python-hsreplay - Python library for creating and parsing HSReplay XML files

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A python module for HSReplay support. The library is available on PyPI. pip install hsreplay will install it.



Related Projects

Hearthstone-Deck-Tracker - A deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone on Windows

  •    CSharp

Hearthstone Deck Tracker is an automatic deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone. Copyright © HearthSim. All Rights Reserved.

StarData - Starcraft AI Research Dataset

  •    Python

We release the largest StarCraft: Brood War replay dataset yet, with 65646 games. The full dataset after compression is 365 GB, 1535 million frames, and 496 million player actions. The entire frame data was dumped out at 8 frames per second. We made a big effort to ensure this dataset is clean and has mostly high quality replays. You can access it with TorchCraft in C++, Python, and Lua. The replays are in an AWS S3 bucket at s3://stardata. Read below for more details, or our whitepaper on arXiv for more details. Note: The current set of replays are only compatible with the 1.3.0 version of torchcraft included here.

HSTracker - A deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone on macOS

  •    Swift

HSTracker is an automatic deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone on macOS. HSTracker uploads your games to

hearthstonejson - Extracts card info from Hearthstone into JSON format

  •    Javascript

This project is broken because hearthstone updated to Unity 5 which is not fully supported yet by

hearthdash - Hearthstone tracker

  •    CoffeeScript

Hearthdash is a card tracking application for Hearthstone. You can download Hearthdash from the releases page. Currently only builds for OS X are available.

pysc2 - StarCraft II Learning Environment

  •    Python

PySC2 is DeepMind's Python component of the StarCraft II Learning Environment (SC2LE). It exposes Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft II Machine Learning API as a Python RL Environment. This is a collaboration between DeepMind and Blizzard to develop StarCraft II into a rich environment for RL research. PySC2 provides an interface for RL agents to interact with StarCraft 2, getting observations and sending actions. We have published an accompanying blogpost and paper, which outlines our motivation for using StarCraft II for DeepRL research, and some initial research results using the environment.

doitlive - Because sometimes you need to do it live

  •    Python

doitlive is a tool for live presentations in the terminal. It reads a file of shell commands and replays the commands in a fake terminal session as you type random characters. Requires Python >= 2.7 or >= 3.5 with pip.


  •    Python

omniArchive records and replays events on CORBA interfaces. omniArchive allows unprecedented visibility into the events crossing any CORBA interface. It is ideal for debugging running system, or replaying archived events into existing interfaces.

playground - PlayGround: AI Research into Multi-Agent Learning.

  •    Python

First time? check out our website for more information, our Discord to join the community, or read the documentation to get started. Playground hosts Pommerman, a clone of Bomberman built for AI research. People from around the world submit agents that they've trained to play. We run regular competitions on our servers and report the results and replays.

python-wordpress-xmlrpc - Python library for WordPress XML-RPC integration

  •    Python

Python library to interface with a WordPress blog's XML-RPC API. An implementation of the standard WordPress API methods is provided, but the library is designed for easy integration with custom XML-RPC API methods provided by plugins.

XML pretty print for python (xmlpp)


A lightweight, non-validating module that does an XML pretty print using python. Works/does a best effort on html and malformed/invalid xml.

SOAPy SOAP/XML Schema library for Python

  •    Python

SOAPy is a SOAP-1.1 library for Python which uses WSDL and SDL documents to discover SOAP-based service APIs. It also includes an XML Schema parser which can parse a subset of the XML Schema standard.

untangle - Converts XML to Python objects

  •    Python

Converts XML to Python objects


  •    C

Expat is an XML parser library written in C. It is a stream-oriented parser in which an application registers handlers for things the parser might find in the XML document (like start tags).

converting XML to formatted text

  •    Python

xml2txt is a text formatter for XMl in the same way the FO is a PDF formatter. It uses python to convert an XML document to well-formatted text, wtih borders, indents, and tables.


  •    Python

lxml is a Pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries.

DSVW - Damn Small Vulnerable Web

  •    Python

Damn Small Vulnerable Web (DSVW) is a deliberately vulnerable web application written in under 100 lines of code, created for educational purposes. It supports majority of (most popular) web application vulnerabilities together with appropriate attacks. Python (2.6.x or 2.7.x) is required for running this program. Items XML External Entity (local), XML External Entity (remote) and Blind XPath Injection (boolean) require installation of python-lxml (e.g. apt-get install python-lxml). Otherwise, those will be disabled.

CrossXML : The cross platform XML editor

  •    Python

To develop an open source, os independant XML/DocBook Editor that meats all XML, DocBook schemes, with a graphical front end for building schema's, books, and other documents. It will be different from all the other XML Editors in that it will be truly cr

SMILGen SMIL Generation Tool

  •    Python

SMILGen is a SMIL (and XML) authoring tool designed to ease the process of XML content creation. SMILGen understands XML syntax and handles the nesting, formatting and syntax of XML so that an author doesn't need to remember each quote and closing brace.

Zope XML Methods

  •    Python

ZopeXMLMethods provides methods to apply to Zope objects for XML/XSLT processing. XSLTMethod associates XSLT transformers with XML documents. ZopeXMLMethods succeeds XMLTransform. It features file-system caching and works with many XML/XSLT libraries.

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