ASP.Net MVC ???? (MVC4,EF 5.0)

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?????VS2012 C# 4.5 +ASP.Net MVC 4.0 + EF5 codefirst ?????Windows Server 2008 + .net framework v4.5 ????SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/Compact 4.0?



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hatch - An address without a street? A person without a name? You don't need no invalid objects!

An address without a street? A person without a name? You don't need no invalid objects!

Error Output's Description

This custom component for SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services 2005 and 2008) helps you to enhance your error flows. It provides error description, column name and other useful information. You can connect many inputs to this component to create effective error flows quickly.

Linq Alias Generator

Linq Alias Generator will automatically create "friendly" alias names for database column names commonly used in Linq2SQL. Currently let's say you have a column in your table called product_name - well that's a pretty crappy name to use in code. LAG will change the name to Pr...

parse_xls - parse an xls file and find a column by text-name to output

parse an xls file and find a column by text-name to output

csvobj - Convert CSV files to an array of objects with friendly "column name" attributes

Convert CSV files to an array of objects with friendly "column name" attributes

tablemutt - A JavaScript table widget for large tabular data sets

Here at Datadog, a big part of our job is making big datasets easier to navigate. We recently outgrew our 3rd party Javascript sortable table plugin, and needed something lighter weight and more flexible.Enter TableMutt, a lightweight and extensible sortable table widget. TableMutt can separately customize the representation used for sorting, the representation for text searching, and the actual displayed markup for a given table column. You can also specify the transform function to pull out data for a particular column, which defaults to getting the property whose name matches the id property on the column.

toml-test - A language agnostic test suite for TOML parsers.

toml-test is a higher-order program that tests other TOML decoders or encoders. The goal is to make it comprehensive. Tests are divided into two groups: invalid TOML data and valid TOML data. Decoders that reject invalid TOML data pass invalid TOML tests. Deocoders that accept valid TOML data and output precisely what is expected pass valid tests. The output format is JSON, described below.Both decoders and encoders share valid tests, except an encoder accepts JSON and outputs TOML. The TOML representations are read with a blessed decoder and compared. Note though that encoders have their own set of invalid tests in the invalid-encoder directory. The JSON given to a TOML encoder is in the same format as the JSON that a TOML decoder should output.


Distributed “cloud” databases allow for a new level of scalability and flexibility. These new sparse, columnar databases support a practically unlimited number of columns within a single table, and managing hundreds or even thousands of column name/qualifiers within a client application can be a significant challenge. CloudGraph provides services and infrastructure to impose the structure of your business domain model, regardless of its complexity, as a service layer over various supported big-t


An implementation to read a certain column (by name ) from a CSV file regardless of column position


LightORM provide a easier way to use ORM. You'll no longer have to write xml config or add attributes.Data read from the SqlDataReader will tranlate to object at once by reflection. There is one thing you care: the class property name and Table column name are the same!

Drop Down Menu Filter Web Part

The Web Part asks you for the name of a list in the current site, then the name of a column from that list. The values from the entries in the list are then displayed as a drop down menu, and can be used as a filter provider for other web parts.


gqlplus is a front-end for Oracle program sqlplus with command-line editing, history, table-name and column-name completion. Otherwise the user interface is identical to that of sqlplus. Command-line editing works as in bash/tcsh shells.


Did the geo_api choose the wrong column name to name rows of genes? Don't want to recompute the results that took you a day to run? Then simply download the GPL definition file, choose your columns, and voila!


Simple program intended to delete and remove stubborn directories and files that cannot be removed by other means either because the path is too long, the name is invalid, or any of other errors that can be incurred upon file or directory deletion.

ng-fab-form - Convenient forms for Angular with no extra markup? Fabulous!

AngularJS forms are pretty nice. But if you have worked with angular for a while, you'll find that the out of the box mechanics like the instant validation are far from perfect from the common users perspective. Furthermore you probably catch yourself declaring (and sometimes forgetting) the same stuff on and on again like giving a novalidate attribute, preventing submission for invalid forms or declaring a proper name attribute and worst of all: setting up validation messages again and again.It is understandable why the angular-developers want to give us the freedom, of doing all this stuff in the most flexible manner, but most of the time you want to keep things consistent and not handle every form tries to help you with this with a reasonable default but highly configurable behavior for your forms.

tmp - some temp stuff

__Content negotiation:__ By default all data is sent and received as JSON. _"Content-Type"_ header should be set to `application/json` __Pagination:__ Requests that return multiple items will be paginated to 25 items by default. You can control it with `start` and `limit` parameters. If `limit` is more than 100, default value will be set. __Errors:__ - If item is not found, `200 OK` and empty result: `{}` or `[]` will be sent.- Sending invalid JSON will result in a `400 Bad Request` respons

character-reference-invalid - HTML invalid numeric character reference information

HTML invalid numeric character reference information

Freeze Dried SharePoint Site Column

This project is a custom site column for SharePoint that “freeze dries” .NET data structures and stores them in a column. Except for what is surfaced to the column rendering in the view, the data is “opaque” to the SharePoint API. By that I mean you can stuff just about anyth...

SharePoint DateTime Column by ArtfulBits

ArtfulBits DateTime Column is similar to standard SharePoint DateTime column. Essential feature of our component is cross-browser support (IE, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome compatible). The column allows to select dates and times and specify display settings.

flex-ext-column-selection - Add column selection to data grid column header

Add column selection to data grid column header