GpxTrackPoster - Create a visually appealing poster from your GPX tracks

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First of all, you need directory with a bunch of GPX files (e.g. you can export all your tracks from Garmin Connect with the excellent tool garmin-connect-export). creates a nice poster (poster.svg) of the GPX tracks in the directory my-tracks (see above).



Related Projects


  •    Java

Web editor for locative media GPS projects, deploys to Android App

GPX Explorer


This application allows you to read data from GPX file. It uses map from This project is only in Czech language at the moment.

gpxpy - gpx-py is a python GPX parser

  •    Python

This is a simple Python library for parsing and manipulating GPX files. GPX is an XML based format for GPS tracks. You can see it in action on my online GPS track editor and organizer.


  •    Java

gomapgen (GOogle MAP GEnerator) generates a google map from a gpx file and places photos taken by an external camera where they were taken, by comparing gps points time with picture time. Source code included in the jar file.

leaflet-omnivore - universal format parser for Leaflet & Mapbox.js

  •    Javascript

Leaflet supports the GeoJSON format by default. What if you have something else? That's where omnivore comes in.Omnivore also includes an AJAX library, corslite, so you can specify what you want to add to the map with just a URL.


  •    Java

gpx2map is a tool that renders GPS data in the form of way-points, tracks and routes from GPS exchange (GPX) XML documents as Portable Pixmap (PPM) images on a background of map tiles.

togeojson - convert KML and GPX to GeoJSON, without the fuss

  •    Javascript

This converts KML & GPX to GeoJSON, in a browser or with Node.js.Convert a KML document to GeoJSON. The first argument, doc, must be a KML document as an XML DOM - not as a string. You can get this using jQuery's default .ajax function or using a bare XMLHttpRequest with the .response property holding an XML DOM.


  •    Java

GpxUpdate helps you manage your modifications and alterations to GPX data files, enabling you to save the differences between your GPX files and the ones that are emailed to you by, and re-apply them to future GPX files.

Poster Printer

  •    C++

Allows you to create a poster from ANY document that you can print from ANY application. Print your document to a new quot;virtual printerquot; and a preview dialog lets you enlarge to create a poster or print as normal. Enlarges true-type text perfectly smoot

PosteRazor - Make your own poster!

  •    C

Want to print a poster? PosteRazor cuts an image file into pieces and you can print then on your printer and glue them together to a poster. Easy FLTK based user interface. Uses FreeImage for image loading. Creates PDFs as output.

SharePoint 2010 Farm Poster


Create a visual snapshot of your SharePoint Farm Configuration, Components and Usage as a single HTML Poster.

AndroidSDKPoster - Wall poster with detailed changelog of Android SDK versions 14-27, broken down into 30 categories


A wall poster with a detailed changelog of Android SDK versions 14-27, broken down into 30 categories. With this poster near your desk, you can tell in seconds which SDK step counter sensor was introduced, when the Camera2 API debuted, or what the second meaning of the "Daydream" codename is (apart from the VR framework). You can find and confirm all of that data in an online documentation, but it will take you minutes instead of seconds.

know-your-http - a series of A1-sized posters about the HTTP protocol


You can now buy these posters on! Full disclosure: We make about $3.50 per poster. You can install TeXLive in Ubuntu by running sudo apt-get install texlive. Mac users may try MacTeX, and the preferred distribution for Windows is MikTeX. If you don't have make, you should be able to compile it manually with the pdflatex command or similar means.

Hadoop Common

  •    Java

Apache Hadoop is a framework for running applications on large clusters built of commodity hardware. Hadoop common supports other Hadoop subprojects



GeoTransformer focuses on making it easier for geocachers to process GPX files and publish them on their GPS devices.


  •    CSharp

SharpGpx implements an object model for reading and writing GPX (GPS eXchange Format).

GPX Class in - GPS Data Exchange, Geocaching


An open source C# Class to read GPX format files and turn them into a useable object.


  •    CSharp

A programming toolkit for handling GPS Exchange Format (GPX) data. A collection of useful classes that wrap parts of the GPX file and let you do queries or produce new derived files. It's original purpose was for processing Geocache 'pocket queries' from



Time Format Converter, from Local to UTC, for GPX Files A small utility made to open GPX files (XML), search for the "time" tag, then transform the local time


  •    Python

Graphical tool for managing database of geocaches and waypoints, importing GPX files and exporting geocaches to many formats including GPX, POI, HTML and others.

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