Electrum-cash - Lightweight JavaScript library that lets you connect with one or more Electrum servers.

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Electrum-cash is a lightweight JavaScript library that lets you connect with one or more Electrum servers. It offers encrypted connections by default, performs the expected protocol version negotiation and automatically keeps your connection alive until your close it.




Related Projects

electrum - Electrum; Bitcoin thin client

  •    Python

This will download and install the Python dependencies used by Electrum, instead of using the 'packages' directory.If you cloned the git repository, you need to compile extra files before you can run Electrum. Read the next section, "Development Version".

electrumx - Alternative implementation of spesmilo/electrum-server

  •    Python

For a future network with bigger blocks.See docs/HOWTO.rst. There is also an installer available that simplifies the installation on various Linux-based distributions. There is also an Dockerfile available .

electrum-server - Electrum server

  •    Python

The server code is open source. Anyone can run a server, removing single points of failure concerns.The server knows which set of Bitcoin addresses belong to the same wallet, which might raise concerns about anonymity. However, it should be possible to write clients capable of using several servers.

cash - Cross-platform Linux commands in ES6

  •    Javascript

Cash is a cross-platform implementation of Unix shell commands written in straight ES6. No native compiling and no external dependencies.While young, Cash aims to offer an alternative Linux feel on Windows and to open the door to cross-platform bash scripting in a Javascript environment.

cash - An absurdly small jQuery alternative for modern browsers

  •    Javascript

Cash is an absurdly small jQuery alternative for modern browsers (IE10+) that provides jQuery-style syntax for manipulating the DOM. Utilizing modern browser features to minimize the codebase, developers can use the familiar chainable methods at a fraction of the file size. 100% feature parity with jQuery isn't a goal, but cash comes helpfully close, covering most day to day use cases. An 85% gain in size reduction. If you need a smaller bundle, we support partial builds too.


  •    DotNet

Cash register POS software for bars and small shops. Touch based GUI, very simple to use and fast. Selling operations are based on the old cash registers to preserve users skills. Completely designed to be integrated with Wepos Windows, supports POS .NET / OPOS devices and more..

X9.37 Image Cash Letter file viewer


x9.37 Image Cash Letter viewer. Developed using VB.Net. Currently allows viewing and searching of X9 files. The code also has image manipulation code, specifically multi page TIF file handling that you might find useful,

Shiny - Iridescent Effect View (inspired by Apple Pay Cash) ✨

  •    Swift

Shiny is an iOS library that generates an iridescent effect view matched to the gyroscope, similar to the Apple Pay Cash card in the Wallet app. You must call startUpdates() for the instance to observe motion changes. Calling stopUpdates() on the instance will stop motion updates.


  •    C++

Open-Transactions democratizes financial and monetary actions. You can use it for issuing currencies/stock, paying dividends, creating asset accounts, sending/receiving digital cash, writing/depositing cheques, cashier's cheques, creating basket currencies, trading on markets, scripting custom agreements, recurring payments, escrow, etc. Open-Transactions uses strong crypto. The balances are unchangeable (even by a malicious server.) The receipt history is destructible. The transactions are unf

easyPOS cash register system

  •    C

easyPOS is a GTK+ cash register released under GPL. it has been in production for a year with slow but steady improvements. it is suited for a small retail/restaurant operation. but, it is what you make it.

C# Shell (cash)


Cash is a command-line interpreter (shell), written in C#. It is part of an project to produce tools which replace the traditional GNU/Linux user-land in preparation for the next generation of Operating Systems, and provide a useful and stable set of tools for today.

haskoin-core - Haskoin Core is a Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash library

  •    Haskell

Haskoin Core is a Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash library

Flipstarter - Peer to Peer Crowdfunding

  •    Javascript

Flipstarter provides a way for any project to engage with potential funders in a way that encourages accountability for projects and fairness for funders. It is built on Bitcoin Cash.

BLKFlexibleHeightBar - Create condensing header bars like those seen in the Facebook, Square Cash, and Safari iOS apps

  •    Objective-C

BLKFlexibleHeightBar allows you to create header bars with flexible heights. Often, this sort of UI paradigm is used to hide "chrome" and make room for more content as a user is scrolling. This is seen in third party apps like Facebook and Square Cash, as well as first party apps like Safari. Due to this library's modular, extensible nature, you are not limited to any one look or any one feel. What UICollectionView does for presenting collections of data, BLKFlexibleHeightBar does for creating header bars.

Point-of-Sales (Java)

  •    Java

Point-of-Sales (java) is a POS or cash register program integrates with sql-ledger accouting.


  •    Perl

L'acirc;ne (aka L'anePOS) is a (GPL'ed) point-of-sale (cash register) and backoffice program for retail businesses and restaurants written in Perl on Linux/Unix. It uses PostgreSQL for backend storage.


  •    PHP

FreePos is a multiuser Point of Sale ( Point-of-Sale or POS ) app written in Visual Basic and PHP for web-based Linux use. Currently available modules are inventory, backoffice, cash reconciliation, Purchases. English and Spanish TPV ( Punto de Venta )


  •    Java

RCP application/plugin for forecasting cash flow.


  •    PHP

The purpose of this program is helping lawyers (or other self employed persons) to manage their clients, timesheet, cash flow, ... It provides a time-sheet system, offers the ability to make facturation and register payments. It has also a calendar.



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