ViewPump - View Inflation you can intercept.

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View inflation you can intercept. ViewPump installs a custom LayoutInflater via a ContextThemeWrapper and provides an API of pre/post-inflation interceptors.



Related Projects

Inflation Calculator


Online Inflation Calculator to return annualized inflation rate on arbitrary selected products( over specified period of time: implemented as RIA using pure HTML 5, CSS, jQuery coding technique (no need for graphic files)

go-grpc-middleware - Golang gRPC Middlewares: interceptor chaining, auth, logging, retries and more.

  •    Go

gRPC Go Middleware: interceptors, helpers, utilities. gRPC Go recently acquired support for Interceptors, i.e. middleware that is executed either on the gRPC Server before the request is passed onto the user's application logic, or on the gRPC client either around the user call. It is a perfect way to implement common patterns: auth, logging, message, validation, retries or monitoring.

Decor - Android layout decorators : Injecting custom attributes in layout files, Using decorators to get rid of unnecessary class explosion with custom views

  •    Java

Decor is a library that applies decorators to Android layout with additional attributes without the need to extend and create a custom View for each functionality. Decor plugs into Android's layout inflation and applies custom attributes to Views.

expandable-recycler-view - Custom Android RecyclerViewAdapters that collapse and expand

  •    Java

Let's say you are a rock star 🎸 and you want to build an app to show a list of your favorite Genres with a list of their top Artists. Next up, let's create the ChildViewHolder and GroupViewHolder. These are both wrappers around regular ol' RecyclerView.ViewHolders so implement any view inflation and binding methods you may need.

fecon235 - Computational tools for financial economics

  •    Jupyter

This is a free open source project for software tools in financial economics. We develop code for research notebooks which are executable scripts capable of statistical computations, as well as, collection of raw data in real-time. This serves to verify theoretical ideas and practical methods interactively. Economic and financial data, both historical and the most current.

node-unzip - node.js cross-platform unzip using streams

  •    Javascript

Streaming cross-platform unzip tool written in node.js. Unzip provides simple APIs similar to node-tar for parsing and extracting zip files. There are no added compiled dependencies - inflation is handled by node.js's built in zlib support. Unzip is also an example use case of node-pullstream.

dio - A powerful Http client for Dart, which supports Interceptors, FormData, Request Cancellation, File Downloading, Timeout etc

  •    Dart

A powerful Http client for Dart, which supports Interceptors, Global configuration, FormData, Request Cancellation, File downloading, Timeout etc.


  •    C++

Libiqxmlrpc is C++ object-oriented library that represents an XML-RPC solution for both client and server. It supports HTTP and HTTPS, both single-threaded and multi-threaded computation models on the server side, method interceptors, and other features.

Blade - Lightning fast and elegant MVC framework for Java8

  •    Java

Blade is a pursuit of simple, efficient Web framework, so that Java web development even more powerful, both in performance and flexibility. The design is simple, easy to understand and doesn't introduce many layers between you and the standard library. The goal of this project is that the users should be able to understand the whole framework in a single day. It supports RESTful style routing interface. It has no invasive interceptors and provides the writing of DSL grammar.


  •    Java

A set of extensions for Struts adding advanced web framework features for Java 5.0 developers, including POJO actions, declarative validation, data binding and conversion, dependency injection, interceptors and pluggable navigation.

Smart Client Container

  •    Java

The Smart Client Container is an extended J2EE container for application clients. It features local session beans and smart ejb-refs with interceptors and a transport abstraction (RMI / HTTP).

java-telegram-bot-api - Telegram Bot API for Java

  •    Java

Network operations based on OkHttp library. You can build bot with custom OkHttpClient, for specific timeouts or interceptors. You can use getUpdates request, parse incoming Webhook request, or set listener to receive updates. Update object just copies Telegram's response.

ngx-progressbar - Angular progress bar ☄

  •    TypeScript

A nanoscopic progress bar. Featuring realistic trickle animations to convince your users that something is happening!

LocalVPN - A packet interceptor for Android built on top of VpnService

  •    Java

A packet interceptor for Android built on top of VpnService

pandora - an android library for debugging what we care about directly in app.

  •    Java

an android library for debugging what we care about directly in app. Pandora is a tool box that allows you to inspect and modify what includes networks, databases, UIs, etc. directly in your application. It is suitable for rapid position of various problems in the development and testing stages.

husky - :dog: Git hooks made easy

  •    Javascript

By default, husky expects your project's package.json and your .git directory to be at the same level. It can be configured to support monorepos or sub-directories.Check documentation for more.

android - Android Docker image

  •    Dockerfile

Android Docker image, based on the Bitrise Base Docker image ( / bitriseio/docker-bitrise-base ), and extends it with pre-installed Android tools/setup. This docker image is pre-cached on the related Virtual Machines.

PreLoader - Pre-load data for android Activity/Fragment/View (android页面启动速度优化利器:在页面打开之前就预加载数据)

  •    Java

Pre-load data for android Activity/Fragment/View (android页面启动速度优化利器:在页面打开之前就预加载数据)