flycheck-popup-tip - Display Flycheck error messages using popup.el

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This is extension for Flycheck. It implements minor-mode for displaying errors from Flycheck using popup.el. There is another official flycheck-pos-tip extension for displaying errors under point. However, it does not display popup if you run Emacs under TTY. It displays message on echo area and that is often used for ELDoc. Also, popups made by pos-tip library does not always look good, especially on macOS and Windows.



Related Projects

flycheck - On the fly syntax checking for GNU Emacs

  •    Emacs

For a more gentle introduction read the Installation instructions and go through Quickstart guide. Please ask questions about Flycheck on Stack Exchange or in our Gitter chat, and report bugs to our issue tracker.

lsp-mode - Emacs client/library for the Language Server Protocol

  •    Emacs

A Emacs Lisp library for implementing clients for servers using Microsoft's Language Server Protocol (v3.0). The library is designed to integrate with existing Emacs IDE frameworks (completion-at-point, xref (beginning with Emacs 25.1), flycheck, etc).

emacs.d - An Emacs configuration bundle with batteries included

  •    Emacs

This is my emacs configuration tree, continually used and tweaked since 2000, and it may be a good starting point for other Emacs users, especially those who are web developers. These days it's somewhat geared towards OS X, but it is known to also work on Linux and Windows. In particular, there's a nice config for autocompletion with company, and flycheck is used to immediately highlight syntax errors in Ruby, Python, Javascript, Haskell and a number of other languages.

flycheck - On the fly syntax checking for GNU Emacs (aka "flymake done right")

  •    Emacs

On the fly syntax checking for GNU Emacs (aka "flymake done right")

eslint_d.js - Makes eslint the fastest linter on the planet

  •    Javascript

Makes eslint the fastest linter on the planet.Yes, it's actually super fast. But the node.js startup time and loading all the required modules slows down linting times for a single file to ~700 milliseconds. eslint_d reduces this overhead by running a server in the background. It brings the linting time down to ~160 milliseconds. If you want to lint from within your editor whenever you save a file, eslint_d is for you.

popup-el - Visual Popup Interface Library for Emacs

  •    Emacs

popup.el is a visual popup user interface library for Emacs. This provides a basic API and common UI widgets such as popup tooltips and popup menus. You can install popup.el from MELPA with package.el. popwin is tested under GNU Emacs 24 or later.

popwin-el - Popup Window Manager for Emacs

  •    Emacs

popwin is a popup window manager for Emacs which makes you free from the hell of annoying buffers such like *Help*, *Completions*, *compilation*, and etc. Take an example. When you complete file names during find-file, the (annoying) *Completions* buffer will appear in a newly splitted window. You might understand the necessity of the window, but you may wonder why the window still remains after completion...

vim-which-key - :tulip: Vim plugin that shows keybindings in popup

  •    Vim

vim-which-key is vim port of emacs-which-key that displays available keybindings in popup. emacs-which-key started as a rewrite of guide-key, very likely, vim-which-key heavily rewrote vim-leader-guide with a goal of going further in vim world. The features of vim-which-key has evolved a lot since then.

AutoExpandOver - Show popup on mouseover, focus, click in Silverlight


AutoExpandOver lets a user define "header" content and "popup" content. Then, depending on settings it will popup when the user hovers, clicks, or gives focus to the "header" content. The popup uses the hidden overlay strategy so it has those benefits/quirks.

emacs-clang-complete-async - An emacs plugin to complete C and C++ code using libclang

  •    Emacs

emacs-clang-complete-async is an emacs extension to complete C and C++ code, it uses libclang to parse the source code on the fly and provides completion candidates to auto-complete ( This extension is not implemented in pure elisp, it is made up of a client part (auto-complete-clang-async.el, written in elisp) and a server part (clang-complete binary, written in C), they work cooperately in asynchonous client-server fashion.

MaterialPopupMenu - Shows Material popup menus grouped in sections & more

  •    Kotlin

This library allows to create simple popup menus programmatically with a nice type-safe builder syntax in Kotlin. Menus can be divided into separate sections with optional headers and contain icons.

PowerMenu - :name_badge: A library that let you implement popup menu so easily.

  •    Java

A library that let you implement popup so easily. This is a basic example on a screenshot. You can build PowerMenu using Builder.

PopupWindow - PopupWindow is a simple Popup using another UIWindow in Swift

  •    Swift

First popup implementation is included in BasePopupViewController's loadView, viewDidAppear. If you want to create the next popup, please call showPopupView(). Replace the display contents, and perform deformation to the specified size. By using PopupItem, you can specify content contents and size.

CDAlertView - Highly customizable alertview and alert/notification/success/error/alarm popup written in Swift

  •    Swift

CDAlertView is highly customizable alert popup written in Swift. Usage is similar to UIAlertController. NOTE: You can use it without buttons. Touch outside of the popup or move it will disappear it if there is no action button. If there is an action button, only pressing button will disappear it.

neat-bookmarks - A neat bookmarks tree popup extension for Chrome [DISCONTINUED]

  •    Javascript

A neat bookmarks tree popup extension for Chrome [DISCONTINUED]

android-simple-tooltip - A simple library based on PopupWindow to create Tooltips on Android. 💚

  •    Java

A simple library based on PopupWindow to create Tooltips on Android. More info on the sample project and javadoc.

Emacs-Elisp-Programming - Tutorial about programming Elisp and Emacs text editor customization.

  •    CSS

Emacs doesn’t need any presentation. Emacs is a software “Lisp Machine” that provides a programmable text editor, email reader, text web browser, image viwer, calculator, shell, games, easter-eggs and more. Emacs is programmed in Elisp, an Emacs own lisp dialect that is based on MacLisp, one of oldest lisp dialects, older than Common Lisp and Scheme, created in MIT. Emacs was written in 1976 by the legendary Richard Stallman. Despite many incompatibilities with Common Lisp it has many constructs similar to it and n excellent book about Common Lisp that is also useful to understand Elisp and Scheme is On Lisp - by Paul Graham. The user configuration file, which is executed when Emacs starts, is stored in the directory ~/.emacs.d/init.el or ~/.emacs. The first one is better because it is in the same directory of all emacs configuration files.

exit-intent-popup - Display an HTML and CSS based popup on exit intent

  •    Javascript

Simply include the script and call its init function with any options you choose. You must add in your own HTML otherwise the popup will be blank. You can also add HTML and CSS directly on the page. The popup element you wish to use must have an id of bio_ep.

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