Google Voice Visual Voicemail

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This is a Windows Mobile application that acts as a "Visual Voicemail" client for Google Voice on Windows Mobile. It is developed in C# .net 3.5 and utilizes the Silvermoon project to make the GUI more finger friendly.



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Moodle-GoogleApps Integration Moodlerooms and Google have worked together to build a state of the art integration. The 1.0 version of the integration provides: 1. Moodle users are automatically created in Google Apps (Google Docs, Calendar, and Gmail). 2. When you log in to Moodle, you are automatically logged in to Google Apps. 3. A Gmail block in Moodle displays your latest Gmail messages when you login to the Moodle Front Page. 4. A Google Apps block on the Moodle Front Page displays lin

google-drive-proxy - Google Drive Proxy is a Windows service that provides a simpler interface to the Google Drive API for other applications

Drive Proxy is a Windows Service that streamlines communication with Google Drive. It is meant to facilitate the construction of tools that leverage Google Drive's cloud storage capacity without burdening the hard drive and network with unnecesary local copies. Drive Proxy handles authentication with Google Drive and manages the cache where the needed files reside.It uses a simple protocol to communicate with client applications over a pipe. It is currently used by the [Google Drive Shell Extension] ( project to provide a transparent interface between Windows Explorer and Google Drive.

Google Search .NET - API for Google Services in C# .NET

Google Search .NET provides .NET developers access to Google search results through a friendly C# API. The API is based on the Google AJAX Search REST API, which currently supports the following Google services: Web, Local, Video, Blog, News, Book, Image, Patent.


Ajax Loader for Google™ is an extension that adds an ajax loader to the Google™ pages (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Reader, Google Sites, Orkut and Google Plus). If you want to change the loader, please follow these steps: Go to the [MENU] -> Tools -> Extensions -> And click on this extension options. (see the last screenshot) This extension may need an APNG extension from David Mzareulyan, available at

google-oauth-java-client - Google OAuth Client Library for Java

Written by Google, the Google OAuth Client Library for Java is a powerful and easy-to-use Java library for the OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0 authorization standards. The Google OAuth Client Library for Java is designed to work with any OAuth service on the web, not just with Google APIs. It is built on the Google HTTP Client Library for Java.For access to Google APIs, see the Google APIs Client Library for Java.


Xenotix xBOT is a proof of concept cross platform (Linux, Windows, Mac) bot written in Python that abuse certain Google Services to implement Command & Control Center for the botnet. The Google Apps Data API, Google Forms and Google Spreadsheet is abused to implement C2 for a bot network. The Google Forms can act as the C2 for a bot network. All the entries to the Google Form are send to an attached Spreadsheet. Here we can implement a bot that will listen to the Google Data API URL and extract


March 12, 2015, Google decide to close Google Code.I am grateful to Google Code. When there was not GitHub, I put my codes on Google Code. It was very stable. I had never see the server is down. Unfortunately, Google Code will close. However we, gopher has many codes that contains packages which is on We must finish transition to find alternative packages until the Google Code will close.

google-drive-shell-extension - Google Drive Shell Extension is a Shell Namespace Extension for Microsoft Windows

Google Drive Shell Extension is a Shell Namespace Extension for Microsoft Windows. It creates a virtual folder on My Computer, mirrored in the user's home directory, that allows the user to interact with his Google Drive account transparently through Windows Explorer. This includes "File Open" and "Browse" commands from within other Windows applications, etc. It connects to Google Drive using the Google Drive Proxy service.The main feature of the project is that syncronization is performed only as needed. Instead of holding the entire contents of your Google Drive folder on disk, it only keeps what it needs. When you open or copy files it will download them. It will then upload any changes you make locally to keep the folders in sync. This means that your content is not available while offline.

cloud-functions-emulator - A local emulator for Google Cloud Functions that allows you to deploy, run, and debug your Cloud Functions on your local machine before deploying them to the production Google Cloud Functions service

Disclaimer: This is not an official Google product.The Google Cloud Functions Emulator is a Node.js application that implements the Google Cloud Functions API, and includes a CLI with which you can manage the application.

jetty-runtime - Google Cloud Platform Jetty Docker image

This repository contains the source for the Google-maintained Jetty docker image. This image can be used as the base image for running Java web applications on Google App Engine Flexible Environment and Google Container Engine. It provides the Jetty Servlet container on top of the OpenJDK image.This image is mirrored at both and

storage-file-transfer-json-python - Uploads and downloads files between Google Cloud Storage and the local filesystem using the Google Python Client Library

Uploads and downloads files between Google Cloud Storage and the local filesystem using the Google Python Client Library. Uploads and downloads files between Google Cloud Storage and the local filesystem using the Google APIs Python Client Library.USAGE: This script uploads and downloads files in chunks between Google Cloud Storage and your local filesystem. It accepts two arguments: a file path and a Cloud Storage resource name in "gs:///" format. The order of these arguments dictates whether to upload or download (source first, destination second).

Google Data APIs .NET SDK

The Google Data APIs use the AtomPub protocol to read and write data to Google Services. This .NET Client SDK provides a library and source code that make it easy to access data through Google Data APIs. Services supported include Google Calendar, Contacts, YouTube and more

Google Places Autocomplete API for WP7

The Google Places Autocomplete API for WP7 is a project for WP7 developers to use when implementing an autocomplete box in their application. This project provides an easy non-blocking way to get fast results from the Google Places Autocomplete API.

Google Geo Kit

It is a sub-project divided from Citiport project. Google Geocoder Kit is an implementation for Google Geocoder in C#

TimeMap - Google Calendar on Google Map on Google Android

Google Calendar on Google Map on Google Android


e5 connects the power of WordPress to the Google Apps ecosystem. Build sites, manage campaigns, and market your business with the e5: Google Apps + WordPress Plugin. Google Docs embedding, Picasa Photo sharing, Google Calendar scheduling, and more... install it on your own domain! e5: Google Apps + WordPress is designed for WordPress multisite networks. We are working on an update to include single site installations. Discuss the plugin in the Google+ Community:


Call with Google Voice A Google Chrome extension that links phone numbers found in web pages to the Google Voice dialer. This extension will place a Google Voice icon next to any phone number found in a web page. Clicking the icon will bring up the Google Voice dialer for the phone number. From here you can call the number using any of the phones configured with your Google Voice account.

OverlappingMarkerSpiderfier - Deals with overlapping markers in Google Maps JS API v3, Google Earth-style

This library makes map markers in the Google Maps API (version 3) behave in that Google Earth way (minus the animation). Small numbers of markers (yes, up to 8) spiderfy into a circle. Larger numbers fan out into a more space-efficient spiral.The compiled code has no dependencies beyond Google Maps. Compiled out of CoffeeScript, minified with Google’s Closure Compiler and gzipped, it’s under 4KB.