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Related Projects

github-mirror - Scripts to mirror Github in a cloudy fashion

  •    Ruby

A library and a collection of scripts used to retrieve data from the Github API and extract metadata in an SQL database, in a modular and scalable manner. The scripts are distributed as a Gem (ghtorrent), but they can also be run by checking out this repository. Depending on which SQL database you want to use, install the appropriate dependency gem.

DDT Org Chart for DotNetNuke


This DevPCI module - DDT_Org_Chart for DotNetNuke 6.2.4 + is based on Telerik Org Chart (google it to see demos on Telerik website) for his View.

org-brain - Org-mode wiki + concept-mapping

  •    Emacs

org-brain implements a variant of concept mapping in Emacs, using org-mode. It is heavily inspired by a piece of software called The Brain, and you can view an introduction to that program here. They also provide a blog with great ideas of how you can think when organizing your Brain. You can think of org-brain as a combination of a wiki and a mind map, where each wiki page / mind map node is an org-mode file which resides in your org-brain-path, or a headline with an ID property in one of those files. These are called entries. Entries can be linked together, and you can then view the network of links as a mind map, using M-x org-brain-visualize.

org-babel-examples - Examples using emacs org mode babel inline source code with different backend languages

  •    TeX

This is my collection of example documents to demonstrate the usage of org mode, and especially org-babel with different languages. I also show some exporter functionality in respect to a few backends. I have used org and especially the org-babel functionality for a large number of use cases. Please understand that I cannot include the full documents here (many of them contain internal information), but every time I learn something new, I try to update the recipe collections.

org-js - A parser and converter for org-mode notation, written in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Parser and converter for org-mode ( notation written in JavaScript. For working example, see

org-ref - org-mode modules for citations, cross-references, bibliographies in org-mode and useful bibtex tools to go with it

  •    Emacs

Introduction to org-ref on YouTube. Here are some annotated images of basic insertion of citations in org-mode.

org-trello - Org minor mode - 2-way sync org & trello

  •    Emacs

Org minor mode - 2-way sync org & trello

vim-orgmode - Text outlining and task management for Vim based on Emacs' Org-Mode

  •    Python

Text outlining and task management for Vim based on Emacs’ Org-Mode. The idea for this plugin was born by listening to the Floss Weekly podcast introducing Emacs Org-Mode. Org-Mode has a lot of strong features like folding, views (sparse tree) and scheduling of tasks. These are completed by hyperlinks, tags, todo states, priorities aso.

org-html-themes - How to export Org mode files into awesome HTML in 2 minutes

  •    CSS

Though you can easily override CSS stylesheets and add your own HTML themes, we can say (or write) that Org mode provides a basic HTML support. Org mode version 8 (or later) is required.


  •    Java

RANDI2 is a web-based software for randomizing subjects for clinical trials. Its development started originally at University of Heidelberg (Germany) and Heilbronn University (Germany). For more information visit our website (

WebAnalytics - e107 Plugin

  •    PHP

WebAnalytics is a plugin written in PHP for the the open source content management system e107 ( This plugin helps to easily integrate Google Analytics or other web analytic code to an e107 powered website. - Source code for generated from `tosdr-build`.

  •    HTML

The contents of this repository are generated by the tosdr-build repository. To make modifications to the website, alter that repository, build it, and commit the results here as described in the README of the tosdr-build repository. This repo might contain information that was not intended to be public. In that case, please open a PR here or send us an email at team at tosdr dot org.

shadowsocks-org -

  •    Javascript

The official website of Project Shadowsocks.


  •    VimL

VimOrganizer is partly a clone of Emacs' Org-mode, and partly a front end to Org-mode itself. Do Org in Vim.


  •    Ruby

This gem contains Ruby routines for parsing org-mode files. The most significant thing this library does today is convert org-mode files to HTML or textile.


  •    Java

Euler Yet another proof Engine

Org Chart in SharePoint 2010 using Google API.


Organization Chart webpart for SharePoint 2010 using Google API and SharePoint list as the data source. Good for small organizations with no AD hierarchy.

XFree86 Project

  •    C

Open Source port of the X Window System. XFree86 home page is at Bugs may be reported here or at Information about accessing the XFree86 CVS repository can be found at


  •    VimL

VimOrganizer is partly a clone of Emacs' Org-mode, and partly a front end to Org-mode itself. Do Org in Vim.

org-journal - A simple org-mode based journaling mode

  •    Emacs

Functions to maintain a simple personal diary / journal using in Emacs. org-journal maintains a set of files, where each file represents a day. Convenient bindings allow the creation of journal records in the current daily file and search within all records or specified time intervals. All records can be browsed and searched from the Emacs Calendar for convenience. All entries in a specified TODO state will be carried over to the next day. Optionally, the journal can also be encrypted.