itunesfm - Sync play counts with your iTunes library.

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A small script to sync your play counts from back to iTunes. Supports both Windows and Mac OS X without any native dependencies. Useful if you scrobble to from iTunes on multiple computers / devices and want to keep your local play counts consistent.


babel-runtime : ^6.3.19
lastfmapi : 0.0.6
levenshtein-edit-distance : ^1.0.0
prompt : ^0.2.14
xmldoc : ^0.4.0



Related Projects

iTunes Fast Forward

  •    CSharp

A Windows iTunes Companion with these features : Global Hot Keys, Cover art fetch, Toaster, Scrobble, Lyrics Fetch, Auto-tag feature. It's developed in C# using WPF and the MVVM design pattern.

iTunes Song Sync

  •    VBScript

Small program to keep music and iTunes in sync. Update: This project was changed into a Visual Basic application with GUI.


  •    Java

LibreTunes is an open-source multi-scrobbler, scrobbling the music you play with iTunes to up to 3 AudioScrobbler servers. By default it supports and, but you are free to use any servers you want.

Last Genre

  •    Javascript

Last Genre is a Mac OS X Dashboard widget that shows artist tags and allows the user to choose one of them to set as the genre of iTunes tracks.

cloudtunes - Web-based music player for the cloud :cloud: :notes:

  •    CoffeeScript

CloudTunes provides a unified interface for music stored in the cloud (YouTube, Dropbox, etc.) and integrates with, Facebook, and Musicbrainz for metadata, discovery, and social experience. It is similar to services like Spotify, except instead of local tracks and the fixed Spotify catalog, CloudTunes uses your files stored in Dropbox and music videos on YouTube.CloudTunes is a side project of @jakubroztocil who is a bit of a music nerd and who likes to build stuff. In 2012 he decided to create an iTunes-like webapp to make music stored all over the cloud easily discoverable and accessible: hence CloudTunes. - API bindings for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

The JavaScript API allows you to call API methods and get the corresponding JSON responses. Basically it just acts as a wrapper that gives easy access to API methods. Responses can be cached using the localStorage API. It's easy to fetch a session for a user account. This allows you to perform actions on that account in a manner that is secure for users. All write services require authentication.

Online Last.FM Player

  •    PHP

The Last.FM Online Player allows you to listen to any Last.FM radio station without the need to install, or even download, any software. There is also a class available to easily get data from any profile on Last.FM

LPFM Scrobbler

  •    DotNet

LPFM Scrobbler is a simple .NET API library for scrobbling to the web service. It is designed for desktop, web and mobile applications that target the .NET 4 Framework. The library supports the Scrobble and Now Playing functionality of the API version 2.0

sls - Simple Scrobbler, a scrobbler for android devices

  •    Java

Simple Scrobbler (SLS) is a simple app that scrobbles music listened to on an Android phone. Scrobbling means submitting listening information to (and optionally/additionally and ListenBrainz) when you play a track, and you can then get music recommendations and view you listening history and statistics at Before the release of a new version of SLS, it will be available here to test for one week in the Beta Testing Versions link.

itunes util


Little iTunes utility program * export playlists/genres/artists to a folder * check for missing iTunes music files * check if music files in a folder are part of iTunes ..... Inspired by iTunes Export from It's developed in C#

iTunes Library Repair

  •    Java

This project is a (platform independent) tool to repair the iTunes library, if files have been moved or renamed. tested with iTunes 8 (8.1) and iTunes 10 (10.7). As noting changed in the library format, it is intended to work with iTunes 11 as well.

iTunes Duplicate Song Manager

  •    Java

iTunes Duplicate Song Manager is a program written in Java to remove duplicated files created by iTunes. iTunesDSM also removes orphaned tracks from the iTunes library, as well as, adds tracks to iTunes safely.

RMConnecter - Connecter is an OS X app to help you interact with iTunes Connect’s Transporter binary, which allows you to interact with app metadata in iTunes Connect

  •    Objective-C

Connecter is an OS X app to help you interact with iTunes Connect. It allows you to download, edit & update app metadata from and for iTunes Connect. If you’ve got Xcode installed, you’re all sorted and ready to use this with your Apple ID and password. Connecter is a work-in-progress, built quickly to allow us to improve our own iTunes Connect workflow. For the more seasoned developers amongst us, looking back at the commit history you can probably tell that the codebase was written in a morning by a Product Manager :-).

itc-api-docs - The unofficial documentation of the iTunes Connect JSON API

  •    Ruby

As there was a bigger change on iTunes Connect in September 2015 I don't find the time maintaining the docs. Instead I focus on keeping spaceship (GitHub) up to date. Take a look at what was necessary to update from the old iTunes Connect API to the new one in this pull request. This document describes the iTunes Connect JSON API and how to use it. The API is used by the AngularJS based iTunes Connect front-end to update app metadata. It is public once you have a valid session. TagBar

  •    CSharp

With TagBar you can Love, Ban or add Tracks to your playlist and add Artists, Albums or Tracks to tags in your account by submitting tracks you've got on your computer or URLs.

WinRT Last.FM library


A simple, asynchronous last.FM library for WinRT, that implements methods for most non-authenticated web calls. client for Windows Phone 7

  • client for Windows Phone 7. Search for artist, album, events and user and see details about them. See your profile information (recommended artists, events, friends, neighbours). The application can't play steaming music from site neither scrobble tracks.

iTuner - The iTunes Companion

  •    CSharp

A system tray app that adds seamless features to iTunes including automated library maintenance, playlist management, playlist sychronization with MP3 players, lyrics downloads, track and playback control, and global keyboard control. C#, WPF, MusicBrainz, iTunes APIs, and more!

iExporter - iTunes playlist exporting

  •    CSharp

iExporter is a small c# application that let's you export iTunes playlists to any other location. That way you can have your iTunes playlists available on any other device ( like usb stick, sd card or other mp3 player ).

iWatchSyncer - iTunes auto music importing

  •    WPF

iWatchSyncer is a small WPF c# program that will monitor a given location for file/folder addition. When a mp3 file, or folder containing mp3 files, is added iWatchSyncer will automatically add these to the iTunes music library. Instead of doing this yourself manually in iTunes!

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