ASP.NET MVC Infinite Scroll

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An infinite scroll is a nice solution when you need to display large amounts of content in page, it helps by increasing performance in such a page because only a specific number of items is shown when the page first loads. As the user scrolls down, more content is shown.



Related Projects

jscroll - An infinite scrolling plugin for jQuery.

  •    Javascript

Official site at The jscroll method takes an optional object literal as a parameter for overriding the default options. An example of how this can be done is shown below.

UIScrollView-InfiniteScroll - UIScrollView ∞ scroll category

  •    Objective-C

Infinite scroll implementation as a category for UIScrollView. * The content used in demo app is publicly available and provided by and Flickr. Both can be inappropriate.

RSDayFlow - iOS 7+ Calendar (Date Picker) with Infinite Scrolling.

  •    Objective-C

iOS 7 Calendar with Infinite Scrolling. Only need 4 lines of code to set up. Import the class header.

INSPullToRefresh - A simple to use very generic pull-to-refresh and infinite scrolling functionalities as a UIScrollView category

  •    Objective-C

INSPullToRefresh is a simple to use very generic pull-to-refresh and infinite scrolling functionalities as a UIScrollView category. There are a lot of of pull to refresh views. We've never found one we are happy with. We always end up customizing one, so we decided to write one that's highly generic. You can just write you view and it to the content of pull to refresh or infinite scroll container view.

react-native-ultimate-listview - A high performance FlatList providing customised pull-to-refresh | auto-pagination & infinite-scrolling | gridview layout | swipeable-row

  •    Javascript

This module supports both of iOS and Android platforms. Know Issue (v3.3.0): On Android, if you are using CustomRefreshView, and the total hight of your first load data is less than your device height, then the RefreshView may still sticky on the top. However, if the data you loaded is beyond your screen, everything's fine. This issue only happen on Android, any PR is welcome.

pull-to-refresh - #Busy Re-Building

  •    Swift

ESPullToRefresh is an easy-to-use component that give pull-to-refresh and infinite-scrolling implemention for developers. By extension to UIScrollView, you can easily add pull-to-refresh and infinite-scrolling for any subclass of UIScrollView. If you want to customize its UI style, you just need conform the specified protocol. Download and run the ESPullToRefreshExample project in Xcode to see ESPullToRefresh in action.

PageController - Infinite paging controller, scrolling through contents and title bar scrolls with a delay

  •    Swift

PageController is infinite paging controller, scrolling through contents and title bar scrolls with a delay. Then it provide user interaction to smoothly and effortlessly moving. It is for iOS written in Swift. Type is [UIViewController], and element must have title.

ngInfiniteScroll - Infinite Scrolling for AngularJS

  •    Javascript

Infinite Scrolling for AngularJS

jquery-endless-scroll - Endless/infinite scrolling/pagination.

  •    CoffeeScript

Endless/infinite scrolling/pagination.

ngInfiniteScroll - Infinite Scrolling for AngularJS

  •    Javascript

Maintainer help needed: I'm looking for fellows that are willing to help me maintain and improve this project.ngInfiniteScroll is a directive for AngularJS to evaluate an expression when the bottom of the directive's element approaches the bottom of the browser window, which can be used to implement infinite scrolling.

DMLazyScrollView - Lazy Loading UIScrollView for iOS (with support for infinite scrolling)

  •    Objective-C

DMLazyScrollView for iOS (with support for infinite scrolling) allows you to create and endless (in both horizontal and vertical direction) UIScrollView organized in pages and load UIViews dynamically only when needed by reducing time and memory consumption. When you have lots of UIViews to show inside a scroll view you don't want to waste memory and time by creating a big UIScrollView content view, load all subviews at the same time and show them; it does not make sense and it's slow on older devices.

scroll-frame - Retain your scroll position between pages using an iframe

  •    Javascript

Retain your scroll position between pages using an iframe. Especially helpful for infinite scrolling views.

LoopBar - Tap Bar with infinite scrolling

  •    Java

At Cleveroad we’ve recently come to realize that navigation through categories in an app using nothing but a navigation panel is pretty boring and trivial. That’s why, armed with our designer’s creativity, we introduce you our new component for Android-based applications -- LoopBar. The idea was to make the navigation menu right at fingerprints, in a tab bar. What's more the view has a few specific features that make it stand out from the crowd of similar ones. So, try out the LoopBar library in your app and you’ll see the difference. View can work in three scroll modes: infinite, finite and auto mode. Names of first two speak for itself. In auto mode the list of groups will be infinite if all adapter items didn't fit on screen in other case it will be a static list. Selected view by request could overlay layout on screen on which it placed. Widget has horizontal and vertical layouts and also start or end gravity of selected view.

vue-scroller - Scroller Component for Vue.js

  •    Javascript

Vue Scroller is a foundational component of Vonic UI. In purpose of smooth scrolling, pull to refresh and infinite loading. For vue 1.0, please refer to branch v1.


  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin that turns your regular paginated page into an infinite scrolling page using AJAX

lavalamp.js - A replacement for infinite scrolling.

  •    CSS

A replacement for infinite scroll. Works both ways (next and previous). There are 2 buttons: #previous and #next, that encapsulate the page.

react-native-infinite-scroll-view - An infinitely scrolling view that notifies you as the scroll offset approaches the bottom

  •    Javascript

InfiniteScrollView is a React Native scroll view that notifies you as the scroll offset approaches the bottom. You can instruct it to display a loading indicator while you load more content. This is a common design in feeds. InfiniteScrollView also supports horizontal scroll views. It conforms to ScrollableMixin so you can compose it with other scrollable components.