HD44780 Protocol Analyzer

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HD44780 Protocol Analyzer for the Saleae Logic and Logic 16 analyzers. Supports 8 and 4 bit data transfer modes.




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There are already [instructions](http://www.xinu.cs.purdue.edu/files/Xinu_BBB_instructions.txt) on the Xinu official page on how to download and boot Xinu from the BeagleBone Black(BBB). But I've had the following issues with it:- minicom wasn't able to download the file- after booting into Xinu, the watchdog would reset the BBB after ~60sSo here's what I did.First, the instructions are only valid with the serial communication program **minicom**. There are other ways to download the boot image,

LD110 - An analyzer plugin for the Logic software for Saleae Logic Analyzers

An analyzer plugin for the Logic software for Saleae Logic Analyzers


KnotTTY is a secure remote shell with public key exchange protocol based on the new braid groups cryptosystems. It provides : -gt; X11 forwarding -gt; Secured FTP protocol -gt; Multiplexed channels with AES 256 bits -gt; Project 100% C++ Object-Oriented

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This plugin for Saleae Logic allows you to analyze a PWM stream as commonly found in RC.The analyzer exports to a simple csv format with a timestamp and the value read at that timestamp.

IRAnalyzer - InfraRed Analyzer plugin for Saleae Logic software

InfraRed Analyzer plugin for Saleae Logic software


Open Source libs to access the saleae logic analyzer hardware http://www.saleae.com/logic/

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The CloudFlare Keyless SSL client communicates to the server via a binaryprotocol over a mutually authenticated TLS 1.2 tunnel. Messages are in binaryformat and identified by a unique ID.Messages consist of a fixed length header, and a variable length body. Thebody of the message consists of a sequence of items in TLV (tag, length,value) messages.All messages with major version 1 will conform to the followingformat. The minor version is currently set to 0 and is reserved forcommunicating poli

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Azure IoT protocol gateway is a framework for protocol adaptation that enables bi-directional communication with Azure IoT Hub. It is a pass-through component that bridges traffic between connected IoT devices and IoT Hub. The protocol gateway can be deployed in Azure using Cloud Services worker roles. It can also be deployed in on-premises environments.The Azure IoT protocol gateway provides a programming model for building custom protocol adapters for variety of protocols. It includes an MQTT protocol adapter to demonstrate the concepts and to enable customizations of the MQTT v3.1.1 protocol. Please note that IoT Hub natively supports the MQTT v3.1.1 protocol and the MQTT protocol adapter should be considered only if specific customizations are required. The protocol gateway programming model also allows you to plug in custom components for specialized processing such as custom authentication, message transformations, compression/decompression, or encryption/decryption of traffic between the devices and IoT Hub.

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Also remember that we know some of the plaintext: lines begin with 'UMUM4VEVE35' and end with '35'. We're going to figure out the XOR wheels first, and then the transpose wheels, by looking at cipherints that isolate their effects.First, for the XOR wheels, consider cipherints 00000 and 11111. We don't care about the transpose step! All the bits are the same! Each time we see those cipherints, we learn the bit of the current spoke on each of the five XOR wheels; it's just (plainbit XOR cipherbit

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