Finance Assistant

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This is a useful tool for your home finance flow managing. Functions: expenses logging, long term and short term budget planning, accounts management, etc.



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Budget Tracker

Budget Tracker will help you track your budget categories, budget plan for each month and actual expenses. Budget Tracker provides quick chart reports that graphically display the budget and expense trends. More complex reports are also available.

monteverde - Django Budget/Finance App

Django Budget/Finance App

fruglr - Budget and finance planning application

Budget and finance planning application

HomeBank - Free, easy, personal accounting for everyone

HomeBank is free software that will assist you to manage your personal accounting. It is designed to easy to use and be able to analyse your personal finance in detail using powerful filtering tools and graphs.

Penny Pincher

A cross-platform, budget-oriented personal finance manager, supporting ad-hoc, weekly, monthly, and other budget types. Various levels of experience are supported, with wizards for new users and advanced interfaces for more experienced users.


Collects SOCNE and budget data on all Czech gov organisations from the Czech Finance Ministry's online budget monitor.


Hisaab is a personal finance manager. It is aimed to provide management for home budget. Using advanced UI feature like Office ribbons and Outlook.

Where my money go?

Lightweight PHP/MySQL web-application that can help you determine where all your money goes and help you adjust your spending habits. It supports multiple users and multiple languages. (keywords: budget, expenses, finance, management)


Java/Swing based personal finance management tool. Allows you to govern your budget by putting your expanses/investments in one place. It also provides additional central services such as online investment funds/share prices, messaging services and other

FrontAccounting - ERP for SMBs

FrontAccounting is a simple and powerful ERP for small companies. It supports Purchase Orders, Goods Receivable Notes, Supplier Invoices/Credit Notes, Payments, Items and Inventory, Sales Orders, Customer Invoices/Credit Notes, Deposits, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger with Budget, Multiple languages, Currencies, Multiple Companies and lot more.


Budget Vision is an online budget presentation tool that will increase the number of people viewing your city or town budget. Budget Vision provides interactive charts and graphs that will help your citizens improve their understanding of revenue and expenses. Budget Vision allows you to provide context, history, trends and meaningful comparisons.

CatWin NET

CatWin NET is a Spanish Finance Accounting OnLine Application with a web interface based on PHP amp; MySql which runs on any web server as Apache. It has been developed under the Spanish General Accounting Plan (1990) framework.


The Community Supervision Mapping System (CSMS) is a web-based geospatial application designed to help corrections, public safety, and social service agencies better supervise and assist returning prisoners and individuals on probation or parole. With funding from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) The Providence Plan has developed and implemented this application in Rhode Island.

100Projects - 100 Projects to be completed, for me its in Python

**Mp3 Tagger** – Modify and add ID3v1 tags to MP3 files. See if you can also add in the album art into the MP3 file’s header as well as other ID3v2 tags.**Log File Maker** – Make an application which logs various statistics in response to given events. This can be something that logs what an application does, what the system is doing, when something like a file changes etc.**Excel Spreadsheet Exporter** – Create an online application which can read in a file and create an Excel Spreadshe

Do-it-Yourself-London - City Budget game built for London Ontario's 2011 Budget App Contest

City Budget game built for London Ontario's 2011 Budget App Contest

cl-yahoo-finance-queries - Shims between cl-yahoo-finance API and cl-finance queries.

Shims between cl-yahoo-finance API and cl-finance queries.

Budget-Requests - An application for tagging budget transfers

An application for tagging budget transfers

budget - A web app to browse the federal budget.

A web app to browse the federal budget.