vue-express-mongo-boilerplate - :star: MEVN Full stack JS web app boilerplate with NodeJS, Express, Mongo and VueJS

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This is a full stack webapp boilerplate project with VueJS + ExpressJS + MongoDB. It is NOT an out-of-box project. I make it in order to create an up-to-date starter repo which contains all important functions (user signup, login, oauth, profile, ...etc) except the business-logic. So when neccessary I can create a new webapp and only need to develop the business logic.


agenda : 0.9.1
async : 2.4.1
axios : 0.16.1
bcrypt-nodejs : 0.0.3
body-parser : 1.18.2
chalk : 1.1.3
cli-table2 : 0.2.0
clui : 0.3.1
compression : 1.7.1
connect-mongo : 1.3.2
cookie-parser : 1.4.3
cross-env : 5.0.0
csurf : 1.9.0
express : 4.16.0
express-flash : 0.0.2
express-list-endpoints : 3.0.0
express-session : 1.15.6
express-status-monitor : 1.0.0
express-validator : 3.2.0
fakerator : 0.3.0
glob : 7.1.2
graphql : 0.10.0
graphql-server-express : 0.7.2
graphql-subscriptions : 0.3.1
graphql-tools : 0.11.0
hashids : 1.1.1
helmet : 3.8.2
helmet-crossdomain : 0.1.0
i18next : 8.3.0
i18next-express-middleware : 1.0.5
i18next-node-fs-backend : 1.0.0
ioredis : 3.0.0
le_node : 1.7.0
lodash : 4.17.5
method-override : 2.3.10
mkdirp : 0.5.1
moment : 2.19.3
mongoose : 4.10.2
mongoose-auto-increment : 5.0.1
morgan : 1.9.0
netjet : 1.1.3
node-sass : 4.5.3
nodemailer : 4.0.1
nodemailer-html-to-text : 2.1.0
nodemailer-mailgun-transport : 1.3.6
nodemailer-sendgrid-transport : 0.2.0
object-hash : 1.1.8
passport : 0.3.2
passport-facebook : 2.1.1
passport-github : 1.1.0
passport-google-oauth : 1.0.0
passport-local : 1.0.0
passport-localapikey-update : 0.5.0
passport-twitter : 1.0.4
pretty-bytes : 4.0.2
pug : 2.0.0-beta6
require-webpack-compat : 3.0.0
serve-favicon : 2.4.5
slug : 0.9.1
snyk : ^1.41.1 : 2.0.2 : 2.0.2
uuid-token-generator : 1.0.0
winston : 2.3.1
winston-daily-rotate-file : 1.4.6
winston-graylog2 : 0.7.1
winston-loggly-bulk : 2.0.0
winston-logsene : 1.2.1
winston-logzio : 1.0.5
winston-papertrail : 1.0.5



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