sparkets - Multiplayer space shooter inspired by Slingshot and Spacewar!

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Sparkets is a multiplayer space rumble game inspired by Spacewar! and Slingshot. The multiplayer is supported by ws running on a node.js server.


coffee-script : 1.x
ws : 0.x
webrepl : 0.4.x



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AncientBeast - 🐺 Turn Based Strategy Game. Master your beasts!

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The project is developed with the use of free open source cross platform applications and freeware services. Mega comes in very handy when working on the game assets collaboratively, while GitHub handles the code part and stores the final assets. Art contributions can be made as well in our deviantArt group. Drop by our Discord chat and be a part of the community! Blender is being used for creating most of the assets, such as combat locations, creatures and their own animations, which are rendered into sprites that are usually made into sprite-sheets using our Spritify add-on, as well as for many other tasks. Krita, Gimp and MyPaint are useful for concept art, while Inkscape is useful for creating the vector creature ability icons.

quilkin - Quilkin is a non-transparent UDP proxy specifically designed for use with large scale multiplayer dedicated game server deployments, to ensure security, access control, telemetry data, metrics and more

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Multi Theft Auto (MTA) is a software project that adds network play functionality to Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto game series, in which this functionality is not originally found. It is a unique modification that incorporates an extendable network play element into a proprietary commercial single-player PC game. Multi Theft Auto is based on code injection and hooking techniques whereby the game is manipulated without altering any original files supplied with the game. The software functions as a game engine that installs itself as an extension of the original game, adding core functionality such as networking and GUI rendering while exposing the original game's engine functionality through a scripting language.

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stage.js - 2D HTML5 rendering engine for game development

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Stage.js is a 2D HTML5 JavaScript library for cross-platform game development, it is lightweight, fast and open-source. Canvas is the graphic component of HTML5 game development, but it only has a drawing API and there is no data model like DOM to compose your application. You need to manually draw your application and manage rendering cycles to play it. Moreover, mouse events are only available at entire Canvas level and they also need to be processed manually.

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OpenJK - Community effort to maintain and improve Jedi Academy + Jedi Outcast released by Raven Software

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OpenJK is an effort by the JACoders group to maintain and improve the game engines on which the Jedi Academy (JA) and Jedi Outcast (JO) games run on, while maintaining full backwards compatibility with the existing games. This project does not attempt to rebalance or otherwise modify core gameplay. Currently, the most stable portion of this project is the Jedi Academy multiplayer code, with the single player code in a reasonable state.

agones - Dedicated Game Server Hosting and Scaling for Multiplayer Games on Kubernetes

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Agones is a library for hosting, running and scaling dedicated game servers on Kubernetes. Agones replaces usual bespoke or proprietary cluster management and game server scaling solutions with a Kubernetes cluster that includes the Agones custom Kubernetes Controller and matching Custom Resource Definitions for GameServers, Fleets and more.

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