Hyperlinked Validation System for WinForms

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A easy-to-use and powerful utility for form-input checks.




Related Projects

Validator Toolkit for ASP.NET MVC

The Validator Toolkit provides a set of validators for the ASP.NET MVC framework to validate HTML forms on the client and server-side using validation sets. By defining a validation set, e.g. a LoginValidationSet class, the toolkit will generate code.

jquery-validation - jQuery Validation Plugin library sources

The jQuery Validation Plugin provides drop-in validation for your existing forms, while making all kinds of customizations to fit your application really easy.Include jQuery and the plugin on a page. Then select a form to validate and call the validate method.

forms - A lightweight go library for parsing form data or json from an http.Request.

Forms is a lightweight, but incredibly useful go library for parsing form data from an http.Request. It supports multipart forms, url-encoded forms, json data, and url query parameters. It also provides helper methods for converting data into other types and a Validator object which can be used to validate the data. Forms is framework-agnostic and works directly with the http package.Forms follows semantic versioning but offers no guarantees of backwards compatibility until version 1.0. Keep in mind that breaking changes might occur. We will do our best to make the community aware of any non-trivial breaking changes beforehand. We recommend using a dependency vendoring tool such as godep to ensure that breaking changes will not break your application.

Enhanced Forms

Enhanced forms extends the regular ASP.NET input and validation controls to give some flare to your projects and provide new features which makes the user experience much nicer. For a demonstration please visit http://www.ronald-douglas.com/Projects

Silverlight Validation Framework

This projects helps to validate user input in Silverlight business applications. The validator does not only works with textboxes, all kinds of controls are supported.

Generic JavaScript validator

Generic JavaScript validator is a cross-browser HTML forms validation,which uses DOM to validate form elements. Add few extra attributes to your existing form's like require=yes|no, pattern=_date|_email|_zip|_digits|... Code generator is also avaliable.

Validate--Tiny - Filter and validate user input from forms, etc.

Filter and validate user input from forms, etc.

validator - A forms/parameter parsing and verifying library for Go

This library is for automatically assigning HTTP form values, a map[string][]string or a map[string] string to a pre-defined structure. It also allows you to validate the data prior to allowing assignment. It fails hard, if any field is found to fail validation, an error is immediately returned and no further processing occurs.

CodeIgniter-jQuery-Validator - CodeIgniter library for validation HTML forms with jQuery

CodeIgniter library for validation HTML forms with jQuery

requorm.js - [JavaScript] Library for checking and validating input on HTML forms

JavaScript library for checking and validating HTML forms. If any of the fields in the form incorrectly filled, submit buttons will be disabled.


X-Forms is a Graphical User Interface Framework to aid in the creation of User Interfaces within Games created using the Microsoft XNA Framework. X-Forms is built to reflect how .NET Windows Forms work. It provides support for full screen Forms and Controls. The project aim...

"Ascend.Net" Windows Forms Controls

"Ascend.NET" Windows forms controls are a collection of .NET custom controls implemented in C# targeting Visual Studio 2005. The controls are designed to be flexible, but not overly complicated and are reliable under tough conditions.

jQuery-form-validation - jQuery plugin that can validate HTML forms.

jQuery plugin that can validate HTML forms.

form-validation - Using Jquery and Ajax to validate forms

Using Jquery and Ajax to validate forms

bower-form-validator - Component for validation of codeigniter forms

Component for validation of codeigniter forms

aws-php-sns-message-validator - Amazon SNS message validation for PHP

The Amazon SNS Message Validator for PHP library allows you to validate that incoming HTTP(S) POST messages are valid Amazon SNS notifications. This library is standalone and does not depend on the AWS SDK for PHP or Guzzle; however, it does require PHP 5.4+ and that the OpenSSL PHP extension is installed.To validate a message, you can instantiate a Message object from the POST data using the Message::fromRawPostData. This reads the raw POST data from the php://input stream, decodes the JSON data, and validates the message's type and structure.

Simbel Javascript Generation code

Generate javascript validation from an xml template; you can configure on xml your html forms, giving params (min / max length, etc) and creates an JavaScript code to put in your html to validate your forms. Its an easy way to write js validation.

AscendedThemeKit (Themed Windows Forms and Controls)

The child of the Ascend.Net controls and ThemeKit theming forms and controls. Add themable forms and controls to your project.