git-commander - A git tool with an easy terminal interface.

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A git tool with an easy terminal interface. We have two key sets vi and mc preconfigured. The default one is vi.


blessed : ^0.1.7
lodash : ^3



Related Projects

GRV - Terminal interface for viewing git repositories

  •    Go

GRV is a terminal based interface for viewing git repositories. It allows refs, commits and diffs to be viewed, searched and filtered. The behaviour and style can be customised through configuration. Its feature include Commits and refs can be filtered using a query language, Commit Graph, Changes to the repository are captured by monitoring the filesystem allowing the UI to be updated automatically, Custom themes and lot more.

git-aware-prompt - Display current Git branch name in your terminal prompt when in a Git working directory

  •    Shell

Working with Git and its great branching/merging features is amazing. Constantly switching branches can be confusing though as you have to run git status to see which branch you're currently on. The solution to this is to have your terminal prompt display the current branch. There's a number of articles available online about how to achieve this. This project is an attempt to make an easy to install/configure solution.

git-recall - An interactive way to peruse your git history from the terminal

  •    Shell

git-recall is a simple tool that allows you to easily go through your commits and check what you or other contributors in your team did. It doesn't aim to be a replacement for the git log command, but just to be a convenient way to recall what you've done from your terminal. Once the commits are displayed, you can use either the arrow keys or j/k to switch between commits, press TAB or e to expand/reduce the commit's diff or q to quit.

oh-my-git - An opinionated git prompt for bash and zsh

  •    Shell

oh-my-git is shipped with 3 themes. The one showed above is called oppa-lana-style. It's based on the Awesome-Terminal-Fonts by @gabrielelana. The screenshots above use the font Source Code Pro by Adobe patched to include additional glyphs from Powerline and from Awesome-Terminal-Fonts, but you can choose any other of the Awesome-Terminal-Fonts. You can freely download the fonts from the original repo.

lazygit - simple terminal UI for git commands

  •    Go

A simple terminal UI for git commands, written in Go with the gocui library. Packages for Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and 18.10 are available via Launchpad PPA.

git-smart - Add some smarts to your git workflow

  •    Ruby

This will add an executable for each command, e.g. git-smart-pull. You call them using git's simple syntax for custom commands, e.g. git smart-pull. They'll be removed when you uninstall the gem. Git normally only colours output when being run from the terminal, not from within scripts like these. This sorts that right out.

termit - Translations with speech synthesis in your terminal as a ruby gem

  •    Ruby

Termit is an easy way to translate stuff in your terminal. You can check out its node.js npm version normit.Idea by Nedomas. See and hear your messages translated to target lang every time you commit. You can do this two ways: overriding the git command, and using a post-commit hook in git.

git-it - :computer: :mortar_board: Learn Git and GitHub. Try the new desktop version →

  •    HTML

Hi, there! This is the repository for the original Git-it, the version that runs in your terminal. There is a new version, a desktop app, which lives at jlord/git-it-electron. This one still works and you can use it if you want. But I won't be actively maintaining it as I'll be focusing on the desktop version going forward.

spacecommander - Commit fully-formatted Objective-C as a team without even trying.

  •    Objective-C

[ Space Commander] provides tools which enable a team of iOS developers to commit Objective-C code to a git repository using a unified style format, without requiring any manual fixup.You may wish to fork [ Space Commander] to apply your team's particular set of formatting rules (more details below), or clone to enjoy Square's flavor of Objective-C formatting.

rat - Compose shell commands to build interactive terminal applications

  •    Go

Rat was developed as part of an effort to build a tig-like application with very little opinionated UI logic, delegating instead to the capabilities of shell commands like git log with its --pretty and --graph options. Shell commands are executed and the output is captured and displayed in pagers. Configurable annotators parse through the output, adding annotations that can be acted upon to run other shell commands.

gitsome - A supercharged Git/GitHub command line interface (CLI)

  •    Python

An Official Integration for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise.The Git command line does not integrate with GitHub, forcing you to toggle between command line and browser.

MTStatusBarOverlay - A custom iOS status bar overlay seen in Apps like Reeder, Evernote and Google Mobile App

  •    Objective-C

This project is out of date, I'd advise you to use a more modern alternative out there. MTStatusBarOverlay is compiled as a static library. You have two options for integrating it into you own project, after cloning the MTStatusBarOverlay git repository with the terminal-command: git clone git:// Since MTStatusBarOverlay now uses ARC, you have to add "-fobjc-arc" to "Other Linker Flags" of your project, If you are using Xcode 4.2 or up with the iOS 5.0 SDK on a non-ARC target.

gistup - Create a gist from terminal, then use git to update it.

  •    Javascript

Create a gist from the command line! Then just use git to update it. For more, read the tutorial: Let’s Make a Block.

Radicle - A peer-to-peer stack for code collaboration

  •    Haskell

Radicle is a peer-to-peer stack for code collaboration. The Radicle stack builds on IPFS, and works without a centralized server. No hassle with setting up your own hosting, and no need to trust companies with your data. It contains a git repository, plus the associated issues and proposals. Access all the issues and proposals associated with your codebase right from your terminal.

commander - The complete solution for Ruby command-line executables

  •    Ruby

The complete solution for Ruby command-line executables. Commander bridges the gap between other terminal related libraries you know and love (OptionParser, HighLine), while providing many new features, and an elegant API. For more option examples view the Commander::Command#option method. Also an important feature to note is that action may be a class to instantiate, as well as an object, specifying a method to call, so view the RDoc for more information.

Pokemon-Terminal - Pokemon terminal themes.

  •    Python

You can install it with pip for a single user with pip3 install --user git+ You might want to add ~/.local/bin on Linux and macOS or %AppData%\Python\Python3X\Scripts (replace X by the minor Python version you are running. For example, Python 3.7 users will want Python37) on Windows to your PATH to be able to call pokemon and ichooseyou everywhere. Make sure you also have Python installed, npm won't automagically do that for you.

bat - A cat(1) clone with wings.

  •    Rust

A cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration. bat can pipe its own output to less if the output is too large for one screen.

Git Large File Storage - Git extension for versioning large files

  •    Go

Git LFS is a command line extension and specification for managing large files with Git. The client is written in Go, with pre-compiled binaries available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD.

git-secret - :busts_in_silhouette: A bash-tool to store your private data inside a git repository.

  •    Shell

git-secret is a bash tool which stores private data inside a git repo. git-secret encrypts tracked files with public keys for users whom you trust using gpg, allowing permitted users to access encrypted data using their secret keys. With git-secret, changes to access rights are made easy and private-public key issues are handled for you. Passwords do not need to be changed with git-secret when someone's permission is revoked - just remove their key from the keychain using git secret killperson, and re-encrypt the files, and they won't be able to decrypt secrets anymore. It also supports apt and yum. You can also use make if you want to. See the installation section for the details.

VFSForGit - Virtual File System for Git: Enable Git at Enterprise Scale

  •    CSharp

VFS stands for Virtual File System. VFS for Git virtualizes the file system beneath your git repo so that git and all tools see what appears to be a normal repo, but VFS for Git only downloads objects as they are needed. VFS for Git also manages the files that git will consider, to ensure that git operations like status, checkout, etc., can be as quick as possible because they will only consider the files that the user has accessed, not all files in the repo. This project was formerly known as GVFS (Git Virtual File System). It is undergoing a rename to VFS for Git. While the rename is in progress, the code, protocol, built executables, and releases may still refer to the old GVFS name. See for the latest status of the rename effort.

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