Gecko To AR Code Converter

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Gecko To AR Code Converter For Dolphin Gamecube and Wii emulator It's developed in VB2010 & .Net 4.0.



Related Projects

dolphin - Dolphin is a GameCube / Wii emulator, allowing you to play games for these two platforms on PC with improvements

  •    C++

Dolphin is an emulator for running GameCube and Wii games on Windows, Linux, macOS, and recent Android devices. It's licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later (GPLv2+). Please read the FAQ before using Dolphin.

Offscreen Gecko

  •    C

OffscreenGecko is a library for rendering HTML etc content to offscreen buffers, sitting atop of the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine. The goal is to simplify embedding of Gecko into environments were its output is needed as pixel data, such as 3D engines.

gaia - Gaia is a HTML5-based Phone UI for the Boot 2 Gecko Project

  •    Javascript

Gaia is Mozilla's Phone UX for the Boot to Gecko (B2G) project. Boot to Gecko aims to create a complete, standalone operating system for the open web.

Wii Homebrew Installer

  •    C++

The Wii Homebrew Installer is used to install Wii Homebrew applications on the SD card of the Nintendo Wii. The application to install can be downloaded from the internet or taken from a local file system by the Wii Homebrew Installer.

ar-drawing-java - A simple AR drawing experiment build in Java using ARCore.

  •    Java

AR Drawing is an AR Experiment written in Java using ARCore that lets you draw simple white lines in 3d space by pressing your screen and moving the phone around the space. The code is based on the ARCore example, the only large change is the LineRenderer.

HeavenMemoirs - AR相册 Photo Album For AR

  •    Objective-C

AR初始化 在新建项目时可以直接创建 AR 项目, xcode 会创造一个 AR 项目的模板. 也可以创建普通的项目,在需要实现 AR 功能的控制器中实现如下代码进行初始化.

GeeXboX for Wii

  •    C

GeeXboX for Wii is the linux-based media center GeeXboX ported to run on Nintendo Wii game console. Major features of current GeeXboX for Wii: audio/video playback, picture viewing, file sharing and transfer over ethernet and bluetooth.

Albacore - Dolphin-Safe Rake Tasks For .NET Systems

  •    Ruby

Dolphin-Safe Rake Tasks For .NET Systems


  •    C++

Dolphin is a very simple C++ API to parse 'dot' directives. An example of a 'dot' directive is as follows: .data size=100 origin=0x1000 var_name=__GLOBAL__

Dolphin File Manager

  •    C++

Dolphin is a file manager for KDE. This version on Sourceforge is an early beta release for KDE 3 and is not maintained anymore. Please use the official version distributed with KDE instead.

Dolphin Project

  •    C

The Dolphin Project is intended to be a research project aggregating tools related to Open Source Satisfiability Solver tools and tools related to them like Bounded Model Checkers and Software Verifiers.

Spinner Wiki

  •    Perl

Spinner Wiki is an offshoot of Dolphin Wiki (named for the Spinner Dolphin) which drops support for multiple webs and adds inter-wiki links, file uploads, as well as Wiki-style tags for tables, headings, code snippets, etc.



WiiCraft allows you to use a Nintendo Wii Controller in Minecraft. Nintendo Wii Controllers can be connected via Bluetooth to a computer and then WiiCraft will send the correct data to Minecraft. The project is written in VB.Net and uses other 3rd party open source components.

Wii Game Maker


Wii Game Maker is a program made in VB.NET that was made to allow people with little to no programming experience make their Wii ideas into reality.

Wii Presenter


Wii Presenter is a project that allows remote controlling of Powerpoint using the Wiimote. Also includes a built in zoom and panning utility.

wiimote-2-ppjoy-Virtual joystick


A program that allows the wiimote to be used as a joystick in any application that uses joysticks! This is a working project in developement. wiimote, Classic and Nunchuk are all mapped through. Latest - multiple wii mote / joystick are now supported

Wii Watcher


WiiWatcher records Wiimote input into Excel and allows you to graph the results for easy analytics. This allows you to understand what motions translate to what inputs to then handle in your program. Screenshots and more information:

AeroQuad - AeroQuad Flight Software

  •    C

The Aeroquad 32 bit boards are supported by other more active flight softwares like dRonin ( Additionally fixed incorrect sensor orientation for v1.7 Shield with Duemilanove, and Wii for Duemilanove and Mega, and APM with APM sensor shield. Added #defines for Wii for Mega. Solved DCM overflow issues for APM when performing calibration or writing to EEPROM. Flight tested ArduCopter hardware, v2.0 Shield with Mega, v1.8 Shield with Duemilanove, v1.7 Shield with Duemilanove, v1.8 Shield using Wii sensors with Duemilanove. Updated default PID values for v2.0 shield using 30.5cm motor to motor configuration at 1.2kg.

decaf-emu - Researching Wii U emulation.

  •    C++

Researching Wii U emulation. Licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3 or later (GPLv3+). You can find us for developer discussion at #wiiu-emu on freenode.