Generic Database Accessor Library

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GDALib is a layer on top of ADO.NET which hides the complexity of a lot of database operations. It simplifies many common tasks by allowing the programmer to execute SQL queries against a database, without having to worry about connections, exception handling and logging.



Related Projects

Coconut Dal

Coconut Dal is a lightweight data access layer, for use in projects where developers might otherwise be tempted to write native ADO.NET code instead of using a fully-featured library, such as Entity Framework or Microsoft's Enterprise Library.

.NET Dynamic SQL Generator

A Database agnostic SQL query builder and Data Access Layer for .NET. Build safe SQL Statements using familiar syntax and execute on any database with minimal effort. Written in C# using VS 2008

SQL data access

.NET library for accessing a Microsoft SQL Server database.

danny-boy - Simple data access layer for SQL Server

Simple data access layer for SQL Server


dk2Repository is a expandable light weight data access layer supporting SqLite, MySql and SQL Server. The primary focus is on combining an or-mapper with the possibility to invoke custom sql queries.

FluentData -Micro ORM with a fluent API that makes it simple to query a database

A simple to use Micro ORM with a great fluent API that makes it simple to select, insert, update and delete data in a database. Supported databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MS SQL Server Compact, MS SQL Azure, Oracle and MySQL.


.Net Component for Data Access Layer Features, 1) Smart map for class property to table column 2) Automatic conversion from record set to custom business class 3) Datatable or Generic collection transfer to sql server(only sql server 2005/2008)


A collection of cross vendor database interface classes for .NET written in C# providing a consistent and simplified way of accessing SQL Server, SQL Server CE,Oracle,Access,Access 2007,MySql,DB2,Visual FoxPro,dBASE,Paradox,Pervasive,Firebird,VistaDB and Postgresql databases.


Snowflake makes the life easier for each developer that is using LINQ To SQL as data access layer in his project. It's lightweight data access framework on the top of LINQ To SQL Framework. It follows the same ideas behind DataTable and DataRow in ADO.NET, but in entity context.

SQL Compact Code Generator

Contains a stand alone GUI application and a Visual Studio Custom Tool for automatically generating a .NET data access layer code for objects in a SQL Server Compact Edition database.

UnifiedASP SQL Data Access Layer

Your entity classes/data access layer should be the easiest part of your application, not some bloated mess of academic wankery. The UnifiedASP DAL gives you an easy way to structure your entity/data objects and execute SQL stored procedures.

KSS Generator

KSS Generator is a tool that help developer to generate the data access layer from a database with LINQ supported. It also enables developer to access database through a Dynamic sql library (in case .NET 2.0). Data access layer use provider pattern, so developer can cha...

db - Productive data access layer for Go.

The package for Go is a productive data access layer for Go that provides a common interface to work with different data sources such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, MSSQL, QL and MongoDB.Take the tour to see real live examples in your browser.

ADAL - Auto Database Access Layer

ADAL (Automatic Database Access Layer) creates VB.NET classes and SQL Server 2000 stored procedures (optional) that remove a lot of the redundant data access code required when building a new .NET application.

Logic Data Access

Logic Data Access is a IQueryable Repository pattern implementation for LINQ To SQL and In-Memory storages.

Coolstorage - ORM library for .NET

The main strength of Vici CoolStorage is the ease of use. Most ORM tools still require a lot of unneeded code to accomplish basic data persistence tasks, but Vici CoolStorage is designed to relieve the programmer from these tedious and error-prone tasks, making it very intuitive to use.

staash - A language-agnostic as well as storage-agnostic web interface for storing data into persistent storage systems, the metadata layer abstracts a lot of storage details and the pattern automation APIs take care of automating common data access patterns

As the complexity of the data land-scape grows the application developers are left to wrestle with a lot of details that they should be immune to. Buzzwords like no-sql,k-v store, document storage etc are confusing to grapple with for a dev who has been purely working on relational technologies. Staash is a rest based service for accessing a data store, it is an ambitious project but some of the initial aims of the project are geared towards automating the common data access patterns and hiding the complexity of underlying system for developers. To that end in this initial release we offer implementation of a metadata layer and pattern automation and corresponding apis for Cassandra and Mysql(just for proof).This is the first release of Staash and it is currently being used in a limited way within netflix.

wasp - megastore-like system

With the development of NoSQL, HBase gradually become the mainstream of the NoSQL system products. The advantages of HBase is very obvious, but defect is also very obvious. These weaknesses include large data platform business by SQL to NoSQL migration is more complex and application personnel learning cost is quite high, can't support affairs and multidimensional index, eventually making many business can't enjoy from NoSQL system linear development ability. Google internal MegaStore system complements Bigtable,it supports SQL, transactions, indexing, cross-cluster replication in the upper layer of the Bigtable, and became famous applications's storage engine, such as Gmail, APPEngine, and the Android Market.Therefore, we decided to explore providing cross-row transactions, indexes, SQL function without sacrificing the linear expansion of capacity in the upper layer of the HBase by theoretical model MegaStore. The system provides simple user interface: SQL, the user can do not need to pay attention to the hbase schema design, greatly simplifies the user's data migration and learning costs. To see what's supported, go to our language reference guide, and read more on our wiki.

CouchDB-Driver-for-Scala - CouchDB (no SQL DB) access layer to ease REST access

CouchDB (no SQL DB) access layer to ease REST access

ETU Data Layer Control - "Easy To Use Data Layer Control"

The ETU Data Layer Control for SQL Server is designed with efficiency and rapid development in mind. The control handles the opening and closing of the database connections, provides reusuable DataSet and DataReader methods, and allows output values from Stored Procedures.