gmp-widevine - Adapt Widevine CDM to use in Firefox

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Adapt Widevine CDM from Google Chrome to work in Firefox as a GMP plugin. Mainline version of Firefox doesn't have necessary bits of EME implemented yet, but Firefox Nightly already have them working. (January 2016). I used source snapshot 29258f59e545 from mozilla-central with firefox.patch applied. It remained unknown to me where Firefox looks up for GMP plugins, so MOZ_GMP_PATH environment variable was used instead. Note, it should point to directory path which ends with .../gmp-widevine/1. So one should create directory gmp-widevine somewhere, then directory 1 (a number, one) inside it, then copy data/ and generated there. Here one can find original description of how that method works. Maybe one will have to use LD_PRELOAD to preload /opt/google/chrome/, since adapter can't do it itself due to sandboxing.



Related Projects - Inputstream based Netflix plugin for Kodi

  •    Python

Note: The link to download the Widevine Libary for none ARM Systems can be found in the Firefox Sources & needs to be placed in the cdm folder in special://home. Please make sure to read the licence agreement that comes with it, so you know what you´re getting yourself into.



The Ch GMP package is a Ch binding to the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic C library. This file contains the instructions for creating and installing Ch GMP package. With Ch GMP, GMP library functions can run in Ch interpretively without compilation.

shaka-packager - A media packaging SDK intended for C++ programmers writing MPEG-DASH packaging applications with Widevine DRM and Common Encryption support

  •    C++

Media packaging SDK intended for C++ programmers writing DASH/HLS packager applications with common encryption support, Widevine DRM support, Live, and Video-On-Demand.This document provides the information needed to create a DASH/HLS packager that is able to remux and encrypt a video into fragmented ISO BMFF format with common encryption (CENC) support. The DASH/HLS packaging API is also designed in such a way for easy extension to more source and destination formats.

gmp compiler

  •    C

The GMP compiler simplifies the use of GMP, the GNU multiple precision library. It scans a C source file for specially marked GMPS arithmetic expressions and replaces them with plain C.

netflix-1080p - Chrome extension to play Netflix in 1080p and 5.1

  •    Javascript

What it is doing is testing your User-agent for the "CrOS" string anywhere in it. If the search returns true, it appends the 1080p profile to the profile playback array (what this line a && this.oo.push(x.V.TH); is doing). If it returns false, it does nothing. The playback profile array is set up like so: this.oo = [x.V.vA, x.V.wA];, x.V.vA is the SD profile and x.V.wA is the 720p profile. After reading this you think the easy solution would be to just change the User-agent to make it contain the string "CrOS" right? Not that simple. ChromeOS apparently has a different DRM implementation than chrome, even though both use Widevine. I could never get it to work when I tried, Netflix always threw license errors. The next easiest thing to do is just delete the conditional to append 1080p and just make the 1080p profile apart of the regular profiles (this.oo = [x.V.vA, x.V.wA]; -> this.oo = [x.V.vA, x.V.wA, x.V.TH];). This works perfectly, but only for the majority of Netflix content. A few videos, like Disney movies, have manifests completely restricted to Edge to the point where you can't obtain them without an Edge ESN.

GNU MP wrapper for .NET


A .NET wrapper with simple object interface (written in C#) for GNU MP bignum library ( GNU MP or (short) GMP is ... "...a free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic, operating on signed integers, rational numbers, and floating point numbers. There is...

XNum integer arithmetic library

  •    C++

XNum is an integer arithmetic library written in C++. The difference between XNum and other libraries such as GMP lt;; is the the former tries to imitate the practical method that humans use to do the arithmetic themselves. Current

CicadaPlayer - CicadaPlayer is the player core of AliPlayer, which support multiple platform Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and WebAssembly for now

  •    C++

Cicada Media Player is a multi platform player sdk,Keep the world free of difficult videos to play,using Cicada Media Player, build your multimedia apps happily.

fxa-auth-server - The Firefox Accounts authentication server.

  •    Javascript

* node 0.10.x or higher* npm* pgrep * Usually available by default on Mac OS X 10.8+ and Linux. * On older versions of Mac OS X, get it via: `brew install proctools`.* libgmp * On Linux: install libgmp and libgmp-dev packages * On Mac OS X: `brew install gmp`


  •    C

Dingoui is a GUI for Go applications, which are compliant with the GMP standard. It also follows the SGF standard for the recorded games, and implements the rules of the Canadian Byo-yomi system. Based upon GTK+, it particularly fits good to GNUGo

The MacLaurin computing library

  •    C

This is a C library using the GMP Bignum library for performing arithmetic operations between any functions (represented by their MacLaurin series expansion up to a given degree). A support for computing some generating functions is also provided. Coeffi


  •    C

This is a port of the GNU MultiPrecision library of C arbitrary-precision arithmetic routines to IA-64, with a focus on efficient (assembly) IA-64 routines for mul_basecase.c and sqr_basecase.c

General Multiprecision PYthon

  •    C

Interfacing GMP 4 to Python 2.{3,4} for fast, unbound-precision computations.

NGmp .NET Mono Multiprecision Library

  •    Java

NGmp is a C# C++ Java Python VB.NET etc. etc. binding of GMP and MPFR multi-precision number libraries. With support of Microsoft .NET or Novell Mono runtime NGmp will run on mutliple platforms. It is faster than other libraries available on .NET or Mono


  •    PHP

Require this package, with Composer, in the root directory of your project. Note: Hashids requires either the BC Math or GMP extension in order to work.

riscv-tools - RISC-V Tools (GNU Toolchain, ISA Simulator, Tests)

  •    Shell

Note for OS X: We recommend using Homebrew to install the dependencies (libusb dtc gawk gnu-sed gmp mpfr libmpc isl wget automake md5sha1sum) or even to install the tools directly. This repo will build with Apple's command-line developer tools (clang) in addition to gcc.

pterosaur - All firefox text fields are vim.

  •    Javascript

Due to the rules of my new employer, I likely won't be able to continue contributing to or maintaining Pterosaur as a Firefox addon for the foreseeable future. Pterosaur works through Firefox 38, which should be in ESR until mid-2016. Hopefully, I will have made a Chromium version well before then. I apologize to everybody whose workflow will be disrupted. Pterosaur is free software. There is nothing stopping you from forking it. Pterosaur gives you the full power of Vim and your vimrc in each Firefox text field.


  •    VBNET

DiskMarkStream is an automatic macro tool specially designed for CrystalDiskMark (CDM). It will run CDM with predefined settings and save screenshot and log. This consecutive unattended operation will help user to test various conditions and multiple drives at ease.

Consumer Direction Module (CDM)


A web-based management information system designed specifically for participant-directed long-term care programs. The CDM creates system-wide efficiencies, quality, and cost savings by integrating information sharing, planning tools, and reporting in a highly configurable tool.

MMRA - Make Medium Readable Again — a browser extension

  •    Javascript

I've gotten a little tired of showing up to a Medium-powered site on a domain and getting badgered to Sign Up! or Get Updates! when I'm already a Medium user. It's also annoying to have a vertically-small reading viewport because the top and bottom nav bars don't auto-hide. I know -- Who owns a 12.1" laptop anymore?, right? Well... today I decided I couldn't abide that anymore, and made a browser extension to neutralize these user hostilities. This is that browser extension. Install it on Chrome or on Firefox.

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