hero-rotation - WoW Addon - Attempt to provide the useful and precise informations to execute the best possible DPS rotation in every situation

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Not every specs are update for BfA, please check the table below (Supported Rotations), if a spec is in WIP or Outdated, please do not report an issue about it. If you are experiencing issues with AoE rotation (likely abilities not being recommended), be sure to have enemies nameplates enabled and enough nameplates shown (camera can hide them).




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AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft

  •    Lua

AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft is an open source development tool for building AddOns for World of Warcraft.



YoMama was started as a World Of Warcraft addon. Select your mark, type /yomama and your character will insult him/her with a random quote. A stand alone Android app is also available at Google Play.

Auctioneer Addon for World of Warcraft

  •    Lua

Auctioneer is an interface addon to the World of Warcraft (TM) game. Auctioneer enhances the WoW interface by adding additional information to the tooltips in the game that allow you to see additional information on the value of items in the game.

Panza - WoW Addon

  •    Lua

Panza: A World of Warcraft UI mod which used to help healers and Buffers with buffing, healing, and cure duties. It will not work in WoW 2.40 as is but many pieces of this addon may return to WoW in a different form :)

Enchantrix addon for World of Warcraft

  •    Lua

Enchantrix is an addon for World of Warcraft that allows players of World of Warcraft who are engaged in the enchanting tradeskill to track the disenchantments of their items and the reagents produced.

Gatherer addon for World of Warcraft

  •    Lua

Gatherer is an addon for World of Warcraft that allows players of World of Warcraft to track their discoveries of gatherable items such as herbs, minerals and treasure.

World of Warcraft Backit up(wow backit up)


a project that helps you backup and restore your settings in wow easily



EnhSim allows players of World of Warcraft Enhancement Shaman to simulate their gear setup and work out what combination of gear gives the best damage output.

GM Helper


GMH(Gamemaster's Helper) is an addon to help manage GM commands in an ArcEmu based World of Warcraft private server.

WoW Addon Updater

  •    Python

A program designed to aid in keeping World of Warcraft AddOns up-to-date. A plugin interface allows developers to quickly and easily add new sources to get addons from (e.g. ui.worldofwar.net, www.curse-gaming.com, etc).


  •    WPF

a WPF and Directx9, Directx11 implementation of model explorer of world of warcraft. English and Chinese UI Interface, Mists of Pandaria 5.2Support.



WowAceUpdater is a tool for World of Warcraft players who use the Ace family of addons (http://www.wowace.com). It keeps track of what addons are installed and will update them if new versions are available.

sniffer - Log and Analyze Outgoing HTTP Requests

  •    Ruby

You can configure capacity of storage to prevent the huge memory usage and set up log rotation. By default log rotation is active (when capacity is set) and log works like a queue. If rotation is disabled - requests will be logged until result log size reaches the capacity.

api-wow-docs - Documentation for the World of Warcraft web APIs.

  •    Javascript

Documentation for the World of Warcraft web APIs.

DKP for DotNetNuke®


A DKP system aimed at World of Warcraft for guilds running websites powered by DotNetNuke®.

WoWinterface.com Favorites Downloader


help you to download and install your world of warcraft addons from wowinterface.com

TGAN World of Warcraft Addon

  •    Lua

The TGAN add on for World of Warcraft. It's a collection of smaller tools and utilities, not one huge add on in and of itself. It has many useful abilities, including but not limited to checking someone's rested XP, or the XP per kill they receive.

Rotatable - Helper class to make any view rotatable

  •    Java

This is a helper class actually, it simplifies having a view as rotatable by setting touch events and handling a lot of boilerplate works! So if you need a component that needs to be able to rotate by touch, you do not have to deal with all these stuff. You can apply this rotatable class to any view in your xml, just need to pass the required view into Rotatable builder and configure up to your needs.


  •    CSharp

WowTourGuideTranslator is a program to parse and automatically translate files for the TourGuide addon for World of Warcraft. It automatically translates quest names, locations, item names ans npc names. It's developed in C# with .net 3.5 SP1.

WowPacketParser - World of Warcraft Packet Parser

  •    CSharp

Optionally, WPP can connect to two kinds of MySQL databases: world from TrinityCore and its own database, WPP. This can be enabled by setting <add key="DBEnabled" value="true" /> in the .config file. Remember to set <add key="TargetedDatabase" value="1"/> in accordance with the targeted version of the core. The world database is used when creating SQL files after parsing to produce the mimimum number of changes needed to update the database. For example, if only the faction of a creature that appears in the sniff needs to be updated, the produced SQL files will contain an UPDATE query, instead of a full INSERT to the table creature_template. WPP does not modify this database directly, all the tentative changes will be written to the output SQL files.