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A fast & lightweight open source free forum developed in ASP.Net 3.5, AJAX, CSS, SQL & Javascript Cache (filter-sort-move through table records at real time). Get Multi-Language Forums; localization globalization & the ability to let the user read/write as per language/culture.




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MyBB - professional,efficient discussion board

MyBB is a forum package full of useful and to-the-point features, helping you to make administrating your bulletin board as easy as possible. It is a professional and efficient discussion board.


The Forum Framework (TFFW) is a php framework aimed towards creating internet forums and bulletin boards. Like the popular forum content management systems (CMS), such as phpbb and mybb, TFFW lets you make your very own forum. Unlike these TFFW is not a cms. Instead it is a php framework that allows you to write a brand new forum CMS quickly and easily. This allows you to create your forum exactly the way you want. If you can't, or don't want to create a new forum CMS from scratch, you can use o

Kunena Forum - Forum / Bulletin Board / Discussions component for Joomla

Kunena is a native Joomla forum and communications component written in PHP. Kunena enables forums, bulletin board, support forums, discussions and comments for a Joomla base website.

Vanilla forums - customizable discussion forum with mobile support

Vanilla is a powerful community publishing platform, and it comes with a great set of features. It has add-ons to embed your vanilla forums in to any of the site with single line of code. User will be allowed to login with their Facebook, Twitter, Google and OpenID account.

DotNetNuke® Forum

DotNetNuke® Forum is a full featured module used for managing forums and email notification of posts on your DNN site.


JForum is a powerful and robust discussion board system implemented in Java. It provides an attractive interface, an efficient forum engine, an easy to use administrative panel, an advanced permission control system and much more.

SubForum - A Web 2.0 Enabled Forum

SubForum is a forum software built from scratch using ASP.NET MVC and AJAX to provide a rich Web 2.0 look and feel to a forum. The features include Search engine friendly URLs, Tags, Rich UI experience, and more.

POP Forums for ASP.NET MVC 4

POP Forums v11 is a real-time ASP.NET MVC4 forum application that can be integrated into your own site. Runs in IIS with SQL Server or in Azure!

MY Forums

My Forums is a multi-forum software package developed to provide users with a one stop community. This is the project that is being live developed on my Blog.

FlaskBB - A classic Forum Software in Python using Flask

FlaskBB os a classic Forum Software in Python with a Modern and Fresh look. Its features include Private Messages, Admin Interface, Group based permissions, Markdown Support, Topic Tracker, Unread Topics/Forums, i18n Support, Completely Themeable, Plugin System, Command Line Interface and lot more.

YetAnotherForum.NET - ASP.NET Forum

YetAnotherForum.NET (YAF) is The Open Source Discussion Forum for sites running ASP.NET. 100% written in C#, YAF (pronouced like "laugh") is a unique combination of Open Source, Microsoft's .NET platform and an international collaboration of the .NET developer community. Growing and changing daily, the YAF project is lead by Jaben Cargman of Tiny Gecko. YAF runs on any web server that supports ASP.NET v2.0 (and above) and SQL Server.

Forum PAF - The Open Source .Net Forum - From Viet Nam - By Thomas John (jntpaf)

The Open Source .Net Forum - From Viet Nam ------------------------- Các ph?n m?m c?n thi?t ?? ch?y Forum PAF: 1. .Net Framework 2.0 (tr? lên) 2. Ajax Extension 1.0 (tr? lên) 3. Sql Server 2005 (Sql Server Express 2005, Sql Server 2008...) Cái này Google nhé! :D Nhi?u l?m ?ó.


MyForum is yet another forum web application. But this one differs from others in several points. - It's well organised in an n-tier architecture - It's written in C#/ASP.NET 3.5 and using the latest AJAX controls - It's using a Linq To Sql data layer - It's designed with CSS...


Forensicx is a forum search engine to research forums such as phpbb or ipb. for this we'll constructing plugins for those forums and a general search interface so you can host a homepage which provides service to research contents of more than one forum

HandyBYR - mobile app for BYR forum, or other forums that uses nForum framework.

mobile app for BYR forum, or other forums that uses nForum framework.

gradle-ntlm-issue - A temporary repo as support for a forum post at gradle forums

A temporary repo as support for a forum post at gradle forums

vanilla-api-addon - addon for vanilla forums, exposing an API into common forum actions

addon for vanilla forums, exposing an API into common forum actions

Forum-Themes - The themesused on the ENIGMA Simple Machines Forums installation.

The themesused on the ENIGMA Simple Machines Forums installation.

Forum version 1.0

This is a project for implementing a forum based on .NET. Most of the time we see PHP being used on such forums. So I wanted to implement it using .NET rather than PHP. Its pretty simple currently. Any suggestions are welcome. I'll keep adding more features.

Nearforums - ASP.NET MVC forum engine

Nearforums is a lightweight modern discussion forum developed in C# with ASP.NET MVC. With a permissive license (MIT) suitable for companies, Nearforums includes great features like sign-in with Facebook/Twitter, tags navigation , full Web administration, RSS feeds, SEO Friendly,