Greg's Xml Editor

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A completely free, lightweight Xml editor with syntax highlighting, syntax validation, XSD schema validation and XSL transformation.



Related Projects

XML Editor/Validator/Designer with CAMV

CAM XML Editor & CAMV tool with SQL + XML Open-XDX sponsored by Oracle

XML Config Editor

An editor that simplifies editing of XML Configuration files. It was originally developed for use with AutoSPInstaller, but will work for any XML config file.

MonoDevelop XML Editor

MonoDevelop XML Editor. An XML Editor add-in for MonoDevelop that provides element, attribute, attribute value and namespace completion based on an XML schema.

iXedit XML Editor

Open XML editor with syntax highlighting, auto completion and templates for XML and scripting languages. Support for user defined validations, forms and converters (text, excel, databases ..). It can be used also as an XML editor in Delphi projects.

WTP-XML-Editor - Sample XML editor which extends WTP's structured editor

Sample XML editor which extends WTP's structured editor

XML Explorer

XML Explorer is an extremely fast, lightweight XML file viewer. It can handle extremely large XML files. It has been tested on files as big as 300MB. It allows fast viewing and exploration, copying of formatted XML data, evaluation of XPath expressions, and XSD schema validation.

CrossXML : The cross platform XML editor

To develop an open source, os independant XML/DocBook Editor that meats all XML, DocBook schemes, with a graphical front end for building schema's, books, and other documents. It will be different from all the other XML Editors in that it will be truly cr

XAmple - A fork of Felix Golubov's XML Schema based XML editor

A fork of Felix Golubov's XML Schema based XML editor

Butterfly XML Editor

Butterfly XML Editor is an IDE built on top of a new real-time incremental XML parsing algorithm. The editor features syntax and error highlighting, incremental validation, code completion, XSLT pipelines, and side by side DOM and source viewing.

XML Copy Editor

XML Copy Editor is a fast, free, validating XML editor.

XML-TreePP-Editor - Release history of XML-TreePP-Editor

Release history of XML-TreePP-Editor


LMX-Editor is a free XML editor that uses an alternative notation for representing XML files (Less Markup XML). It was initially developed as part of my diploma thesis for the Department of System Software (SSW) at the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

Rinzo XML Editor

This is an Eclipse xml editor with several edition capabilities. The main features concern the interaction with the classes and resources declared in xml (Open class/resource, Create class), similar to the interaction between classes in java editor.


XTR (XML Transformations) is project that allows you to transform, merge and summarize XML files basing on XSD files and mappings. Generates XSD file form XML (XML2XSD). XML editor with formatting capability, XSD visualization using tex, XML Validation.

gedit-xml-plugin - Provides xml editor with autocomplete, easy navigation and schema validation

Provides xml editor with autocomplete, easy navigation and schema validation

perl-XML-Filter-Hekeln - XML::Filter::Hekeln - a SAX stream editor

XML::Filter::Hekeln - a SAX stream editor


(XSLT transformer/editor) A text editor that allows the loading and editing of an XML document and an XSLT document at the same time. It also can apply the XSLT to the XML and display the output for further editing/saving. Plugable XML and XSLT parsers

amateras-html-editor - Eclipse plugin for HTML/JSP/XML/JavaScript Editing

Eclipse HTML Editor is an Eclipse plugin for HTML/JSP/XML Editing. It requires JDT and GEF. It has following features.Note: SWT Browser widget (HTMLEditor uses it for preview HTML and JSP) requires Mozilla in the Linux. See details at The SWT FAQ. Also you can disable preview in the preference dialog. Choose [Window]->[Preferences]->[Amateras] and check [Disable Preview]. Then you would be able to use HTMLEditor without Mozilla.

VTD-XML: The Future of XML Processing

VTD-XML is the next generation XML parser/indexer/editor/slicer/assembler/xpath-engine that goes beyond DOM, SAX and PULL in performance, memory usage, and ease of use.

XML-Dialog Editor

The XML Dialog-Editor is a tool to create or edit the NPC-Dialogs (*.npc) from RunUO's XMLSpawner by ArteGordon. In addition to the standard-functionality the ".xmledit"-command gives you ingame I made a few features to make this editor as newbie-friendly as it could be.