OTRS-Client - A simple low-level Java client for OTRS' RPC/SOAP interface

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Being interested in Webservices, I was searching for something to play with in order to get a bit more practise and found OTRS at work. I was excited and wanted to give it a try, but soon found, that the interface OTRS was offering had little to do with Webservices. It is more like RPC using the SOAP protocol, basic elements like a predefined interface (WSDL) are missing. This makes all the frameworks for Webservices in Java practically useless. After googling around, I found a post from Joko Sastriawan explaining how to build SOAP-Messages using the standard JDK methods.






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OTRS - Helpdesk platform in Perl

  •    Perl

OTRS is the leading open-source service innovation suite and includes Help Desk, an ITIL-compatible IT service management (ITSM) solution, an iPhone App and an underlying technology platform. It provides web interface to administer and manage the tickets. Email notifications will be sent out for new tickets and follow-ups.

otrs - OTRS is one of the most flexible web-based ticketing systems used for Customer Service, Help Desk, IT Service Management

  •    Perl

You can find a list of features in the online documentation. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License - see the accompanying COPYING file for more details.

Viewpoint - A Ruby client access library for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS)

  •    Ruby

Viewpoint for EWS provides a thin Ruby layer on top of Microsoft Exchange Web Services(EWS). It also includes a bunch of model classes that add an additional layer of abstraction on top of EWS for use in implementing programs with Viewpoint. SOAP backend is now only dependant on Nokogiri. Before version 1.0 Viewpoint went through a number of iterations in backends including SOAP4r and Handsoap. Each of these approaches had major issues so in the end I decided it was easiest to just build the SOAP messages with Nokogiri since I was using it as the parser for response messages already.

SOAPEngine - This generic SOAP client allows you to access web services using a your iOS app, Mac OS X app and AppleTV app

  •    Objective-C

This generic SOAP client allows you to access web services using a your iOS app, Mac OS X app and Apple TV app. With this Framework you can create iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X and AppleTv apps that supports SOAP Client Protocol. This framework able executes methods at remote web services with SOAP standard protocol.

soap-client - A general purpose SOAP client for PHP

  •    PHP

You can customize the generated code based on the manual installation pages in the next chapter. To solve the above problems, this package will force you into using Value-objects for Requests and Responses. We know that maintaining these value-objects can be a load of work. No worries! There are some commandline tools available that will help you with generating a good base to start with. Because the SoapClient will need a classmap of WSDL to PHP Classes, there is also a classmap generator available. This will surely safe you a lot of time! By adding SOAP type converters, it is possible to transform the values of a specific SOAP type from/to a PHP type. The package comes included with some basic transformers for date and datetime. On, top of that, it is very easy to create your own transformers.

node-soap - A SOAP client and server for node.js.

  •    Javascript

A SOAP client and server for node.js. This module lets you connect to web services using SOAP. It also provides a server that allows you to run your own SOAP services.

CrmXpress SmartSoapLogger for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


SmartSoapLogger automates the process of generating SOAP messages as well as JavaScript functions to use them. All you do is write C# code and click on a button[You have few options as well]to get SOAP messages as well as the Script.

WCF SOAP With Attachments Message Encoder


This sample provides a message encoder for WCF that allows sending and receiving binary data with SOAP-messages based on W3C SOAP-With-Attachments. It was created during an interop-lab with SVC for providing better interoperability with local e-health services that are using SWA.

Qt SOAP Manager

  •    C++

qsoapman stands for quot;Qt SOAP Managerquot;. It is a GUI tool for sending SOAP messages and can be used for the development, debugging or exploration of Web Services. Right now, it does not yet support WSDL but support for this might be added in the future.

node-soap - A SOAP client and server for node.js.

  •    Javascript

A SOAP client and server for node.js.

savon - Heavy metal SOAP client

  •    Ruby

For more examples, you should check out the integration tests. If you are running MRI 1.8.7, try the 2.6.x branch.

python-zeep - A modern/fast python SOAP client based on lxml / requests

  •    Python

Please see the documentation at http://docs.python-zeep.org for more information.

Live Helper Chat - Live support for your website

  •    PHP

Live Helper Chat is an Open source live support chat for your website with bot, Voice & Video & ScreenShare, AI, Rest API integrations. You can also use LHC with any AI like Rasa or DeepPavlov.


  •    Perl

SOAP::WSDL is a WSDL based open-source SOAP toolkit for perl. It allows to easily create client and server SOAP interfaces based on a WSDL description.


  •    Java

For Java developpers who need to request SOAP server... until SOAP is deprecated. This is a client Java API. It does not require neither perform any code generation. It fits within a single jar file. soap-dust is validated against real servers.


  •    C++

SoapTrace.Net. A soap message monitoring utility written in C#. Captures soap messages by behaving as a proxy server or by capturing data packets using the WinPcap library or Windows Raw Sockets.

groovy-wslite - Lightweight SOAP and REST webservice clients for Groovy

  •    Groovy

Library for Groovy that provides no-frills SOAP and REST webservice clients. This library assumes you know exactly what messages you want to send to your services and want full control over the request. No streams are used and all request/responses are buffered in memory for convenience.

bullet - Simple, reliable, efficient streaming for Cowboy.

  •    Erlang

Bullet is a Cowboy handler and associated Javascript library for maintaining a persistent connection between a client and a server. Bullet abstracts a general transport protocol similar to WebSockets. Bullet will use a WebSocket if possible but will fallback to other transports when necessary. If the client supports EventSource connections then Bullet will use EventSource to send messages from the server to the client and XHR for messages from the client to the server. If EventSource is not available then Bullet will use XHR for both directions, using long-polling for server-to-client messages.

mist - A distributed, tag-based pub-sub service for modern web applications and container-driven cloud

  •    Go

Mist is a simple pub/sub based on the idea that messages are tagged. To subscribe, a client simply constructs a list of tags that it is interested in, and all messages that are tagged with all of those tags are sent to that client. A client can not only be a subscriber (with multiple active subscriptions), but also a publisher. Clients will receive messages for any tags they are subscribed, except message publish by themselves.

Post Office - SOAP or FTP

  •    Java

System interfaces for transferring files that use HTTP SOAP Web Service with RPC attachments. Java client implements a Post Office for B2B file exchange - encapsulates connection protocols (SOAP or FTP), processes XML file, exchanges any new files.

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