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Graphviz4Net provides WPF control that is capable of generating "nice looking" graph layouts with sub-graphs, curved edges with arrows, edges between sub-graphs and more. Nodes, edges and all other elements in the graph are fully customizable and can contain any other WPF cont...



Related Projects


Graph# is a graph layout framework. It contains some layout algorithms and a GraphLayout control for WPF applications.

WPF Sound Visualization Library

The WPF Sound Visualization Library is a collection of WPF Controls for graphically displaying data related to sound processing. Current controls include a Spectrum Analyzer, Waveform Timeline, and an Album Art Display Panel.

graph-drawing-libraries - Trying to compare known graph drawing libraries

* [almende/vis]( - Dynamic, browser-based visualization library* [anvaka/ngraph]( - Beautiful Graphs* [anvaka/VivaGraphJS]( - Graph drawing library for JavaScript* [cpettitt/dagre]( - Directed graph renderer for javascript* [cytoscape/cytoscape.js]( - An open-source JavaScript graph theory library for an

goll-e - Graph Object Language and Layout Editor

The Graph Object Language and Layout Editor is a javascript graph visualization and layout tool. The graph is generated by parsing graph content data (using the GOLL-E Content Language specifications) that is input through a file and laying out the graph contents using a layout algorithm. The graph is then rendered and visualized and the user is able to modify the layout. by dragging the graph elements around. The user will also be able to edit the graph content while using the visualizer by usi

dgraphviz - D interface to the Graphviz graph visualization library

D interface to the Graphviz graph visualization library


Dot2Silverlight is a project thats enables to render graphs (written in Dot format) in Silverlight. dot2silverlight, dot, silverlight, C#, graphviz, xdot, plain, layout graphs, shortest path


AvalonDock is a WPF control for adding a docking layout system to your application.

SiGMa - [no more maintained] The Simple Graph Mapper - a light Flash Web application to map your graphs

First of all, the current state of Web graph mapping is not that accessible. There are a lot of solutions, from other Flash widgets to SeaDragon or SVG exports, but they all require the editor to use first a Graph Visualization Software to prepare the graph before. SiGMa will allow webmasters to display a graph with different views, from graph file, as simple as possible (no need for coordinates or display nodes attributes). And for people who still want to process some first treatment of the graph, SiGMa is also conceived to use some metrics or attributes from the graph file.Also, it is often pretty hard to publish an interactive map with exactly the needed features, that's why SiGMa aims to be accessible for developers - more precisely, adding a feature specific to your data, like a geocoded layout, or a layout where x and y depend from specific attributes is easy to do.

scripterapi-graph - A graphviz based visualization of Scribus Scripter2 API

A graphviz based visualization of Scribus Scripter2 API

d3graph - Graph visualization, based on d3 force directed layout. Mostly for my own research.

Graph visualization, based on d3 force directed layout. Mostly for my own research.

graphviz - Graph Visualization Tools

Graph Visualization Tools

graphviz - Graph Visualization Tools

Graph Visualization Tools

Dynamic Data Display

This is a library of WPF and Silverlight controls for dynamic data visualization. It features efficient binding mechanisms and real-time interactivity capable of charting millions of data points. Current release allows flexible drawing of line/marker plots.

Business Intelligence Toolkit

Business Intelligence Toolkit (BIT) is a set of WPF controls which can be used for visualization large amounts of data.


Interactive Data Display for WPF is a set of controls for adding interactive visualization of dynamic data to your application. It allows to create line graphs, bubble charts, heat maps and other complex 2D plots which are very common in scientific software. Interactive Data Display for WPF integrates well with Bing Maps control to show data on a geographic map in latitude/longitude coordinates. The controls can also be operated programmatically.Drawing with Interactive Data Display is easy.

WPF SharpMap Controls

WPF SharpMap Controls is a set of WPF mapping controls, based on the SharpMap 2.0 GIS engine ( WPF SharpMap Controls goal is to provides an easy to use, high performing and comprehensive set of classes, which can be used “out of the box” and ...

Odyssey WPF Controls

odyssey controls controls for wpf and namespace: Odyssey type: wpf contains: breadcrumbbar, explorerbar, collapsible panel, outlookbar. namespace: Odyssey.Web type: contains: OdcTreeView

WPF Control Toolkit

WPF Control Toolkit is an extensible and powerful presentation framework based on WPF (aka avalon) platform. The framework implements many visual controls fully integrated in Visual Studio.