample code. This is exactly what iOS9 Day-by-Day provides.


  •    Ruby

Script to download the sample code for all WWDC 2013 sessions. You need to be a registered Apple Developer to use it.

AppleEvents - The unofficial Apple Events app for macOS

  •    Objective-C

This is the unofficial Apple Events app for macOS, inspired by the official Apple TV Events app. Use this app to watch Apple's special events on your Mac while you work.

WWDC_2014_Video_Subtitle - WWDC 2014 Video Subtitles

  •    Javascript

These subtitle contents are provided by Apple, the original files are Webvtt format which is not a most frequently used format, so I fetch them from Apple website, then combine and translate them to srt format which is supported by most of video players. Thanks to Edward, he told me some of the videos in the WWDC apps had got English subtitles yesterday and he is paying close attention to this thing all the time.

2018 - Student submissions for the WWDC 2018 Scholarship


List of student submissions for the WWDC 2018 scholarship. To add your own below, just edit this file and submit a pull request! Please read the PLEASE READ section before submitting.

Conferences.digital - 👨‍💻Watch the latest and greatest conference videos on your Mac

  •    Swift

Conferences.digital is the best way to watch the latest and greatest videos from your favourite developer conferences for free on your Mac. Either search specifically for conferences, talks, speakers or topics or simply browse through the catalog - you can add talks to your watchlist to save for later, favourite or continue watching where you left off. As soon as new conferences/talks have been added it will be announced on twitter.

asciiwwdc.com - Searchable full-text transcripts of WWDC sessions

  •    HTML

Find the content you've been looking for, without having to scrub through session videos. Created by normalizing and indexing video transcript files provided for WWDC videos. Heroku is the easiest way to get your app up and running. For full instructions on how to get started, check out "Getting Started with Ruby on Heroku".

wwdc-downloader - WWDC 2018 video downloader script written in Swift - no external dependency.

  •    Swift

wwdc2018.swift script is a Swift script that should work out of the box without any needs of extra software or development package. Its main purpose is to let you bulk download all WWDC session videos, pdf resources and sample codes in one shot.

JTRevealSidebarDemo - (demo) A carefully implemented iOS objective-c library to mimic the sidebar layout of the new Facebook app and Path 2

  •    Objective-C

Apple explicitly discourage the "Hamburger Menu". Watch WWDC 2014 - 211 Designing User Intuitive User Experience. Apple isn't encouraging the sidebar pattern, we can see that throughout all the official updated on iOS 7, they can potentially put it in the Mail app, the AppStore app, but it never gets actually adopted.

WWDC - Open sourcing WWDC hit parties app.

  •    Swift

Parties for WWDC is an aggregator of developers parties happening in San Jose mostly exclusively for participators of WWDC 2018. Hottest startups and technology companies in Silicon Valley are organizing parties for developers who participate WWDC 2018.

WWDC_2015_Video_Subtitle - WWDC 2015 Video 英文字幕 (共104个)

  •    Javascript

WWDC 2015 Video 英文字幕 (共104个)

VisualProgrammingLanguage - A visual programming language written in Swift that assembles to executable Swift code

  •    Swift

This project aims to proof the node-based visual programming language that assembles executable Swift code and can be written using an Apple Pencil or touch entirely. See wwdc-submission branch for the original files submitted for my WWDC 2018 scholarship.

wwdc-session-transcripts - WWDC Session Transcripts

  •    Ruby

As used by ASCIIwwdc. Transcripts for WWDC sessions are aggregated from subtitles included in session videos from 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

dotfiles - 🖥️ Automated Configuration, Preferences and Software Installation for macOS

  •    Vim

I will update your MacOS machine with Better™ system defaults, preferences, software configuration and even auto-install some handy development tools and apps that my developer friends find helpful. You don't need to install or configure anything upfront! This works with a brand-new machine from the factory as well as an existing machine that you've been working with for years.

MarzipanPlatter - UIKit + macOS

  •    Objective-C

At WWDC 2018 Apple announced that they are working on a multi-year strategy to make it easier to port UIKit applications to the Mac. While some first-party applications such as the Home & News app are going to use this API in macOS 10.14, third-party developers won't have official access for another year. As a result, I made this project to help tinkerers/other impatient people get a taste of what's to come when Apple gives everyone access to Marzipan next year. If you're running into oh my goodness my Mac keeps dying issues when debugging, I've provided some simple instructions to create a release version of your Marzipan app.

iOS-blur - Blur a UIView

  •    Objective-C

In iOS 7 a new view is shown in several places that is transparent and has a nice blur effect. However Apple hasn't given us a public API to use this amazing view. Apple gave us some sample code at WWDC that blurs an UIImage object. It looks great, but isn't as cool as a view that blurs the views behind it in realtime.

electron-osx-sign - Codesign Electron macOS apps

  •    Javascript

electron-osx-sign minimizes the extra work needed to eventually prepare your apps for shipping, providing the most basic tools and assets. Note that the bare necessities here are sufficient for enabling app sandbox, yet other configurations for network access etc. require additional work. Check out electron-osx-sign guide for suggestions on setting up your environment and workflow for distribution or development.

WWDC_2013_Video_Subtitle - Subtitle file(.srt) of WWDC 2013's Video


下载的字幕是以Video的序号命名的, @lexrus 童鞋的这个gist里提供了序号和Video名称的对应表, 感谢他。 另外@puttin同学提供了一个批量修改文件名的脚本,点进去有图有真相哦,非常实用,Thx~4.

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