oshu - Fast osu! port for Linux (and more)

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This project was born out of frustration from not being able to play osu! on a little Linux box with no graphics card whatsoever. It's aimed at minimalistic people and probably will never contain a hundredth of the official client's features. oshu! is currently mostly targeted at Linux users, but it doesn't have to be that way. All it needs are volunteers to build and test the project on the various operating systems and desktop environments out there.




Related Projects

osu - rhythm is just a *click* away!

  •    CSharp

Rhythm is just a click away. The future of osu! and the beginning of an open era! Commonly known by the codename "osu!lazer". Pew pew. This project is still heavily under development, but is in a state where users are encouraged to try it out and keep it installed alongside the stable osu! client. It will continue to evolve over the coming months and hopefully bring some new unique features to the table.

opsu - opsu! ~ an open-source osu! client

  •    Java

opsu! is an unofficial open-source client for the rhythm game osu!, written in Java using Slick2D and LWJGL (wrappers around OpenGL and OpenAL). opsu! runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux. A libGDX port also supports Android devices.

osu-framework - A game framework written with osu! in mind.

  •    CSharp

A game framework written with osu! in mind. This framework is intended to take steps beyond what you would normally expect from a game framework. This means things like basic UI elements, text rendering, advanced input handling (textboxes) and performance overlays are provided out-of-the-box. Any of the osu! code that is deemed useful to other game projects will live in this framework project.

bemuse - ⬤▗▚▚▚ Web-based online rhythm action game

  •    Javascript

Bemuse is an open-source, online, web-based rhythm game. It plays songs in BMS format (See: Introduction to BMS). It is recommended to play this game on Google Chrome.

Easy Game Library

  •    C++

Easy Game Library - a set of C++ classes to make game development an easy thing. It uses SDL library as a backend do it should compile on all the platforms that are supported by SDL library.

OpenXcom - Open-source clone of the original X-Com 👽

  •    C++

OpenXcom is an open-source clone of the popular "UFO: Enemy Unknown" ("X-COM: UFO Defense" in the USA release) and "X-COM: Terror From the Deep" videogames by Microprose, licensed under the GPL and written in C++ / SDL. See more info at the website and the wiki.



Rockfan is an Open Source Rhythm Music Game, aimed at suppling open source code for creating a c# / xna based Music Rhythm Clone to Games Notably Guitar hero, a

EZ2D Game Engine

  •    C

EZ2D is a 2-Dimensional Game Engine based off of SDL. Using SDL_Mixer, SDL_Image, and the main SDL libraries, this engine provides an easy to use interface for Graphics, sound and input.

A Toddler Game

  •    CSharp

A game for Toddlers (ages 1-4) that teaches letter and number sounds and has other basic educational items. This is written in C# using SDL. It is being written on Linux, but should run on anything that has Mono (or .NET) and SDL.

SDL Sasteroids

  •    C++

SDL Sasteroids is a rework of the original sasteroids game to allow it to run on modern systems. In addition to providing very similar gameplay to the original sasteroids game, a few suprises and updates have been inserted to make it fun for old fans.

sdlpal - SDL-based reimplementation of the classic Chinese-language RPG "Xiān jiàn Qí Xiá Zhuàn" (also known as PAL)

  •    Objective-C

SDLPAL is an SDL-based open-source cross-platform reimplementation of the classic Chinese RPG game Xiān jiàn Qí Xiá Zhuàn (Chinese: 仙剑奇侠传/仙劍奇俠傳) (also known as Chinese Paladin or Legend of Sword and Fairy, or PAL for short). SDLPAL is originally created by Wei Mingzhi from 2009. Now it is owned by the SDLPAL development team. Please see AUTHORS for full author list.

OSU Quiz

  •    Javascript

This is a Jeopardy style teaching game written in Dynamic HTML using JavaScript. It may be modified for use on any topic as an entertaining teaching tool to reinforce previously learned material, or simply as a trivia game.

Escape: Puzzle Explosion

  •    C++

An exciting, fast-paced puzzle-action game available on all modern platforms. This game is based on the game Xpired, released under the GPL. The game will be developed on GNU/Linux systems with free and open source tools. C++ and SDL, et al.

OpenRTS - real-time strategy game

  •    Python

OpenRTS is an open source realtime strategy game. It features isometric graphics, networked multiplayer and single-player scenarios. The game is being developed using Python and SDL. The game runs on at least Linux, Windows and Mac.

Gojo Game Engine

  •    Lua

Gojo is a 2D game engine that permits rapid game development, like FENIX, but uses Lua. The engine is written completely in C and uses SDL for graphics, sound, input, and networking. It comes with standard libraries for common game needs such as sprites.

SDL_GameControllerDB - A community sourced database of game controller mappings to be used with SDL2 Game Controller functionality

  •    C

A community source database of game controller mappings to be used with SDL2 Game Controller functionality. For games or engines using the SDL >= 2.0.6 format. This is the most recent version.

UltraStar Deluxe

  •    Pascal

Karaoke game inspired by the Singstar™ game available on the Playstationreg;. It allows up to six players to sing along with music using microphones in order to score points, depending on the pitch of the voice and the rhythm of singing.

Liquid Impulse

  •    C++

Liquid Impulse is an open source SDL game and an Academic Project. It is a Beat Them All game, so you just have to crush everything on your way to the epic boss

Wars of Destiny

  •    C++

WoD is a 3D gaming platform built on top of SDL. The platform includes dynamic scripting for the game engine, AI, widgets(for game settings and others), configurations, and so on. Eventually a test game will be built to show off WoD.

mass - a game without bitmaps

  •    C

This will be a semi-2D game without using bitmaps but nice graphic algorithmes. You can steer some masses around at the moment, but it's not a game yet. It uses SDL.

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