MyHandsCursor 1.0

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MyHandsCursor is a demo application that uses the Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7 .



Related Projects

Kinect Mouse Cursor


Kinect Mouse Cursor is a demo application that uses the Kinect for Windows SDK and its skeletal tracking features to allow a user to use their hands to control the Windows mouse cursor.

Kinect Cursor Move


Kinect Cursor Move is a library that uses the Kinect for Windows SDK and its skeletal tracking features to allow a user to use their hands to control the Windows mouse cursor. The project is developped in / for c# only ...

Kinect Multi-point SDK project


This project entails making the kinect sdk work with the multi-point mouse sdk and mouse mischief and other multimouse applicartions (its really a multimouse implementation of kinect mouse). Allowing the use of a kinect as multiple mice. (4 - 6 people per kinect * number of pe...

Kinect Touch Device


A simple "WPF4 Touch Device" using Kinect with OpenNI & NITE (written in C#). This project makes it easy to transform your WPF4 touch application in "touch less" with the Kinect with little change : replace "Window" base class by "KinectWindow". Currently the Touch Down ...

Kinect Gesture Mouse


Use gestures to perform standard mouse operations and navigate the Windows 7 desktop.

Microsoft Touch Mouse Plus


A little utility to alter some default behaviors of the Touch Mouse by Microsoft.

SimFinger - Screencasting for iPhone

  •    Objective-C

##Summary SimFinger itself is composed of two parts. One is a fake “frame” that sits on top of the simulator. The frame consists of the most recent version of the iPhone or iPad (depending on what device your sim is set to). Clicking anywhere on it will just click-through to whatever is below. The other part is a little nub that follows around your cursor. It “indents” when you press down with your mouse, indicating what would be a “touch” on the phone. A good screencapture tool is your friend. SnapzProX and ScreenFlow are good choices.

X-Mouse Microsoft Touch Mouse Extender


Maps the surface of the MS Touch Mouse to allow layer changing in X-Mouse Button Control. This allows more versatility of assigning new buttons to the mouse.

react-event-components - 🛰 A set of React components designed to handle global events (interval, keyboard, touch, mouse, etc)

  •    Javascript

A set of components designed as an idiomatic way of working with global, raw input (keyboard, mouse, touch, etc) in React. Call the handler everytime a key event happen.

ftscroller - FTScroller is a cross-browser Javascript/CSS library to allow touch, mouse or scrollwheel scrolling within specified elements, with pagination, snapping and bouncing support

  •    Javascript

FTScroller is a library for adding momentum scrolling to web content on devices with a touch interface, compatible across most modern platforms including desktop browsers. Although recently support for overflow: scroll (or touch equivalents) has increased, this is often still not implemented in a cross-platform or backwards-compatible way, and with no support for features like snapping. FTScroller is developed by FT Labs, part of the Financial Times. It is inspired by Touchscroll and Zynga Scroller, but is a complete rewrite. It is extensively used in the FT Web App, and was developed to achieve better performance and compatibility, including mouse and touch input.

tap - 1Kb library for easy unified handling of user interactions such as mouse, touch and pointer events

  •    Javascript

Tap is a Javascript library for easy unified handling of user interactions such as mouse, touch and pointer events. Otherwise just download the library.

tappy - Tappy! - a lightweight normalized tap event.

  •    CSS

Tappy is a minimal normalized tap event that works with touch, mouse, keyboard, and probably other inputs too. Tappy allows you to bind to a tap event like you would any other user interaction, like click. The advantage of usting Tappy's tap event over click is that it will allow you to execute code immediately on touch devices, eliminating the 300ms delay that click events have on platforms like iOS. Once bound to an element, Tappy's tap event will fire upon touch or other traditional interactions like mouse click, pressing the enter key, and more.

Touch Mouse Mate


A utility that adds more features to Microsoft Touch Mouse. Currently middle click and touch-over-click are supported. More will be added later.

terminus - Enhanced terminal integration for Vim

  •    Vim

In insert mode, the cursor shape changes to a thin vertical bar. In replace mode, it changes to an underline. On returning to normal mode, it reverts to the standard "block" shape. Configuration options are provided to select among the different shapes. Activates 'mouse' support in all modes and additionally tries to activate sgr-mouse support, which allows the mouse to work "even in columns beyond 223".

jqm-pagination - jQuery Mobile Pagination for touch, mouse, and keyboard

  •    Javascript

jQuery Mobile Pagination for touch, mouse, and keyboard

DeepZoom Mouse & Touch Behaiors


Expression Blend Touch and Mouse behaviors for DeepZoop

pointer.js - Normalizes mouse/touch events into 'pointer' events.

  •    Javascript

Normalizes mouse/touch events into 'pointer' events.This library is in the process of being re-written to support the W3C Pointer Events specification.

jQuery.eraser - jQuery plugin that makes an image erasable (with mouse or touch movements)

  •    Javascript

This plugin replaces the targeted image by an interactive canvas that can be erased using touch or mouse inputs. You can specify a callback for completion and set the brush size.Please note that I don't claim that the completion detection process is ultimately accurate. In fact you should rather use a completeRatio around 0.8 if you want a near-complete erase process.

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